Rough Sex #02 (Tristan Taormino)

Movie preview. Rough sex.                                         08/23/2010
Director..........Tristan Taormino               
Star                                                                    Star
Adrianna Nicole         iafd  SF. Sexy cute blonde.   Feb 2006          
April Flores            iafd  Voluptuous redhead.     Dec 2007          
Bobbi Starr             iafd  2009 CAVR Siren!        Jan 2007  CAVR H of F
Chayse Evans            iafd  PA. Sexy redhead.       Mar 2008          
Claire Adams            iafd  Sexy redhead.           Oct 2006          
Darling                       Bondage cute blonde.    Feb 2008          
Madison Young           iafd  OH. Sexy slim redhead.  Jul 2007          
Sinnamon Love           iafd  MILF Black Superstar    Jan 1994  CAVR Nominee

============================================================================ Preview 1:50 ============================================================================ Desire Eight Women 8 definitions of Rough Sex Ladies talking to camera 6 fantasies They DESIGN the scene They CHOOSE their partners They CONTROL what happens These are their fantasies ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ratings: Preview Teaser 'R' rated 4.00 Quality Video and lighting and audio 8.00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Note: CAVR not on Vivid website screener's list. Vivid: Vivid Gaurantee Policy ============================================================================ 08/23/2010 Date added to website. Email ============================================================================