Operation: Tropical Stormy

Over the Top Slap Stick.                                          07/27/2009
Studio............Wicked Pictures                                   Reviewer
Producer..........Mark Nicholson                                      Comedy
Director..........Stormy Daniels                 
Distributor.......Wicked Pictures               
Videographer......Francois Clousot
                  Michael Raven
BTS...............Mark Stone
Set Designer......Mike Moz
Make-up...........Shelby Stevens
Photography.......Chuck Czar
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.83                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Annabelle Lee           iafd  Cute brunette.          Oct 2008          
Bella Ling              iafd  Asian. Sexy.            Oct 2008          
Carolyn Reese           iafd  Sexy busty blonde.      Feb 2007          
Desiree Diamond         iafd  Black. Sexy. Busty.     Jun 2007          
Devon Lee               iafd  IN. Busty blonde.    E  Mar 2006          
Gianna Lynn             iafd  Asian. Sexy. Tattoos E  Oct 2005          
Havana Ginger           iafd  Formerly Mika Brown. E  Oct 2005          
India Summer            iafd  MILF Brunette. Sexy!    Dec 2006  CAVR Nominee
Mia Lelani              iafd  Sexy cute brunette.  E  Jan 2008          
Mikayla Mendez          iafd  MVP. Wicked.         E  Jun 2004          
Mya Luanna              iafd  Asian. Sexy.            Jun 2005          
Nikki Rhodes            iafd  Sexy redhead.           Jul 2006          
Nina Hartley            iafd  Hall of Famer! Now-->E  Jan 1988  CAVR Nominee
Renae Cruz              iafd  Latin. Busty. Sexy.  E  Jan 2007          
Sammie Rhodes           iafd  2008 CAVR Femme!        Aug 2004  CAVR Nominee
Shyla Stylez            iafd  BC. Sexy blonde.     E  Nov 2001          
Stormy Daniels          iafd  2005 CAVR Star!      E  Nov 2001  CAVR Nominee
                              2006 CAVR Director!
                              2007 CAVR Director!
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Annabelle & Nikki & Marcus London & Tony DeSergio.                       
     Sexy outfits. Nude. Eating. BJ by each. Safe screwing each             
     side-by-side. Open mouth facial for each.                          8.80
2> Stormy & Sammie.                                                         
     Lab coat & goggles and sexy outfit. Stormy eats & fingers              
     Sammie, fingers her ass, rims her, fingers both holes.                 
     Clit solo. Kiss. Sammie 3 fingers Stormy as Stormy 3 fingers           
     herself. Tastes fingers. Kiss. Pink can for Sammie. Sammie             
     anal solo using the pink can. Kiss.                                9.00
       a> Bono-one.                                                         
            Red guard.                                                      
       b> Nina Hartley.                                                     
            Funny hairy bush!                                               
       c> Dave Cummings.                                                    
            President on the can.                                           
       d> Carolyn & Shyla.                                                  
            Sexy outfits. Being blondes.                                    
       e> Gianna & Asian guy.                                               
3> Carolyn & Shyla & Randy Spears.                                          
     Sexy outfits. In room. Touching. Kiss. BJ from each. Dual BJ.          
     Safe screwing Carolyn. Safe screwing Shyla as Carolyn sits on          
     her face. Safe screwing & eating at the Y. Safe screwing &             
     les eating. He strokes off on both their faces.                    8.90
       f> Gianna & Danny Mountain.                                          
            Sexy outfit & face tattoo.                                      
4> Stormy & Evan Stone.                                                     
     Sexy pink bikini. On boat. Kissing. Topless. Titty sucking.            
     Touching. Titty play. BJ. Titty screwing. Nude. In front of            
     boat. Eats her. Safe screwing & clit solo. Safe screwing.              
     He removes condom and strokes off in her open mouth.               8.80
       g> Gianna & Asian guy.                                               
            He sings.                                                       
       h> Stormy & Evan.                                                    
            Funny skit.                                                     
5> Gianna & Tommy Gunn.                                                     
     Sexy outfit. In foggy room. Fighting. Kiss. BJ. Topless. BJ.           
     Titty screwing. Ball sucking. Safe screwing & clit solo. He            
     strokes off on her face.                                           8.80
       i> Stormy.
       j> Evan.
            Being Evan.
6> Mikayla & Havana & Renae & Desiree &
   Voodoo & Julius & Evan Stone.
     Outdoors orgy at night. BJs. Dual BJ. Nude. Safe screwing.
     Screwing les touching. Screwing. BJ. Open mouth
     facials.                                                           8.80
       k> Stormy.
            Big cat.
       l> Asian guy.
7> Stormy & Tony DeSergio & Marcus London.
     Sexy outfit. In tent. Topless. BJ for each. Titty play.
     Safe screwing & BJ. Clit solo. Titty sucking. Safe
     screwing & BJ. Guys stroke off on her face.                        8.90
       m> Stormy.
            Squats down to pee. 
8> Devon & Mark Wood & Tee Reel
     Sexy outfit. In office. Touching. Kissing. Topless. Titty
     play. BJ for each. Safe screwing & BJ. Safe anal & clit
     solo. Safe anal & BJ. Safe DP doggie position. Guys stroke
     off on her face.                                                   9.20
       n> Evan & Asian guy.
