Naughty Cheerleaders Club #04

These girls aren't just on the sidelines...                       10/25/2009
Studio............New Sensations                                    Reviewer
Producer..........Scott Taylor                                        Newbie
Director..........Eddie Powell                   
Distributor.......Digital Sin DVD               
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.78
Star                                                                 Opening
Courtney Page           iafd  CO. Sexy brunette.      Jul 2007          
Jasmine Delatori        iafd  Sexy busty brunette.    Oct 2009          
Katie St. Ives          iafd  Hot sexy pixie!         Sep 2009          
Laylah Diamond          iafd  Sexy busty brunette.    Jun 2009          
Tiffany Tyler           iafd  Beautiful brunette.     Jun 2009          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Katie & Mark Wood.                                                       
     Cheerleaders outfit. In room. BJ. Topless. BJ. Ball sucking.           
     Eats her. Screwing. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes off on            
     her fae and open mouth. BJ clean up.                               8.80
2> Jasmine & Seth Gamble.                                                   
     Cheerleaders outfit. On sofa. Topless. Clit solo. BJ. Eats             
     her. Fingers her. Screwing. P2M. Titty screwing. Screwing.             
     P2M. He strokes off on her tits.                                   8.70
3> Tiffany & Chris Charming.                                                
     Cheerleaders outfit. Clit solo. Touching. BJ. Topless. Eats            
     her. Screwing. Screwing & clit solo. P2M. He strokes off on            
     her face and open mouth. BJ clean up.                              8.80
4> Laylah & James Deen.                                                     
     Cheerleaders outfit. In room. Teasing. Kiss. 2 handed BJ. Clit         
     solo. Screwing. P2M. Nude. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes            
     off in her open mouth.                                             8.80
5> Courtney & Seth Gamble.                                                  
     Cheerleaders outfit. BJ. Ball sucking. Eats her. On sofa.              
     Screwing. Topless. P2M. Screwing & clit solo. BJ. Screwing.            
     He strokes off on her face.                                        8.80
Extras                                                                Extras
Star Index         Cast ID.                                              .05
DVD Extras         Pick Your Pleasure.                                   .10
                     Tease. BJ. Doggy. Mish. Cowgirl. Popshot.              
                   Behind the Scenes.                             26:32  .10
                     Courtney interviewed, 23, Denver, clit                 
                     solo. Jasmine interviewed, 18, BJ. Katie               
                     interviewed, 20, Mr. Freckles. Tiffany                 
                     interviewed, CA. Laylah interviewed, 19.               
                   Bonus Scene. Ami Emerson.                      30:02  .10
                     Naughty College Schoolgirls #54.                       
                   Photo Gallery.                                  4:10  .10
                     Various sizes.                                         
                   Trailers.                                             .10
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 5 scenes averages                     8.78
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     9.05
         Quality   Video & dark lighting on close-ups rates             8.50
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