BangBros: Sunny & Brooklyn & Brynn

Sunny Lane & Brooklyn Bailey & Brynn Tyler.                       03/18/2011
============================================================================                                       All Sex
Producer..........F..k Team Five                
Tracking..........BangBros Tracking             
Source............Web Scene 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.75 
Star                    Pic   Info                    Debut     Awards
Brooklyn Bailey         iafd  Sexy busty blonde.   E  Oct 2010          
Brynn Tyler             iafd  TX. Cute blond Now-->E  May 2008  CAVR Nominee
Sunny Lane              iafd  2009 Miss Booble!       Jun 2005  CAVR Nominee

============================================================================ Web Scene review 38:17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sexy outfits. In ladies room. Topless teasing. In famous national fast food chain. Having lunch. One guy has split tongue. In parking lot. Dual titty sucking. Topless.
BJ from all. Brynn eats Sunny. Pussy eating. Shaft licking.
One guy struggles!
Thumbing & eating. Screwing Brynn as Sunny climbs under and licks his balls. Sunny gives BJ. Sunny makes faces. Wearing hood. Nude.
Screwing Sunny. Brynn takes a break. Handjob. Screwing Brooklyn. Sunny jumps up and down.
Group BJ. One guy still struggling.
Brynn strokes guy off on Brooklyn's tits.
aka The Fast Food Team Five. Main guy is Dick Chibbles. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ratings: Content Some parts hot, some parts are not. 8.50 Quality Video and lighting and audio rates 9.00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================================ 03/18/2011 Date added to website. Email ============================================================================