Gauntlet #03, The                        DVD

Extras review added!                                              03/31/2008
3 3 Hour Discs + 3 Hours of Extras!                               03/25/2008
Studio............Vouyer Media                                      Reviewer
Producer..........Vince Vouyer                                         Gonzo
Director..........Vince Vouyer                   
Distributor.......Vouyer Media                  
Quality 16x9......Shot in HD - Good                                      2.0
Minutes...........384                                                    FAQ
Top 10 Points..... 9.02                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
Crissy Moon             iafd  Sexy brunette.          Jun 2007          
Faye Valentine          iafd  Sexy redhead. Freckles  Sep 2007          
La'Rin Lane             iafd  Sexy blonde.            Oct 2007          
Maya Hills              iafd  FL. Sexy honeyblonde.   Mar 2006  CAVR Nominee
Rebeca Linares          iafd  2007 CAVR Performer     Jul 2005  CAVR Nominee
Sammie Rhodes (Make-up) iafd  Sexy busty blonde.      Aug 2004  CAVR Nominee

  ID........................................................    Guys - Help?
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Disc 1 - Faye (Boxcover).                                         2:29:25
     Fay's Casting.                                                         
       Faye & Vince & her agent Dick Nasty.                                 
     Valentine Residence.                                                   
       Traveling in car. Interviewed. Smoking. Interesting
       info from this barely 18 year old!
     Time to Walk the Gauntlet:                                             
       Faye & Jack Napier.
         Faye on bed. Sexy black boxcover black panties, bra,
         garter & hi-heels. Interviewed by Vince. Poses. Teases.
         Are they real or fake? She says they are real. Solo &
         tastes her finger. She puts black blindfold on. BJ.
         Removes it. BJ & clit solo. Topless. Jack strokes off
         in her open mouth. BJ clean up. Stringers.
       Faye & Rebeca.
         Rebeca replaces Jack. Whips her. Puts choker and leash
         around her neck. Titty sucking. Red double headed long
         dildo gets BJ from Faye. Faye clit solo. Rebeca fingers
         Faye. Dildo for Faye. Rebeca eats Faye. Faye eats
         Rebeca. Crawls. 
       Faye 6 Way.
         Guys join the 2 gals. BJs. Blow bang. Screwing & BJ
         for Faye as Rebeca gives James Deen a BJ on back sofa.
         Screwing Faye. Gals give alternating BJ. Reversed BJ for
         Faye. Screwing Faye and clit solo. Screwing Rebeca and
         then Faye gives a BJ clean off. Rebeca anal & clit solo.
         Screwing Faye. Rebeca anal & BJ. Rebeca DP. Rebeca A2M.
         Cream pie for Faye. Rebeca eats Faye out and then cum
         swaps with Faye. More cream pie, les eating and cum
         sharing. Faye swallows.
       Faye Mini Blow Bang.
         Vince leads Faye into next room with the black mask
         back on. BJs. Blow bang. Faye sits in hanging chrome
         chair as she continues to give head. Removes it. BJs.
         Reversed BJ. Stroking guy with both feet briefly. She
         crawls. Line-up BJs for James, Brad Hardy, Eddie and
         Claudio Meloni. Guys stroke off in her open mouth and
         on her chin. Swallows. BJ clean off.
       Faye 5 Way.
         Vince leads her to another room with the black mask
         back on. Chris Charming, Brian Surewood, Kyle Stone,
         guy and guy. Screwing & BJ over the back of white sofa.
         Removes it. Screwing. Screwing & BJ. Guys stroke off on
         her face and open mouth. Swallows. 
       Faye Finale.
         Faye walks to the back wall. Door opens. 10-12 guys are
         stroking themselves. 'Come on guys, I came in here for
         some more cum, who is going to give it to me?'.
         Circle jerk BJs. Open mouth facials. Clit solo. Swallows.
           Faye Valentine Load Total: 23 Loads.
