Rawhide II Dirty Deeds

3 Discs.                                                          01/25/2010
Studio............Adam & Eve                                        Reviewer
Producer..........Nic Andrews/Andre Madness                          Feature
Director..........Andre Madness                  
Distributor.......Adam & Eve                    
Videographer......Ralph Parfait/Nic Andrews     
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Overall Points.... 9.00
Star                                                                    Poor
Alanah Rae              iafd  NC. Blonde. Busty.      Jan 2009          
Angie Savage            iafd  Sexy blonde. Tattoos E  Apr 2005          
Bree Olson              iafd  MVP. Adam & Eve.        Dec 2006  CAVR Nominee
Jenna Haze              iafd  MVP. Jennaration X      Aug 2001  CAVR Nominee
Kayden Kross            iafd  MVP. DP.             E  Oct 2007  CAVR Nominee
Kristina Rose           iafd  2009 CAVR Star!         Jul 2007  CAVR Nominee
Nicole Ray              iafd  IL. Sexy honeyblonde.   Aug 2008          
Tori Black              iafd  2009 CAVR Performer!    Dec 2007  CAVR Nominee
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Kristina & Anthony Rosano.                                              
      Sexy cowgirl outfit. Outdoor picnic. On blanket. Kissing.             
      Topless. Leg worship. Nude. Eats her. Nice bush on top. BJ.           
      69 her on top. Screwing in various positions. He strokes off          
      on her chest. Kiss.                                               
        Gross ending with special effects. 'Sending a message to            
        your boss'.                                                         
 2> Kayden & Erik Everhard.                                                 
      Sexy green dress. Outdoors in bed of pick-up truck. Topless.          
      Eats her. BJ. Kissing. Screwing & clit solo. Screwing. P2M.           
      He strokes off in her open mouth.                                 
 a> Tommy Gunn and Sheriff Evan Stone.                                      
 3> Bree & Ben English.                                                     
      Nude. On bed. Screwing. Screwing & anal solo. Screwing & clit         
      solo. He strokes off on her belly. BJ clean up.                   
 b> Bree & 2 guys.                                                          
      Reveals more of the plot. Talks to Marcus London.                     
 c> Kayden & Slick Rhodes.                                                  
      Shirt & jeans. Drives pick-up truck. Talking at store.                
 d> Kayden & Tommy Gunn.                                                    
      Tire shot by rifle. Tommy changes tire, works as ranch handyman.      
 4> Kayden & Evan Stone.                                                    
      Topless. On bed. Kissing. Nude. Eats her as she puts on his           
      cowboy hat. Rims her. Screwing. Clit solo. Handjob. Screwing          
      & clit solo. BJ. Solo. Screwing. He strokes off on her belly.         
        Talking and more of plot is revealed.                           
 5> Bree & Jenna.                                                           
      Sexy lowcut dresses. In room. Kissing. Touching. Topless.             
      Titty sucking. Fingering. Eating. Rimming. Clit solo. Titty           
      sucking. Eating. Kissing. Dildo for Bree. Nude. Pink dildo for        
      Jenna & clit solo. DP dildo play for Bree. Kiss.                  
 6> Tori & Marcus London.                                                   
      Sexy lowcut dress. Outdoors. Talking. Teases. Kiss. Making out.       
      BJ. Kissing. Nude. Eats her. Screwing. Self titty play. Clit          
      solo. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes off on her belly.              
 e> Bree & Tommy Gunn.                                                      
      Talking in bar and the plot is revealed.                              
 7> Angie & Alanah.                                                        
      Sexy outfits. In bar. On stage. Touching. Kissing. Topless.
      Titty play. Angie eats Alanah, fingers her. Clit solo.
      Alanah fingers Angie. Angie rims Alanah, thumbs her. Titty
      sucking. Fingering.                                               
 8> Nicole & Tony DeSergio.
      Sexy jean cowgirl outfit with cowgirl hat. In public rest
      room. BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Kiss. BJ. Screwing in various
      positions. He strokes off on her pussy.                           
 f> Tommy & Sheriff Evan Stone.
      Sheriff handcuffs and beats him with billy club.
 9> Bree & Evan Stone.
      Sexy red lowcut blouse & black skirt. In bedroom. More of
      plot revealed. Touching. 'Trust me'. Kiss. Eats her. BJ.
      Fingers her. Screwing. Screwing & anal solo. Screwing & clit
      solo. He strokes off on her tits.                                 
 g> Kayden & Tommy Gunn.
      Barn on fire. Plot revealed. Tommy rides off on motorcycle.
      Backup arrives. (A brother from another Mother). Lots of
      storyline. He reveals his past and love conquers all.
10> Kayden & Tommy Gunn.
      Sexy plain cowgirl outfit. In room. Kiss. Topless. Titty
      sucking. BJ. Nude. Eats her. Clit solo. Screwing & clit
      solo. 2 fingers solo. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes
      off on her belly.                                                 
 h> Conclusion.
      Guns versus bow & arrow. Tommy Gunn and Marcus London
      fight. (Guess who wins!). 
Extras                                                                Extras
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                    Director's Commentary.       
                    It is rare to have this anymore.

