Natural Born Swallowers #03              DVD

Nasty F..king Whores!                                             10/23/2008
Studio............Lethal Hardcore                                   Reviewer
Producer..........Stoney Curtis                                        Gonzo
Director..........Chucky Sleaze                  
Distributor.......Pulse Distribution            
Videographer......Chucky Sleaze                 
Minutes...........137                                                    2.0
Points............ 8.89                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
Alex Love               iafd  'Love' tattoo. Blonde.  Oct 2008          
Jackie Avalon                 Sexy honeyblonde.       Oct 2008          
London Keys             iafd  Asian. Sexy. Busty.     Oct 2008          
Michelle Brown                Sexy hot brunette.      Aug 2008          
Sandee Miles                  Sexy cute redhead.      Oct 2008          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> London & guy.                                                            
     Sexy teaser opening. On brown sofa. Interview. Likes rough sex.        
     Nude. Self titty play. Tattoos. Oils her ass. Clit solo. BJ.           
     Screwing. P2M. Eats her. Open mouth facial. Swallows.              8.90
2> Jackie & Talon.                                                          
     Sexy red panty/bra. 1/2 sleeve tattoo. Interview. Topless. Self        
     titty play. Booty shake. Nude. Clit solo. BJ. Ball sucking.            
     Screwing. Clit solo. P2M. Open mouth facial. Swallows.             8.90
3> Alex & Dave Hardman.                                                     
     Sexy black outfit. Teases. On red sofa. Interview. Teases. Nude.       
     Booty. Solo. Eats her. BJ. Fingers her. 69 her on top. Screw-          
     ing. P2M. Open mouth facial. Not much cum. Swallows.               9.00
4> Sandee & guy.                                                            
     T-shirt & jean skirt. Interview. Teases. Waters her top. Topless.      
     Clit solo. Nude. Plays with her. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ.            
     Titty screwing. Screwing. P2M. Open mouth facial. Swallows.        8.90
5> Michelle & Dave Hardman.                                                 
     Sexy outfit. On green sofa. Interview. Topless. Teases. Nude.          
     Solo. BJ. Fingers her. Screwing. P2M. He strokes off in her            
     open mouth. Swallows. BJ clean up.                                 8.90
Extras                                                                Extras
Scene Selection    Scene number ID.                                      .00
                     Select type of sex to view.                            
Special Features   Outtakes.                                       1:54  .00
                     Michele pussy farts. London poses.                     
                   Trailers.                                      35:50  .05
                   Photo Gallery.                                        .05
                     Various sizes.                                         
                   Bonus Scene. Jessica Bangkok.                  17:39  .05
                     Wet Juicy Juggs.                                       
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     8.92
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.65
         Quality   Video and lighting rates                             9.00
Production dates: 08/2008.                                             Email