Ghetto Chicks Love Monster Dicks #03

These chicks are down for some thick meat!                        05/10/2010
Studio............Hustler Video                                     Reviewer
Producer..........Larry Flynt                                         Ethnic
Director..........Alex De Large                  
Distributor.......LFP Video Group LLC.          
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.67
Star                                                                 Opening
Divinity                      Black. Sexy. Hot.       May 2010          
Lola Givings                  Black. Sexy.            May 2010          
Sarena Love                   Mixed. Hot. Busty.      May 2010          
Shugah                        Black. Sexy. Busty.     May 2010          
Virgin Island                 Black. Sexy. Cute.      May 2010          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Divinity & Q.                                                            
     Nude. On bed. Interviewed. BJ. Laughs. BJ. Buterfly ass cheek &        
     'Shariya' back tattoos. Screwing. Laughs. He strokes off on her        
     face and open mouth. Lots of cum.                                  8.70
2> Sarena & 420 Stroker.                                                    
     Sexy outfit. On bed. Cuban/Puerto Rican/Trinadadian. Nude.             
     N-word. BJ. 2 handed BJ. Ball sucking. Clit solo. Screwing.            
     'Jeremiah' arm tat. Premature cumshot. Screwing. Facial.           8.50
3> Lola & Q.                                                                
     Nude. In room. Talking. Laughs. BJ. 2 handed BJ. Screwing.             
     Screwing & clit solo. He strokes off on her face and on                
     her neck. Laughs.                                                  8.80
4> Shugah & 420 Stroker.                                                    
     Nude. On bed. Laughs. BJ. Screwing. He strokes off on her              
     chest.                                                             8.60
5> Virgin & Q.                                                              
     Sexy blue dress. On bed. Interviewed. Nude. BJ. Screwing.              
     Pees in toilet (audio only). Laughs. Screwing. He strokes              
     off in her open mouth. Bulls eye.                                  8.70
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapters           Scene number ID.                                         
Select a Star      Ladies ID.                                            .10
                     Select type of sex to view.                            
Special Features   Behind the Scenes.                             10:18  .10
                     Testing. Testing. Testing.                             
                     Posing for stills. Showering.                          
                   Trailers.                                       8:53  .10
                     6 Choices -or- Play All.                               
                   Slide Show.                                     8:00  .10
                     Various sizes.                                         
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 5 scenes averages                     8.66
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.90
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             8.50
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