Rough Sex #01 (Tristan Taormino)

A New Series from the Award-Winning Director.                     07/24/2009
Studio............Vivid                                             Reviewer
Producer..........Smart Ass Productions                              Feature
Director..........Tristan Taormino               
Camera............Ralph Parfait
Make-Up...........Melissa Makeup
Production Mgr....Colten
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 6.00                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Sasha Grey              iafd  2008 AVN Star Year!     Aug 2006  CAVR Nominee
Adrianna Nicole         iafd  SF. Sexy cute blonde.   Feb 2006          
Satine Phoenix          iafd  SF. Sexy brunette.      Jan 2007          
Francesca Le'           iafd  2008 MILF of Year!   E  Jun 1992  CAVR Nominee
Marie Luv               iafd  Diva! Sexy. Hot.        May 2004  CAVR Nominee
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Adrianna:Breaking and Entering (Marco Banderas).                         
     Sexy outfit. On bed. Each talks to camera about rough sex.             
       Nude. Showering. Attacks her. Chokes her. Kiss. BJ. On bed.          
       BJ. Anal. Chokes her. Vib solo. He strokes off on top of her         
       head in her hair.                                                    
2> Satine:Stranded (Derrick Pierce).                                        
     Sexy outfit. Outdoors. Each talks to camera about rough sex.           
       On rock. Lifts dress and PEES! He arrives. Shows her tats.           
       Kiss. Topless. Long nipple. Touching. BJ. Deep throat. Slaps         
       her breasts. Chokes her. Nude. Spanks her. Screwing. Pulls           
       her hair as she cries. Screwing & slaps her thighs. Screwing         
       & chokes her. Slaps her face. R ips necklace from around her         
       neck. Pulls her hair. Chokes her. Scratches her belly. P2M.          
       Chokes her. Slaps her face. Spanks her. Fingers her. Chokes          
       her. Screwing. Slaps her breasts. Chokes her. Screwing.              
       Slaps her breasts. Pulls her hair. Slaps ner breast. Laying          
       on ground. He strokes off in her open mouth. He wipes cum            
       on of her using his hand and wipes it on her face and then           
       slaps her face.                                                      
3> Francesca: Taking Over (Christian X).                                    
     Sexy outfit. In room. Each talks about rough sex.                      
       Lowcut top & jeans. In room. Francesca changes in back room          
       to hot fetish outfit & takes over. Dominates him. Shoe               
       worship. Toe sucking. She makes him crawl. On bed. Spanks            
       him. Ball sucking. BJ. Smothers her tits on his face. Spits          
       on his face. Chokes him with a belt. Topless. Sits on his            
       face. Slaps his face. Stuffs his tie in his mouth. Smothers          
       him. Chokes him. He strokes himself. BJ. Whips him. BJ.              
       Screwing. P2M. Face sitting. Screwing & clit solo. Head              
       stomps him. Kiss. Chokes him. Screwing. Kiss. Clit solo.             
       P2M. Titty sucking. Toe sucking. Screwing. Nice bush on              
       top. Open mouth facial. She swaps the cum with him & spits           
       on his face. BJ clean up.                                            
4> Marie:Caught (Julius Ceazher).                                            
     Sexy outfit. On sofa. Each talk to camera about rough sex.             
       Lowcut top. In bedroom. Fingers her. BJ. Deep throat. Top-           
       less. Titty sucking. Screwing & anal fingering. Nude.                
       Screwing. P2M. Chokes her. Screwing. Screwing & anal                 
       fingering. Screwing & clit solo. He strokes off on mirror.           
       She licks up the cum.
5> Sasha:Switched (Danny Wylde)
     Boxcover. Sexy outfit. Each talk to camera about rough sex.
       Sexy outfit. Shooting pool. Talking. Chokes her. BJ. Deep
       throat. Chokes her. Ball sucking. Spanks her. Screwing.
       Chokes her. Covers her face. BJ. Rims him. Ball sucking.
       Screwing. Chokes her. She chokes him. Screwing & clit
       solo. Chokes her. Knees on his chest. Foot inn his mouth.
       Screwing. Chokes her. Screwing. Switches to dark footage.
       He strokes off in her open mout. He spits in her open
       mouth. She spits on him. Kiss.
Extras                                                                Extras
Scenes             Scene Title and Ladies ID.
Behind the Scenes  BTS.                                                12:04
                     Derrick laughs. Satine after her scene.
                     Derrick & Satine kiss. Satine hugs
                     Tristan. Satine walks away.

                     Marie on bed. Talks to Tristan. They both
                     talk to Julius.

                     Adrianna talking with Tristan. Marco
                     chokes her.

                     Danny shooting pool. Laughs. He is a
                     terrible player.

                     Sasha talks to camera. 'I talk quite,
                     but I f..k loud'.

                     Christian talks to Tristan. Gives her
                     his safe word. 'Do you think I will
                     be saying it'.

                     Francesca after her scene as Tristan
                     talks to her & Christan. Tristan cleans
                     out from under the bed. Snowballing was
                     not Tristan's idea. Pizza is coming.
Choking &          Penny Flame from:                                    4:46
Safety Extras        The Expert Guide to Rough Sex.
                     Co-starring Mia Lelani.
                     Includes Penny saying:
                     'You can kill someone by choking them'.
Previews           Vivid                                               15:14
                     Tristan's DVDs.
Production date: 08/04/2008.                                           Email