Kinky Lady

Den Video movie produced for Baker Video.                      Am 12/09/2007
Studio............Baker Video                                       Reviewer
Producer..........Den Video                                             Solo
Minutes...........66                                                     FAQ
Points............ 8.50                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
 Di                         MILF. Sexy. Gets down!  Jan 1985   
Movie                                                                  Movie
Sometimes I made movies for others to sell. The 1st really big              
     amateur company was Baker Video. They were located in the              
     Boston area and I bought everything they sold. I sent them             
     a sample tape and they liked it and I ended one making this            
     video for them.                                                        
1> Mistress Di opens movie talking to camera and telling us what            
     she is planning on and how she feels about doing her first             
     video. Black sexy panty & bra lying on my bed and doing solo           
     using 1-2-3 fingers. Next she uses a black dildo. Other                
     dildo's are used. Next thing you know she has a dildo DP               
     solo going on. Good close ups.                                         
2> Mistress Di talks to camera wearing a lowcut sexy teddi & lace           
     gloves. She grabs a very thick round candle and proceeds to            
     have fun. 'I always say, the bigger it is the more feeling             
     I get'. It makes it all the way in.                                    
3> Mistress Di laying on her back as her hubby's hand appears &             
     proceeds to fist her. We are talking to the wrist with good            
     in and out energetic action. She moans and groans and loves            
     it. Mistress Di spreads it open for all to see the pink.               
4> Mistress Di standing over bidet and pees into it. Then she uses          
     my bidet for the 1st time and really like it. 'Yes, it feels           
     good'. Spreads and shows the water hitting directly on her             
5> Mistress Di laying on the bed and drinking a beer. Guess who             
     decides to see if the beer can will fit. Folks, the entire             
     can is inside and she pulls her lips around the can and it             
     disappears! She pops it out and then shows us her muscle               
     control as the can has a dent in it!                                   
6> Mistress Di and her sex machine. Homemade machine with large             
     motor and dildo on end of long rod. It makes a lot of noise            
     and it is big and bulky. On her back as it goes in and out             
     which she loves. (Her hubby ended up making 5 of these                 
     machines and Jan B. even used one in one of her amateur                
     videos). Good in and out action. Her 1st time using it she             
     played for 3 1/2 hours. Next thing you know, she adds a                
     dildo to the fun and it is double vag toy time.                        
       Sex action rates:        9.00                                        
       Picture quality rates:   8.00                                        
Production date: 1985                                                  Email