Choking Consent Form

Expert Guide to Rough Sex                                         06/01/2008
Studio............Vivid Ed
Producer..........Tristan Taormino
Director..........Penny Flame
Please read Vivid-Ed's Press Release on Expert Guide to Rough Sex                          
I am very interested in this project, expecially the choking part!          
     I have had the pleasure of meeting Tristan Taormino  
     and I have talked to Penny Flame at AEE 2006.      
This could be a ground breaking instructional video. I would love           
     to see how the whole choking process takes place.

I hope the Behind the Scenes contains and becomes Choking Guidelines:
      1> Star       How she is selected & her thoughts on choking.          
      2> Agent      His/her feelings about choking.                         
      3> Script     How is the choking described.                           
      4> Producer   Tristan interviews Star and explains the choking        
                    scene and the potential dangers of choking.             
      5> Co-Star    Star interviews male co-star to get to know how         
                    much choking training & expertise he has.               
      6> Director   Star interviews Penny to get to know her choking        
                    expertise and choking training.                         
      7> Paperwork  Star agrees to do scene & signs paperwork.
                      This will include a Choking Consent Form.

After the scene:
      1> Interview the Star.                                                
      2> Interview the Insurance Agent and his views on choking.            
      3> Interview the Studio Owner and his views on choking movies.        
      4> Interview the Studio Lawyer and his views on choking.              
      5> Interview any of the AEE 2008 Legal Seminar lawyers.
      6> Interview AVN. What is AVN's position on choking?
      7> Interview XRCO. What do the reviewers think about choking?
I know that this will probably not happen. But, if the safeguards           
      of informing the Star of the possible dangers of choking and          
      with approval from her Agent, then my objections to choking           
      will go away.

      The Star will have signed a Choking Consent Form that says she
      understands the possible dangers of choking and still wants
      to go on with the scene.
My concern has always been twofold:                                   
      1> The Star's safety.                                               
      2> Fans trying this at home with lethal results.                   
           Dayton area choking & sex deaths.                               
              * 10/18/2003 Freaky Sex choking death.                        
              * 05/08/2008 Auto-erotic Asphyxiation choking death.          
Good luck to Tristan and Penny on this project!                        Email