            Evan being Evan.
       o> India & Dave Cummings.
            Sexy outfit. On bed.
9> Mya & Mia & Bella.
     In foggy room. Nude. Touching. Kissing. Eating. Fingering.
     Eating. Red dildo play. Lighted candle wax on ass. Eating.
     Black dildo play & clit play. Slaps ass.                           8.80
       p> A taste of your own medicine!
Extras                                                                Extras
Setup        Choices:                                                    .10
               5.1 Dolby Digital Soundtrack
               5.1 Dolby Digital Music Only Soundtrack
               5.1 Dolby Digital Dialogue Only Soundtrack
               Commentary with Director Stormy Daniels On/Off
               English Subtitles On/Off
               Number ID.
Disc 2       Special Features
               Making of Operation Tropical Stormy               19:39   .10
                 Stormy target practice. Stormy doing
                 her own stunts. Evan admiring himself.
                 Stormy reading script. Marcus talks
                 about the 65 page script. Stormy talks
                 about the movie. Evan talks to camera.
                 Almost choking. Her 1st 3some ever!
                 3some hardcore clips. Other hardcore
                 clips! Stormy and Sammie getting down!
                 Michael Raven & Francois talking.
                 Stormy talks about doing her own
                 stunts. Stormy in harness. Randy Spears
                 talks about the explosions. Laughs.
                 Stormy with Jake Jacobs.
                     Busty blonde, Mia Lelani, Gianna,
                     Asian, Dana DeArmond.
                 Stormy looking great.
               Making of OTS Trailers:                                   .10
                 Hard Trailer                                     2:15 
                 Soft Trailer                                     2:15
               Kicking Ass on OTS                                10:57   .10
                 Fight Training
                   Gianna is pretty good.
                   Stormy is pretty.
               Girls of OTS                                       8:06   .10
                 Stormy Daniels
                 Gianna Lynn
                 Nikki Rhodes & AnnaBelle Lee
                 Mya Luanna
                 Bella Ling
                 Mia Lalani
                 Devon Lee
                 Renae Cruz
                 Mikayla Mendez
                 Desiree Diamond
               Auditions-Screen Tests                             5:56   .10
                 Gianna, others. Dana DeArmond.
                 Aiden Starr. Mika Tan. Sunny Lane.
                 Nikki Rhodes. Stormy topless.
                 Brief titty play.
               Stormy's Guns-Big Weapons                          5:18   .10
                 Stormy at gun range.
               Taking a Fall-A Cunning Stunt                     10:35   .05
                 Stormy dropping from 2nd floor.
               Pyro for Porno-Pyrotechnics                        5:33   .05
               Bloopers                                           6:41   .10
               Digital Copy.
Disc 3       Special Features
               Extended Sex Scenes:                                      .10
                 Stormy & Evan                                   15:10
                 Stormy & Sammie                                 12:00
                 Stormy & Marcus & Tony                          12:17
                 Gianna & Tommy                                  16:12
                 Shyla & Carolyn & Randy                         18:12
                 Nikki & Annabelle & Marcus & Tony               15:01
                 Mikayla & Renae & Desiree & Havana              21:58
                   & Evan & Voodoo & Julius
               Raw Sex on OTS:                                           .10
                 Stormy & Sammie                                  9:17
                 Stormy & Marcus & Tony                          19:08
                 Shyla & Carolyn & Randy                         14:58
                 Devon & Mark & Tee                              10:22
                 Bella & Mya & Mia                               11:35
               Deleted Scenes                                     2:53   .10
               Bonus BJ Scene                                     5:37   .10
                 India Summer & Dave Cummings
               Photo Galleries:                                          .10
                 Photo Gallery
                 BTS Gallery
                 Star Galleries
                   Stormy Daniels
                   Mikayla Mendez
                   Gianna Lynn
                   Sammie Rhodes
                   Shyla Stylez
                   Carolyn Reese
                   Devon Lee
                   Nikki Rhodes
                   Annabelle Lee
                   Bella Ling
                   Mia Lelani
                   Mya Luanna
                   Renae Cruz
                   Desiree Diamond
                   Havana Ginger
                   India Summer
                 Sex Scene Galleries
                   Stormy & Sammie
                   Stormy & Evan
                   Stormy & Marcus & Tony
                   Shyla & Carolyn & Randy
                   Gianna & Tommy
                   Annabelle & Nikki & Tony & Marcus
                   Devon & Mark & Tee
                   Bella & Mya & Mia
                   Mikayla & Renae & Desiree & Havana
                     & Evan & Voodoo & Julius
               Trailers:                                                 .10
                 Operation Tropical Stormy
                 Whack Job
                 Operation Desert Stormy
                 House of Wicked
                 One Wild and Crazy Night
                 Black Widow
                   Base DVD extras rates                                8.50
Ratings: Movie   Sex action for 9 scenes averages                       8.89
         Extras  DVD extras rates                                      10.00
         Quality Video and lighting rates                               7.00
         Audio   Surround sound rates                                   9.00

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