Rough Sex, Expert Guide To

Devil Penny and Angel Penny.                                      04/18/2009
Studio............Vivid Ed                                          Reviewer
Producer..........Smart Ass Productions                        Instructional
Director..........Penny Flame                                        Choking
Source............Tristan Taormino
Videographer......Ralph Parfait & Fliktor
Make-up...........Melissa Makeup
Camera............Shot in HD
Points............ 9.50                                         
Star                                                                    Star
Aiden Starr             iafd  Sexy blonde. Tattoos.   Jul 2006          
Lexi Belle              iafd  LA. Sexy honeyblonde.   May 2006          
Mia Lelani              iafd  Sexy cute brunette.  E  Jan 2008          
Penny Flame             iafd  Sexy brunette.          Aug 2003  CAVR Nominee
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Why Rough Sex?                                                          
      Penny sitting on sofa with sexy lowcut top and showing some           
      cleavage discusses rough sex.                                         
 2> Penny & Mia.                                                            
      Talking. Mia nude. They discuss safe places to slap a gal.            
      Caution when hitting these body parts:                                
        Face, breasts, belly, pussy, back of legs.                          
      Never hit these body parts:                                           
        Throat, between the breasts, elbows or knees, back of               
        neck, spine, kidneys, eye balls and ears.                           
      Three types of slapping:                                              
        Cupped hand, fingertip and face slapping.                           
      Hair Pulling.                                                         
        Penny explains the rules.                                      18:48
 3> Penny & Derrick Pierce.                                                 
      Derrick talks about rough sex. Nude. Chokes Penny. Slaps her          
      face. Plays with her pussy. Slaps her breasts. Chokes her             
      again & repeatedly slaps her face. BJ. Slaps her face.                
      Chokes her. Screwing standing up from behind her. BJ. Chokes          
      her as she picks her up. On sofa. Screwing cowgirl, cowgirl           
      and choking her. Kiss. Pulls her hair. Throws her on sofa.            
      Screwing on her back, on her back as he chokes and Angel Penny        
      says, 'Always remember he can crush your windpipe so he needs         
      to be careful'. Slaps her face. Arm chokes her. Screwing on her       
      back as he uses large vib on her clit. Chokes her. Slaps her          
      face. Chokes her. Spits in her open mouth. Slaps her breasts.         
      Bites her nipple. Kiss. Pulls her hair. Screwing her from             
      behind 'I love your dick'. Pulls her hair. He acts like he            
      was going to do anal but she says 'Please put it in my pussy'.        
      Slaps her face. On her knees. He strokes off on her face and          
      mouth. BJ clean up. He strokes her back on the sofa. With a           
      devilish look on her face and cum around her mouth, Penny             
      grabs the vib to have an orgasm.                                 39:45
 4> Aiden & Devin.                                                          
      Both take turns talking to camera about rough sex. On bed.            
      Aiden slaps her naked chest pretty hard. Gags his mouth.              
      She sits on his face with her panties still on as she                 
      verbally abuses him. Strips to black panties & bra as she             
      rides a vib. He gets on all fours and strokes himself as              
      she spanks him. Topless. Spanks his butt cheeks red. Nude.
      Eats her. Clit solo. Eats her as he strokes himself. She
      cuffs his ankles & right wrist to all corners of bed as
      he continues to stroke himself and she sits on his face.
      She double chokes him 'You dirty filthy MotherF..ker!'.
      Kiss. She slaps his face. Screwing sitting facing him.
      Screwing cowgirl as she chokes him. Titty play. He barks
      like a dog. Ball sucking. Eats her. Clit solo. Screwing
      on her back. Slaps his face. Chokes him. 4 fingers his
      mouth. Screwing cowgirl. Slaps his face. He sucks her toes.
      He deep throats her foot. Licks her heel. Slaps his face.
      Screwing on her back. Slaps his face repeatedly. He
      strokes off into her cupped hands. Handjob. He eats her.
      Kiss. She feeds him her hands. He licks her hands. 'Lick
      your f..king dog juice off my fingers'. Slaps his face.        1:04:22
 5> Lexi & Mark Davis.
      Each talks about rough sex, slapping and choking. Mark says
      'I do not like my partner to be in tears'. On black sofa.
      Sexy outfit with no panties. Talking. Kisses her neck.
      Spanks her until her cheeks get red. Eats her. Fingers her.
      Kiss. BJ. Slaps her face. Kiss. Slaps her face. Chokes her
      and lifts her up off the ground with both his hands.
      Topless. BJ. Nude. Chokes her. Kiss. Chokes her. Slaps her
      face. Angel Penny says 'Choking is very dangerous. An
      alternative is to put hands around the neck, but do not
