Revenge is a Bitch! #03                  DVD

'See How You Like a Cock in the Ass!'.                            07/14/2008
Studio............Kick Ass Pictures                                 Reviewer
Producer..........Mark Kulkis                                         Fetish
Director..........Glenn Baren                    
Distributor.......Kick Ass Pictures             
Quality 16x9......Shot in HD - Good                                      2.0
Minutes...........70                                                     FAQ
Points............ 8.64                                                  Buy
Star                    Info                                            Star
Brooke Banner           iafd  FL. Sexy busty blonde!  Apr 2003  CAVR Nominee
Jordan Kingsley         iafd  MILF. Sexy blonde.      Apr 2008          
Nikki Coxxx/Rhodes      iafd  Sexy redhead.           Jul 2006          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Backyard of Brooke Banner Sherman Oaks, Ca. 02-27-2008.                  
     Sexy brown 1 piece. On lounge chair. Talking to Les Moore.             
     Foot play. On sofa. Dildo play. She forces him to give dildo           
     BJ. Topless. Teases. Nude. Solo. Dildo solo. Strap-on dildo            
     screwing him. He gives P2M. Strap-on dildo screwing him as             
     he strokes himself off. Fake facial for him.                           
2> Beach House of Nikki Rhodes Hermosa Beach, Ca. 05/04/2008.               
     Sexy black 2 piece. In room with Jimmy Broadway. Talking.              
     She puts belt around his neck and walks him like a dog.                
     Topless. He fetches dildo. Nude. He gives her strap-on dildo           
     a BJ. She screws him using the strap-on dildo as he strokes            
     himself off on his belly. He gives P2M. Fake facial for him.           
3> Home of Jordan Kingsley Santa Monica, Ca. 04/23/2008.                    
     Topless in backyard. Self titty play. On sofa. Talking. Foot           
     worship. Toe sucking. Nude. Eats her. He gives her strap-on            
     dildo a BJ. Comparing dicks. She spanks him. She screws him            
     using the strap-on dildo. He gives P2M. She screws him as he           
     strokes himself. She screws his mouth. She sits on his face.           
     She screws him as he strokes himself off on his belly in               
     pile driver position. Fake facial for Toni Sil.                        
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapters           Ladies ID.                                            .10
                     Select type of sex to view.                            
Special Features   Bloopers.                                     3:53    .05
                     Brooke playing with her strap-on,                      
                     talks about her personal sex life.                     
                     Nikki laughs. Brooke in action. Nikki                  
                     laughs. Brooke getting BJ. Jordan in                   
                   Starlet Bios.                                         .10
                     Brooke    5' 8"  34D  Scottish/Romanian                
                     Nikki     5' 1"  34C  White                            
                     Jordan    5'11"  36D  German/Irish                     
                   Sneak Previews.                                       .05
                     10 Trailers.                                           
                       Base DVD extras rates                            8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action for 3 scenes rates                        8.50
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     8.80
         Quality   Picture quality/lighting rates                       8.90
Production date: 04/12/2008.                                           Email