European Vacation (J & J)

A James Deen and Joanna Angel Collabaration.                      01/08/2010
Studio............Burning Angel                                     Reviewer
Producer..........Joanna Angel                                        Travel
Director..........James Deen                     
Distributor.......Vouyer Media                  
Videographer......James Deen                    
Points............ 8.84
Star                                                                 Opening
Cecilia Vega            iafd  Sexy brunette.          Mar 2009          
Holly D                       Sexy. Streaked.         Jan 2010          
Joanna Angel            iafd  2009 CAVR MVP!          Oct 2005  CAVR Nominee
Lucky Fortune                 Blonde. Tats.           Jan 2010          
Skin                          Sexy. Pink hair.        Jan 2010          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> European Vacation.                                                       
     Paris. Joanna & James. In French park. BJ. Clit solo. Screwing         
     outdoors. P2M. Clit solo. Open mouth facial. Swallows.             8.90
2> Pimpin' For a Passport.                                                  
     Paris. Holly & James. Outdoors. BJ. Screwing. P2M. Eats her.           
     He strokes off in her open mouth. Lots of cum.                     8.80
3> Washing the Whore Away.                                                  
     Paris. Joanna & James. In bathroom. Kiss. Nude. Titty sucking.         
     Eats her. BJ. Screwing. P2M. Open mouth facial.                    8.80
4> The Interview.                                                           
     Paris. Skin & Lucky. Interviewed. On bed. Touching. Nude. Tit          
     rings, sucking. Eating by each. Face sitting. 69 Skin on top.          
     Eating. Fingering. Kissing.                                        8.70
5> Menage a Trois.                                                          
     Paris. Holly & James & Loco (Holly's boyfriend). On bed. BJs.          
     Nude. Screwing & BJ. P2M. Dual BJ. Guys stroke off on her face.    8.80
6> Girls Need Hookers Too.                                                  
     Paris. Joanna & Steve Holmes & stripper Cecilia. In strip club.        
     Joanna eats, fingers gal. Nude. She eats, 4 fingers Joanna. Clit       
     solo. Steve stroking himself. Dual BJ. Screwing Joanna & les anal      
     fingering. P2M. Screwing each. Joanna anal. A2M. Joanna anal as        
     gal eats her out. Anal for each. He strokes off in Joanna's open       
     mouth. BJ clean up. James gets BJ. DP for both. Anal for each          
     side-by-side facing one another. Open mouth facials. Cum swap.     9.30
Extras                                                                Extras
Scenes             Scene Title ID.                                       .05
Extra Sh*t         Behind the Scenes.                          50:13     .20
                     Hardcore and goofs and Joanna!                         
                   Trailers.                                             .10
                     4 Previews.                                            
                   Gallery.                                     6:04     .10
                     Variouis sized pictures.                               
                     Base DVD extras rates                              8.50
Ratings: Movie     ex action for 6 scenes averages                     8.88
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.95
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             8.50
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