Up That Latin Ass #02

Sexy Latin gals with the lucky L.T.                               11/09/2009
Studio............Elegant Angel                                     Reviewer
Producer..........Patrick Collins                                      Gonzo
Distributor.......Elegant Angel                 
Videographer......Rusty Lenz                    
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.94
Star                                                                 Opening
Bella / Belinha         iafd  Latin. Sexy. Hot.    E  Nov 2009          
Cassidy Clay            iafd  Black. Sexy. Cute.   E  May 2007          
Cinthia Santos          iafd  Sexy busty blonde.   E  Nov 2009          
Monica Morales          iafd  aka Jaslin Diaz.        Apr 2006          
Mulani Rivera           iafd  Latin. Sexy.         E  Oct 2009          
Sarah Lopez             iafd  Brazil. Blonde.         Jul 2009          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Mulani.                                                                  
     Sexy teaser opening. Crawls. On sofa. Red dildo BJ, anal solo.         
     Rims her. Ball sucking. BJ. Screwing. Screwing & clit solo.            
     Anal. Anal & clit solo in many ways. He strokes off on face.       9.00
2> Cinthia.                                                                 
     Sexy teaser opening. Computer desk. Red vib solo. Nude. Self           
     titty play. Titty play. Screwing. BJ. Eats & rims her. Anal.           
     Anal & clit solo. Anal cream pie. Cum leaks out.                   9.00
3> Cassidy & Jaslin.                                                        
     Sexy nude teaser outdoor opening. Clit solo. Booty shake. Nipple       
     rings. Clit solo. Eating &n rimming. BJ from each. Face sitting        
     & screwing. Anal. Anal & clit solo. Facial for both.               9.10
4> Sarah.                                                                   
     Sexy teaser opening. On bed. Clit solo. Nude. Rims her. BJ.            
     Ball sucking. Screwing. Screwing & anal solo. Anal & clit              
     solo. Rims her. Anal. He strokes off on her face. Cum bubbles.     9.00
5> Bella.                                                                   
     Sexy teaser opening. Kiss. BJ. Reversed BJ. Eats her. Clit solo.       
     Screwing. Screeing & clit solo. Nude. Anal. Eats her. Anal.            
     Anal & clit solo. He strokes off on her face & open mouth.         9.00
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection    Ladies ID.                                            .05
DVD Extras         Bonus Scene: Latin Booty Worship #02.          29:39  .10
                     Emma Cummings & 2 Black guys.                          
                   Interview:                                      3:46  .05
                     Jaslin & Cassidy (she is Latina!).                     
                   Cumshot Recap.                                  5:18  .10
                     $ footage.                                             
                   Photo Gallery.                                  2:58  .10
                   Trailers.                                             .10
                     Base DVD extras rates                              8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action fotr 5 scenes averages                    9.02
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     9.00
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             8.50
Production date: 09/13/2009.                                           Email