      apply pressure.' Chokes her. Kiss. Pushes her back on the
      sofa. Screwing on her back with both legs up. BJ. Pulls
      her hair. Fingers her standing up. Slaps her breasts hard.
      Screwing her from behind as he pulls her hair and then
      chokes her from behind. Screwing. 69 her on top. Eats her
      as Mark looks to see where the camera is. Slaps her ass.
      Screwing rev cowgirl, leaning back & slaps her breasts,
      rev cowgirl, side saddle, side saddle leaning forward,
      cowgirl. Chokes her. Screwing straddling him. She chokes
      him. Kiss. She bites his lower lip. Chokes her. Slaps her
      face hard as she cries. Penny talks and says 'Tears are
      not always a bad thing'. Mark checked with Lexi to make
      sure shw was still having a good time. Screwing cowgirl.
      BJ. 'I am okay'. On her knees as Mark strokes off on her
      face and open mouth'. Kiss. Mark licks his fingers and
      says 'Tastes real good'. Lexi laughs.                          1:25:28
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection   Cast ID.
                    Gals and guys.
Bonus Scenes      Choices:
                    Penny and Derrick (no instruction)                 19:09
                      Their scene.
                    Aiden and David (no instruction)                   22:43
                      Aiden & Devin scene.
                    Lexi and Mark (no instruction)                     19:24
                      Their scene.
                    Safer Sex.                                          5:46
                      Penny Flame & Evan Stone.
                      Cindy Crawford & Jack Lawrence.
                      Adrianna Nicole & Alec Knight.
                      Brunette & Marcos Leon.
                    Choking Demostration                                4:46
                      Penny & Mia. Sexy outfits. 'Let us talk
                      about how to choke your lover in the
                      sexiest and safest way possible'.
                         1> Place your hand on your partners
                         2> Do not choke these parts: larynx,
                            esophagus or other fun throat oriented
                            parts that help you to breathe, speak
                            and live.
                         3> Slowly slide you hand up to the sweet
                            part right under her cheek or jawbone.
                            Apply pressure to the bottom of the
                            jaw more so than the actual throat.
                         4> Do not squeeze your hand or fingers
                         5> Press the bottom part of the jaw
                            towards her head.
                         6> Ask your partner if she can feel it
                            in her mouth. Applying pressure in
                            the right place should stop her from
                            swallowing and breathing.
                         7> You don't want to get carried away
                            and make your lover pass out.
                         8> Start at counting to 5 because we
                            can all hold our breathes for 5
                         9> Go to 10 seconds if your lover is
                            feeling daring.
                        10> Always know exactly how long you
                            have been choking them. A life
                            is in your hands afterall.
                        11> If you do squeeze your partners
                            throat you will crush it and
                            every vital thing inside it.
                        12> Have her sit on your lap so you
                            can figure out where the sweet
                            part is.
                        13> Before you start choking while
                            f..king you must make sure you
                            are doing it right. Otherwise,
                            you are in for a bad bad night.
                        14> The best way to bring your
                            partner back from a choke is a
                            firm solid slap to the cheek.
                              Penny chokes Mia. Slaps her.
                        15> Let me be very clear about this.
                            You can kill someone by choking
                            them. I provide this information
                            in learn how to reduce risks.
                    Penny and Derrick Bonus Sex Scene.                  6:06
                      Nude. On brown sofa. BJ. Fingers her.
                      Uses vib on her.
                  Positions Room:
                    Pussy Eating
                    Cum Shot
                  Photo Gallery                                         3:26
                    Full size pictures.
                  Vivid Previews:                                      14:30
Special Thanks:
      Claire Cavanah
      Shylar Cobi
      Filmwerx Locations
      Carrie Gray
      Greenberg Teleprompting
      LA Direct Models
      Dennis Paradise
      Sarah Sloane
      Spiegler Girls
      Rachel Venning
      Worldwide Broadcasting

Den's notes:
      It took alot of guts for Tristan Taormino to Produce this DVD
      and for Penny Flame to write the script and direct it.
      My hats off to all.

