Up That Black Ass #06

Baby Cakes anal!                                                  05/26/2009
Studio............Elegant Angel                                     Reviewer
Producer..........Patrick Collins                                     Ethnic
Distributor.......Elegant Angel                 
Media.............DVD 16x9 HD
Points............ 8.89                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Baby Cakes              iafd  Black. Busty. Sexy.     Apr 2008  CAVR Nominee
Jada Fire               iafd  2006 CAVR BTS Star   E  Nov 1998  CAVR Nominee
Kup Kake                      Black. Sexy.  Now--> E  Jun 2001          
Melody Jackson                Black. Sexy. Booty.     May 2009          
Nicara {Aurora Jolie}   iafd  Black. Busty. Anal!     Nov 2006  CAVR Nominee
Semmie De Souza               Black. Sexy.            Jul 2006          
Taylor Layne                  Black. Sexy.            May 2009          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Jada & Semmie & L.T.                                                     
     Sexy outfits. In room. Talking. Touching. Screwing Semmie.             
     Jada clit solo. Les titty sucking. Les dildo play for each.            
     Screwing each. BJ from each. On bed. Screwing & face sitting.          
     Anal for each. Semmie anal cream pie. Cum leaks out.               9.00
2> Kup & L.T.                                                               
     Sexy pink bikini. In room. Teases. Nude. Rims her. Buttplug            
     anal solo. BJ. Screwing. Anal. Anal cream pie.                     8.90
3> Baby Cakes & L.T.                                                        
     Topless. Walking. On sofa. Lubes dildo. Anal dildo solo. BJ.           
     He uses dildo on her for a toy DP. Screwing & butt plug.               
     Screwing & dildo anal. Anal. Anal & clit solo. Facial.             9.00
4> Aurora & L.T.                                                            
     Sexy topless outfit. Shooting pool. Rims her. Titty play,              
     sucking. BJ. Anal. Clit solo. Anal. He strokes off on her              
     nose and face. Lots of cum.                                        8.90
5> Melody & Taylor.                                                         
     Sexy mesh outfits. Dildo solo. Les play, eating. Eating.               
     Anal buttplug. BJ. On bed. Les anal dildo play & BJ. Face              
     sitting. Screwing each. Dildo play. Dildo solo. Dildo DP               
     for each. Anal for each. Anal & les eating at the Y. A2M.              
     Stack'em up anal. He strokes off on their asses.                   9.10
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection    Ladies ID.                                            .05
DVD Extras         Cumshot Recap.                                4:30    .10
                     Select gal or play all.                                
                   Photo Gallery.                                4:20    .10
                     Full size pictures.                                    
                   Trailers.                                             .10
                     6 previews.                                            
                     Base DVD extras rates                              8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 5 scenes averages                     8.98
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.85
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             8.50
Production date: 04/05/2009.                                           Email