Natural Jugs                             DVD

Gianna Michaels!                                                  10/26/2008
Studio............ATK Amateur Teen Kingdom                          Reviewer
Producer..........Mark Kulkis                                          Gonzo
Director..........No Director                    
Distributor.......Kick Ass Pictures             
Minutes...........180                                                    2.0
Points............ 8.67                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
Barbara Summer          iafd  Czech. Sexy. Hot.    E  Oct 2002          
Gianna Michaels         iafd  2007 CAVR Star!         Mar 2005  CAVR Nominee
Naomi Cruise            iafd  Sexy honeyblonde.       Dec 2006          
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Lana & guy     Nude. In room. BJ. Clit solo. Screwing. He strokes       
                   off on her chest.                                    8.70
 2> Jordan         Sexy outfit. Teases. Nude. Solo. Butterfly solo.         
                   Clit solo.                                           8.70
 3> Naomi & guy    Sexy dress. Titty sucking. Eats & fingers her. BJ.       
                   Screwing. He strokes off on her face.                8.70
 4> Cassandra      Sexy outfit. Teases. Nude. Dildo BJ. Dildo solo.         
                   Dildo BJ clean up.                                   8.70
 5> Holly & Amy    Sexy outfits. Kiss. Touching. Topless. Titty suck-       
                   ing. Nude. Eating. 69.                               8.70
 6> Alexis         Sexy outfit. Clit solo. Topless. Nipple play. Nude.      
                   Solo.                                                8.60
 7> Nikol & guy    Sexy red outfit. Kiss. Topless. BJ. Fingers her.         
                   Screwing. He strokes off on her breasts.             8.60
 8> Viktorija      Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Touches herself.           
                   Nude. Bathes. Clit solo.                             8.60
 9> Nadine         Sexy lowcut dress. Toe play. Topless. Nipple             
                   rings. Titty play. Nude. Hairy bush. Solo.           8.70
10> Holly & guy    Sexy pink dress. BJ. Titty screwing. Clit solo.          
                   Nude. Screwing. Open mouth facial.                   8.80
11> Momika & Jana   Sexy outfits. Touching. Eating. Topless. Titty          
                    sucking. Solo. Safe dildo play. Titty play.         8.80
12> Barbara &       Dick Nasty. Sexy outfit. Kiss. Topless. Titty           
                    sucking. Eats & fingers her. BJ. Nude. Screwing.        
                    He strokes off in her open mouth.                   8.70
13> Viktoria        Sexy outfit. Teases. Nipple play. Clit solo.            
                    Nude. Pink dildo BJ, titty screwing, solo.          8.70
14> Marta & guy     Sexy black dress. On sofa. Topless. Handjob. Nude.      
                    BJ. Screwing. He strokes off on her breasts.        8.60
15> Gianna &        Chris Mountain. Sexy outfit. Talks. Topless. Titty      
                    sucking. Clit solo. BJ. Screwing. Titty screwing.       
                    Cums between her breasts.                           8.70
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapters            Ladies ID. Select type of sex to view.               .10
Trailers            Previews.                                            .05
Ratings: Movie sex rates    8.67   Extras rates   8.65                      
         Quality rates      8.50                                            
Production date: 12/12/2006.                                           Email