Gangbang Her Little White Thang!

The Party's a Sausage-Fest.                                       02/19/2010
Studio............Dog Fart                                          Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer                                    Interracial
Director..........No Director                    
Distributor.......Shane's World                 
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.61
Star                                                                    Star
Bobbi Starr             iafd  2008 CAVR Star! Hot!    Jan 2007  CAVR H of F
Dana De Armond          iafd  2008 CAVR Siren!        Feb 2006  CAVR Nominee
Faye Runaway            iafd  MI. Sexy slim blonde.   Jul 2007          
Jaelyn Fox              iafd  Sexy honeyblonde.       Aug 2007          
Mellanie Monroe         iafd  Sexy blonde.         E  Jul 2009          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Jaelyn.                                                                  
     Sexy outfit. Outdoors in front of graffi wall. Touching herself.       
     'I am a black cock slut'. 'I f..king love n-word'. 'I do not care      
     if you do not like the word n-word because it makes my f..king         
     pussy wet'. More n-words. FF.                                      6.00
2> Mellanie & Hooks & Wesley Pipes & Rico Strong & Black guy.               
     Driving car. Vib solo. On a BBC hunt. Talking. Handjob. In room.       
     Teases. BJs. Blow bang. Nude. Screwing & BJ. Double vag.               
     Screwing. Screwing & BJ. Screwing & clit solo. Open mouth              
     facials.                                                           9.10
3> Faye & 4 Black guys.                                                     
     Sexy outfit. In room. Talks to camera. Teases. Touching. Topless.      
     BJs. Blow bang. Clit solo. Screwing & BJ. Anal. Screwing. DP.          
     Blow bang. Facials.                                                9.20
4> Bobbi & Jason Brown & 3 Black guys.                                      
     Sexy outfit. On sofa. Palm reading. Teases. Nude. Nice bush.           
     BJs. Blow bang. Deep throat. Screwing & BJ. Anal & BJ. DP.             
     Anal & clit solo. Anal cream pie. Anal solo. Open mouth                
     facials. Swallows.                                                 9.50
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection    Gals ID.                                              .05
Extras             Bonus Scene:                                   34:32  .10
                     Two Big Black on the Attack.                           
                     Dana DeArmond & Prince & Black guy.                    
                   Cumshot Recap.                                 22:23  .10
                     $ footage.                                             
                   Photo Gallery.                                  4:00  .10
                     Various sizes.                                         
                     Base DVD extras rates                              8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 4 scenes averages                     8.45
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.85
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             9.00
Production date: 12/16/2009.                                           Email