On the Couch

A Nympho, a Maniac and a Psychiatrist with Twist!                 05/07/2009
Studio............Vivid                                             Reviewer
Producer..........Shylar Cobi                                       Vignette
Director..........Chuck Lords (PT)               
Videographer......B. Skow and Shylar Cobi
BTS...............Chuck Lords (PT)                                      
Camera............Shot in HD
Points............ 7.00                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Brooke Banner           iafd  Busty blonde. Tats!     Apr 2003  CAVR Nominee
Devon Lee               iafd  IN. Busty blonde.       Mar 2006          
Nikki Jayne             iafd  2008 Blu-ray of Year!   Oct 2008  CAVR Nominee
Sara Stone              iafd  32DD. Natural brunette  Aug 2005          
Victoria Valentino      iafd  MILF. Sexy redhead.     Jun 2007          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Nikki & The Fiance.
     Nikki & Chris Johnson.
       Sexy white lowcut top & short black skirt. Removes her
       panties. On black sofa. Meeting Tony DeSergio. Uncrosses
       her legs and shows him the goodies.
       Flashback to:
         Nikki & Chris Johnson in laundry room. Kiss. Solo
         fingering. Screwing her from behind, spanks her ass.
         Eats her. More screwing. P2M. Deep throat. Screwing
         on her back, side ways. Eats her. Screwing on her
         back. P2M. PT talking softly to her. Screwing rev
         cowgirl, leaning back, cowgirl, leaning forward, side
         ways & titty play, on her back. He strokes off on her
         belly. Lots of cum. She strokes him off & gives him
         BJ clean up.                                                   8.90
2> Mark & Kathy.
     Nikki & James Deen. 
       Nikki wearing sexy white outfit. Outdoors on lawn chair.
       Teases. Strips to gold bikini. She lotions back of legs.
       Topless. She lotions her breasts. He lotions her back.
       'Feels good'. Massages her ass. Pushes her panties
       aide to check out her pussy. They argue and go to kitchen.
       He stubs his toe and leaves. Topless Nikki talks to
       Victoria while sucking a popsicle. Nikki leaves.
     Victoria & James Deen.
       In bathroom. He is checking out his stubbed toe. She is
       wearing sexy brown short dress. Argue. Outdoors. He
       slaps her breasts. Chokes her. Spanks her. Plays with
       her. Fingers her. BJ. Screwing her from behind, head down
       ass up. Topless. Screwing doggie position, rev cowgirl.
       P2M. Deep throat. Plays with her. Screwing side ways with
       1 leg up. Slaps her breasts. Screwing standing up with 1
       leg up. Nude. Screwing sitting facing him. Kiss. Clit play.
       Screwing with 1 leg up on his shoulder, doggie & plays
       with her a-hole, from behind her with head down, on her
       back, sitting facing him. He strokes off on her face and
       open mouth and in her eyebrow. BJ clean up.                      8.90
3> Mum & Dad.
     Nikki & Marcus London.
       Sexy white lowcut dress. Talking on sofa.
     Devon & Marcus London.
       Sexy white top and brown plaid shorts. Kissing. Touching
       her. Making out. Sexy panties & bra. BJ (with Nikki outdoors
       in the background through window). Topless. BJ. Shaft
       licking. Nude. Eats her. Fingers her. Screwing on her back
       & clit solo, on her back with 1 leg up, cowgirl leaning
       forward. Clit solo. Screwing rev cowgirl, side ways, side
       ways & clit solo, on her back. He strokes off on her belly
       and tits while looking at his daughter Nikki.                    8.80
4> Actor's Playground.
     Nikki & Tony DeSergio.
       Sexy white skin tight top & black skirt & black hi-heels.
       On sofa. Talking. Clit solo.
     Nikki & Christian X.
       Outdoors. Talking to Christian X. Topless.
     Sara & Christian X.
       Outdoors. Talking to Christian X. Glasses. Nikki smoking.
       Sara self titty play. Sara topless.
     Sara & Brooke & Christian X.
       In room. Sara (glasses on) & Christian kiss. Brooke topless
       self titty play. Titty play. Topless titty play. On sofa.
       Brooke licks his shaft, gives BJ. Nude. BJ from Sara.
       Screwing Sara cowgirl as Brooke does solo. P2M. Screwing
       Brooke from behind as Sara does clit solo. Brooke has some
       new tats. Screwing Brooke as she does clit solo from
       underneath. Screwing Sara rev cowgirl. Sara P2M. Screwing
       Sara rev cowgirl with her tits bouncing all over the place.
       Screwing Brooke side ways as Brooke does clit solo. He
       strokes off on Sara's tits.                                      8.90
5> Doctor's Office.
     Nikki & Tony DeSergio.
       Sexy white skin tight top & black skirt & black hi-heels.
       On sofa. Talking. Brief flashbacks of Nikki's sexuality.
       Kiss. Undresses. Topless. Titty sucking. Plays with her.
       Kiss. Eats her. Clit solo. Fingers her. BJ. Deep throat.
       69 her on top. Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, on her back
       & clit solo, from behind her, side ways, side saddle. He
       strokes off on her face and in her open mouth. BJ clean up.      9.00

