Only the Best of Fantasies

Men's and Women's (Compilation)                                   04/26/2010
Studio............Cal Vista Classic                                 Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer                                        Classic
Director..........No Director                    
Points............ 7.00
Star                                                                    Star
Amber Lynn              iafd  AVN Hall of Famer.   E  Jan 1985  Hall of Fame
Brooke West             iafd  aka Mary Appleton.      Jan 1984          
Colleen Brennan         iafd  Hall of Famer!          Jan 1984  Hall of Fame
Erica Collins                 Sexy brunette.          Jan 1984          
Heather Wayne           iafd  Cute slim brunette.     Jan 1984          
Honey Wilder            iafd  Mature brunette.        Jan 1985  Hall of Fame
Jesie St. James         iafd  Slim blonde.            Jan 1984  Hall of Fame
Joanna Storm            iafd  Hall of Famer. Now-->E  Jan 1984  Hall of Fame
Kelly Nichols           iafd  Hall of Famer!          Jan 1984  CAVR H of F
Kimberly Carson         iafd  Pixie brunette.         Jan 1985          
Lili Marlene            iafd  Hot blonde. Into It!    Feb 1982          
Lynx Cannon             iafd  Sexy. Hot.              Jun 1995          
Marilyn Jess            iafd  French. Sexy blonde.    Jan 1984          
Misty Reagan            iafd  Hot Redhead.            Jan 1986  Hall of Fame
Nina Hartley            iafd  Hall of Famer! Now-->E  Jan 1988  CAVR H of F
Olinka                  iafd  Euro. Sexy blonde.      Jan 1984          
Pamela Jennings               Sexy blonde.            Jan 1984          
Tamara Longley          iafd  Sexy hot brunette.      Jan 1985          
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Colleen & Harry Reems.                                    Tower of Power
 2> Misty & John Lesnlie.                                    Nothing to Hide
 3> Jesi & Richard Pacho.                                   Vista Valley PTA
 4> Lynn & Dan T. Mann.                                    Debbi Does'em All
 5> Heather & John Holmes.                                               New
 6> Erica & Pamela & Ron Jeremy.                                  Dear Fanny
 7> Amber & Lili & Tamara.                                  Perfect Partners
 8> Nina & Buck Adams.                                           Peeping Tom
 9> Honey & Tom Byron.                                       Private Moments
10> Marilyn & Randy Damon.                                   The Arrangement
11> Joanna & Jonathan Lee.                                    Wild Things II
12> Olinka & Gabrielle Pontello.                                   Call Girl
13> Kelly & Brooke & Mike Horner & Eric Edwards.                The Mistress
Extras                                                                Extras
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