Scene Selection   Ladies ID.                                            
                    With scene number.

Special Features  Making of Rawhide II.                                32:50
(Disc 2)            Kayden talking about riding horses,
                    rides a horse with a pretty fast

                    Kristina talks to camera. Replays the
                    graphic ending to Anthony Rosano.

                    Kayden looking at pictures, having sex
                    with Erik Everhard. Kayden poses nude in
                    barn. Kayden backing up a truck, yelling
                    and chewing gum.

                    Bree & Jenna kiss and pose for hardcore
                    stills. Anal lesson from Bree Oson
                    (their spelling). Laughs as the dildo
                    falls out.

                    Nicole in cowgirl outfit teases and poses
                    for stills.

                    Alanah & Angie getting ready and then
                    perform on stage.

                    Evan goofs. Beating on Tommy Gunn. Evan
                    laughs. 'Wrong line Evan'.

                    Andre Madness & Nic Andrews directing
                    Kayden & Tommy. Kayden talks to camera.
                    Footing with Nic Andrews in the trunk
                    looking out.

                    Marcus and gang talking, getting ready
                    for the climatic non-sex scene.
                    Explosives guy getting things ready.
                    Bow and arrow action. Guy loses his
                    sun glasses.

                    Tommy Gunn and Marcus London fight

                    Looks like Jenna Presley with a guy?

                  Interviews                                           24:01
                    Bree sitting on chair talking about
                      her 'bad girl' role. They blur out
                      the front of her t-shirt. She screwed
                      2 guys and then 'rubbed one out last
                      night'. Talks about her scene coming
                      up with Jenna Haze.
                    Jenna Haze talks about her scene with
                      Bree. Talks about the crazy shit.
                    Evan Stone interview. Talks to camera
                      about his role.
                    Tommy Gunn interview. Talks to camera
                      about the crew. Brah Bones gives him
                      bottle of water.
                    Kayden Kross talks to camera weeks
                      after the movie. Says it felt like a
                      mainstream movie because it had so
                      little sex compared to how much
                      dialogue it had. Laughs. If all
                      shoots were like this one, more
                      people would be in porn. Talks
                      about her scene with Erik. Talks
                      about her truck. It is her new
                      favorite scene. If you don't like
                      something in this movie, maybe
                      you look for boy/boy stuff.
                    Bloopers.                                           9:58
                      Funny stuff. Includes the dildo
                      slipping out of Bree. Angie talks
                      about 'a fist'. Evan goofs a lot.
                      Tony in funny briefs. Kayden
                      with her horse. Some duplication.
                    Solos:                                           1:02:15
                      Angie solo on red sofa.
                      Alanah solo on bar.
                      Kristina outdoors solo.
                      Kayden in barn solo.
                      Bree outdoors anal solo, dildo solo.
                      Jenna outdoors solo.
                      Tori outdoors dildo solo.
                      Nicole in public restroom solo.
                    Special Effects.                                    4:54
                      Pretty cool.
                    Photo Gallery.                                      8:10
                      Various sized pictures.
                    Bonus Scene:                                       18:20
                      Sunshine Highway.
                      Bree Olson & Evan Stone.
                    Previews:                                           8:30
                      Kiss Attack
                      One Last Ride
                      Kayden and Rocco Make a Porno
                      Swing Time                                  
                    Youtube Trailer                                     2:22
                      'R' rated.

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                    Director's Commentary
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