     DVD Extras.                                                            
       Cutting Room Floor.                                           1:13:47
         Faye in make-up chair. Vince talking to Donnie Cabo
         and Van Styles. Topless. Vince asks if she got a
         boobjob. They look fake to me with small half moon
         cuts underneath the nipples. Faye uses bathroom with
         no 'BTS guy'. Faye says, 'They are not fake'. Faye
         tries on various shoes. Crew setting things up. Rebeca
         and Vince have disagreement on what she will do in
         her scene. Drama. Rebeca in wardrobe. Rebeca talks
         about enema. Rebeca says no to BTS camera in bathroom.
         Rebeca puts on hi-heel boots. Rebeca poses. Rebeca
         forgot her panties for the day and flashes her ass.
         Rebeca has 2 fantasies:
           1> F..k guy with a strap-on.
           2> F..k Father and Son at same time.
         Rebeca in make-up chair. Vince shows Faye the chair
         and swings her. 'Is somebody going to f..k me on
         this?'. 10-11 costume changes for Faye. Rebeca tells
         Faye, 'Your body is nice'. Faye tells her real 1st
         name. Lillian does final make-up touches for Faye's
         boxcover shoot. Looking at Faye's boxcover pictures.
         Faye playing in the swinging chair and Van Styles
         helps her out. Faye didn't get asked to go to her
         school prom. More posing in the swinging chair. Faye
         resting on couch. Faye, 'I do not do anal'. Faye poses
         behind see-through glass wall. Faye poses topless for
         stills. Vince explains the scene to Faye. Faye giving
         Jack Napier head as they take still pictures. Jack
         talks about his length. Vince directs Rebeca. Open
         mouth facial for Faye from Jack. Rebeca and Faye in
         domination action and hardcore action. Vince talks to
         the guys. Topless Rebeca talks about the guys. Rebeca
         and Faye and the guys in hardcore action. 
       Aftermath Interview.                                            11:48
         Faye in lowcut white top and jeans and talking to
         Vince. Vince counts the number of loads she took
         today. Faye talks about each room. She really likes
         Rebeca. She also likes James Deen. Topless. Vince
         plays with her tits one last time. 
       Photo Galleries:                                                     
         Behind the Scenes Pics.                                        2:08
         Hardcore Pics.                                                 3:50
         Pretty Girls Pics.                                             1:38
         Cum Shot Pics.                                                 1:56
         The Gauntlet #01.                                              1:49
         The Gauntlet #02.                                              1:59
         Frosty Finish #02.                                             1:50
         Breakin Em In #08.                                             2:40

2> Disc 2 - Crissy.                                                  1:52:40
     Crissy Moon's Casting.                                                 
       Crissy & Vince.                                                      
     The Moon Residence.                                                    
       Traveling in car. Interview. Flashes.                                
     Time to Walk the Gauntlet:                                             
       10 Guy Blow Bang.
         Sexy pink top & matching thong & black hose &
         hi-heels. Interviewed by Vince on yellow sofa.
         She walks to a group of 10 guys with matching
         black t-shirts. BJs. Blow bang. Line-up BJs.
         Guys stroke off in her open mouth. Swallows.
         'I know there is more'. More guys stroking off
         in her mouth and she swallows the load. 
       4 on 2.
         Crissy walks to another room where La'Rin is
         servicing Chris Charming, Sergio, Arnold and
         Brian Surewood. Side-by-side BJs. Screwing &
         BJ. Screwing facing one another. P2M. Cream pie
         and La'Rin eats Crissy out and they then kiss
         and share the cum.
       Anal Warm Up.
         Crissy and La'Rin move to another room. La'rin
         lubes up Crissy's ass and then uses small dildo
         anally on Crissy. Next up is a slightly larger
         dildo that they are confused which end goes in.
         A thicker dildo is used next.
       Crissy First Anal Scene.
         Sascha & James Deen & Jerry & Andrew Andretti join.