      There are 2 sides to every story.
        Prior to making this movie I sent an email to
        Vivid, Tristan and Penny about what I was hoping
        this DVD would contain.
          Please read my concerns.
            Shows you where I stand! :)
            I am against choking. I do give the rating of the
            movie if it did not have choking and I do deduct
            points for choking. I have said that if we had a
            Choking Consent Form (or something similiar), I
            would not deduct points for choking.
              My two main criteria:
                Porn Star be warned of the dangers of choking.
                Viewing public understand dangers of choking.
              This DVD does both & thus no points deduction.

This is the most significant DVD since Fashionistas I!

      This DVD points out the mixed positions on Choking in Sex Movies.
        Some Studios - 100% against choking.
        Some Studios - 100% of their movies contain choking.

        Most reviews will not even mention choking.
        CAVR reviews points out choking and deducts points.

        AVN still has no position on choking! 

Press Release:Tristan Taormino, Penny Flame explore necessary roughness

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Entertainment is now shipping Penny Flame's Expert
    Guide to Rough Sex, the latest in the acclaimed series from author
    and sex educator Tristan Taormino's Vivid-Ed label.

    "Many people fantasize about and have rough sex, and I feel this
    movie speaks to people who wouldn't pick up an SM movie," Taormino
    told AVN. "It reaches that audience in a different way than a
    hardcore sadomasochistic movie."

    The Vivid-Ed line allows the viewer to enjoy hot sex scenes in an
    educational context. The Rough Sex guide follows Penny's Expert
    Guide to Hand Jobs.

    "It's really important for me to have the educational part covered,"
    Taormino said. "I consulted with Penny on the script, and I was on
    the set every day helping her. It's very comprehensive."

    Topics covered in the vid include:
      Emotional role-playing
      Rough physical play (pushing, grabbing)

    A bonus vignette covers the controversial subject of choking.
    "Choking is seen in a lot of porn, and I feel we would be remiss not
    to mention it," Taormino said. "Our vignette is about minimizing risk.
    It went through two lawyers, and we decided to include it as an extra
    on the disc."

    As with other Vivid-Ed releases, the Expert Guide to Rough Sex gives
    the option to watch the sex scenes with or without the educational
    component. According to Taormino, the sex scenes are authentic and
    almost unbearably hot.

    "Penny's scene in the movie is absolutely unbelievable," Taormino said.
    "She admits she has played rough in her personal life, but not on screen;
    she's not a gaping gonzo girl. This is the roughest I've ever seen her
    play. She hand-picked Derrick Pierce as her partner because she felt
    comfortable with him It's really dirty and really nasty in the best
    possible sense of those words. It's super hot, and I think fans are
    going to be surprised; the connection between them is really fierce.
    She's a girl who likes to get what she wants, and this scene shows a
    different side of Penny. It's a really rough, really hard scene."

    Taormino named a scene with Mark Davis and Lexi Belle as another
    standout. "Mark and Lexi have both worked for, and Mark is a
    pretty heavy player," she said. "In the beginning, they're sort of
    feeling each other out and things start to really heat up. At one point,
    there are tears in her eyes - I watched it and wondered, have we gone
    off the rails? For some people, it's emotional catharsis. As soon as the
    tears come. he switches gears to make sure it's okay; it's a fascinating
    look at how deep, intense, real and raw this kind of sex can be. And I
    don't think Lexi expected it."

    The third sex scene features Aiden Star, the noted Domme known for her
    girl/girl work. "Aiden is one of the best female dominants," Taormino
    said. "She's great at picking up on what buttons to push - it's more
    about verbal and psychological play. She can convince anyone to do
    anything with her voice and her presence."

    Taormino touts the DVD options as a strong selling-point for the disc.
    "The viewer can see a Devil Penny and an Angel Penny," she said. "In
    addition to the scenes, there's a workshop with Penny that sets the tone
    and contextualizes what's going on. She pulls the whole thing together."

    For more info on Penny Flame's Guide to Rough Sex:

Production dates: 08/11/2008 and 08/12/2008.                           Email