On the Couch with Lydia Lee

Bobbi Starr Interview                                           R 08/28/2009
Studio............Julie Meadows Ent.                                Reviewer
Producer..........Julie Meadows                                           TV
Director..........Lydia Lee                      
Distributor.......Mike South                    
Star                                                                    Star
Bobbi Starr             iafd  2008 CAVR Star! Hot!    Jan 2007  CAVR Nominee
Julie Meadows           iafd  TX. Hot honeyblonde. E  Nov 1998          
Movie                                                                  Movie
Wow!  I am not sure who I liked better:                                     
        Julie Meadows  the interviewer                                      
        Bobbi Starr    the interviewee                                      
        Shadow         the cat                                              
      Both ladies were (and still are) outstanding.                         
I was reading Mike South and saw the info that Julie interviewed            
      Bobbi and I just had to check it out!                                 
      Bobbi Starr Interview Part 1    9:47                                  
                            Part 2    8:24                                  
                            Part 3    9:30                                  
                            Part 4    9:41                                  
                            Part 5   10:01                                  
                            Part 6    7:12                                  
What I liked about it was we get to a current Hot Porn Star                 
      being interviewed by a retired Hot Porn Star.                         
      And they are just sitting on a sofa in regular clothing talking       
      about regular things. Bobbi really likes working for Evil Angel       
      and Bella Donna.                                                      
      Both gals LOVE Mark Spiegler!

Thank you Julie for the great job and Thank you Bobbi for all the insights about your very interesting life and your very neat family. I highly recommend you check this out! ============================================================================ 08/27/2009 Date added to You Tube. Email ============================================================================