         'Who is up for anal?'. Side-by-side BJs. Jerry is
         the first to do anal with Crissy. Anal side-by-side.
         Anal & BJ. Anal. James & Crissy anal and then anal
         & BJ with Jerry. Open mouth facial for La'Rin and
         then cum swap with Crissy. Swallows. Kiss. More
         open mouth facials and cum swapping.
       Cum Fest Finale.
         Gals join 10-12 guys in room. BJs. Blow bangs next
         to one another. Dick Nasty is one of the lucky
         guys. Circle jerk BJs. Open mouth facials for each
         back-to-back. Gals kiss. Both interviewed by Vince.
         Butt-to-butt on all 4's posing. 'Sharing is caring'.
           Crissy Load Total: 27 Loads (18 Swallowed).
     DVD Extras:                                                            
       Cutting Room Floor.                                           1:06:15
         Crissy in make-up from Lillian. Crissy poses. La'Rin
         interview. Crissy & La'Rin live together. Interviews
         a new guy. Crissy interview. La'Rin is an anal queen.
         Andrew interview. More Crissy interview. Lillian's
         cleavage. La'Rin interview. Brian Surewood interview.
         Crew setup. Donnie Cabo interview. La'Rin in wardrobe
         and then in make-up chair. Kyle Stone. Crissy getting
         wardrobe ready, poses for Vince. Crissy and guys
         getting ready and say, 'Vouyer Media'. Posing with the
         guys. Crissy laughs. Crissy hardcore. La'Rin hardcore.
         Vince signs Sascha's arm cast. Mark Kernes in background.
         Daniel Metcalf in background. Vince says, 'DPs bore me'.
         Crissy and La'Rin hardcore action. Van Styles taking
         still pictures and shows them on the camera monitor.
         Crissy anal with James Dean. Exit interview with Vince.
         It is Crissy's first time anal. She likes James Deen.
         Van Styles sleeping. Vince talking to both the gals.
       Aftermath Interview.                                            10:09
         Crissy in the swinging chair with 'cum everywhere'
         interview. Talks about the movie. One of the guys
         is La'Rins guy and it was kinda weird. Cum doesn't
         taste that great and it makes you gag. Crissy talks
         about her 1st anal. She also talks about Florida.
         She is 23 years old. 
       Photo Galleries:
         Behind the Scenes Pics.                                        1:01
         Hardcore Pics.                                                 2:32
         Pretty Girls Pics.                                             1:31
         Cum Shot Pics.                                                 1:44
         The Gauntlet #01.                                              1:49
         The Gauntlet #02.                                              1:59
         Frosty Finish #02.                                             1:50
         Breakin Em In #11.                                             2:19
         Don't Waste It Taste It #03.                                   1:34

3> Disc 3 - Maya.                                                    2:03:10
     Maya Hills Casting.
       Maya & Vince.
     The Morning of D-Day.
       In car. Interview.
     Pre Walk Interview.
       Gauntlet #01 on TV.
     Time to Walk the Gauntlet:
       Anal Warm-Up (with Faye)
         Maya in sexy red bra, panties & hose with black
         garter. Faye in sexy red/black outfit. On bed.
         Talking. Looking at toys. Glass dildo BJ from
         each and then anal dildo fun for Maya. Anal balls
         on string gets BJ from Faye and then are inserted
         anally into Maya and then pulled back out and
         tasted by both gals. Curved glass dildo anal for
       Anal 101 with Ms. Hill.
         Maya & Anthony Rosano. Same sexy red/black outfit.
         In classroom. He is stroking off. BJ. Ball sucking.
         Anal from behind her. A2M. Anal. He strokes off in
         her open mouth. BJ clean up.
       Anal Tied Up.
         Maya & Tommy Gunn. He is naked and tied to a cross.
         She plays with him. BJ. Frees him. Fingers her ass.
         Anal on her back. A2M. More anal and A2M. He strokes
         off on her face and open mouth. BJ clean up. She
         ties him back to the cross.