Story                                                                  Story
1> Patient visits Psyciatrist. Teases him and is rejected.
     She recalls sex action with old boyfriend.                      
2> Nikki tease James and then has some conflict with him.
     Victoria & James get into an argument & then have sex.
3> Lots of interesting twists in this scene.
     What is really going on?
4> Nikki is rejected and then it turns into an all natural
     big boob 3some scene.
5> Nikki lures the Doc into crossing the ethical line.
     Whatever Nikki wants, Nikki gets.

Extras                                                                Extras
Chapters           Very nice.                                            .10
                     Scene title.                                           
                     Select type of sex to view.                            
Bonus Features     Bonus Scene 1:                                 10:11  .10
                     Rebecca Lane & Mick Blue.                              
                   Bonus Scene 2:                                 10:04  .10
                     All Dressed Up                                         
                     Monique Alexander & Sunny Lane                         
                     & Alex Gonz.                                           
                   Behind the Scenes.                             19:27  .10
                     Nikki with headlights on. Shylar Cobi                  
                     holding overhead microphone. Nikki goofs               
                     and drops the f-bomb. Devon & Marcus
                     laugh. Many takes. Brooke studying her
                     lines, explains her scene to Paul Thomas.
                     Brooke talks about using her body to
                     get an advantage by flirting, tells about
                     her real life new car brakes story. Smiles,
                     'It is nice being a girl'. Sara interviewed
                     by Paul Thomas. She lives with Nikki Jayne,
                     sometimes sleeps with her 'depends on her
                     mood'. Sara says she likes to see Nikki
                     naked. Paul says, 'Nikki looks like she
                     was born naked'. Devon poses for stills,
                     solo, poses with her hubby Marcus London,
                     hardcore action. Paul Thomas directs
                     Victoria with a hands on style. Nikki
                     poses on horse with cowgirl outfit.
                     Christian XXX interviewed and wearing
                     Brazzers.com t-shirt. Paul talks to
                     Brooke & Sara. Sara says hers are a F as
                     in 'F..k those are big', shows them.
                     Brooke says she thought she had big boobs
                     but they look like A's next to hers, mine
                     are D's. Sara has not used her body to
                     get what she wants, 'Nikki always uses
                     her body to get what she wants'. Nikki
                     talks to Paul. She and a friend had been
                     to Vegas for 4 days and only spent $20
                     of their own money, 'because of the way
                     we look'. Nikki poses in white bikini
                     for stills. Nikki & Tony DeSergio on
                     sofa. Tony goofs many times using 'a'
                     instead of 'in a'.  Nikki topless
                     teases, talks about how she got a
                     $1,000 pair of shoes. Many cuts of
                     Tony & Nikki in the hallway.
Boxcover           Very nice.                                            .10
                     Nikki Jayne - Winner Miss XBIZ 2008
Hardware:          Captured on HDV 1080i60
                     Edited on Final Cut Pro
                     Audio Mixed on Pro Tools
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50

Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 5 scenes averages                     8.90
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     9.00
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                            10.00
         Audio     Dolby Digital 2.0 rates                              8.50
                     Overall rating is         9.00
                     Brief choking makes it a  7.00
Production date: 02/14/2008.                                           Email