       Paging Dr. Hills.
         Maya and her same sexy black/red outfit & Chris
         Charming. In room on bed. Handjob. BJ. Clit solo.
         Anal rev cowgirl. 69 her on top. Anal & clit solo.
         A2M. She strokes him off in her open mouth. BJ
         clean off.
       Just Another Cock.
         Maya and her same red/black outfit. Joins Andrew
         Andretti on black sofa. BJ. Ball sucking. BJ. Clit
         solo. Anal doggie position. He strokes off in her
         open mouth. BJ clean up.
         Maya and the same red/black outfit. In jail cell.
         Talon sitting on toilet reading magazine & stroking
         himself. BJ. Deep throat. Anal doggie position.
         A2M. Clit solo. Anal. A2M. He strokes off in her
         open mouth. BJ clean up.
       The Stripper.
         Maya and her sexy red/black outfit. In room with
         small stage and pole. Sascha gets BJ. Clit solo.
         Anal on her back. He strokes off in her open
         mouth. BJ clean up.
       Last Man Standing.
         Maya in her red/black sexy outfit. In room. Jerry
         joins. Topless. Titty sucking. BJ. Anal doggie.
         He strokes off in her open mouth.
           Maya Load Total: 7 Loads.
     DVD Extras:
       Cutting Room Floor.                                             58:30
         Maya arriving at studio. Sexy outfit and sunglasses.
         Looking at her props. Talking to Vince. Maya talks
         to blonde that is Sammie Rhodes! Faye doing paperwork
         and talks to Vince and Van Styles. Maya in make-up.
         Vince says Sammie should be topless. Van interviews
         Faye resting. Faye flashes her boob. Faye laughs. Maya
         talks about fake cumshots. Faye shows her leg bruises.
         Faye topless. It is really hard to tell if they are
         real or not. 'Cum is the prize at the end'. Her last
         boyfriend didn't like her nipples. Maya shows her taser.
         Faye talks about doing anal with her boyfriend. Faye
         talks about her scene with Jack Napier. Faye can fist
         herself. Maya talks with Vince, more make-up from Sammie,
         doesn't like features. Faye in make-up from Sammie,
         doesn't like older woman. Maya in wardrobe. Maya poses
         for stills. Maya and her 'piggy' titties. Maya talks
         about doing Ed Powers. Maya hardcore on monitor. Faye
         changing clothes. Faye in make-up with Sammie. Maya
         poses for stills. Maya grabs crew guy. Faye puts legs
         behind her head. Van asks Faye what her motivates her.
         Chris Charming & Jerry talk to Faye. Maya talks about
         her career. Faye and Maya hardcore les fun. Maya and
         Anthony Rosano in class room hardcore anal. Maya and
         Tommy Gunn hardcore. Maya and Talon in jail cell.
         Maya and Andrew Andretti anal. Guy interview. More
         Maya hardcore. Sorry, but no naked Sammie tits! (: 
       Aftermath Interview.                                            12:15
         Maya topless on red sofa talking to Vince and cum on
         her face. Faye is very sexy and she 'is new at it'.
         Talks about her sex background. Has no boyfriend.
         Working on a book about her life. 'I am cheap'. More
       Photo Galleries:
         Behind the Scenes Pics.                                        2:32
         Hardcore Pics.                                                 4:45
         Pretty Girl Pics.                                              2:01
         Cum Shot Pics.                                                 2:32
         The Gauntlet #01.                                              1:49
         The Gauntlet #02.                                              1:59
         Fetish F..ks.                                                  2:24
         N 2 Deep.                                                      2:50
         It's Big It's Black It's Jack #04.                             2:00
Ratings: Movie       Faye disc sex rates                                9.10
                     Crissy disc sex rates                              9.00
                     Maya disc sex rates                                9.00
         Extras      DVD extras rates                                   9.10
         Quality     Picture quality/lighting rates                     8.90
Production date: 11/19/2007.                                           Email