Ohio Night Vision (2007/11)

Ohio's Own Felicia Fox                                          R 12/01/2007
Magazine..........ONV (Ohio Night Vision)
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 Felicia Fox                2004 AVN Oralist!       Jul 1999    CAVR Nominee
Market Research                                                             
   Every month I visit some of the local video stores just to keep          
     in touch and to talk to the clerks and the customers and try           
     to find out what is happening. Years ago before I started              
     getting screeners I rented tapes on a daily basis and even             
     did the actual ordering for 2 of the stores.                           
   Video News:                                                              
     Sales are way down and this has caused the store manager to            
     switch her buying habits. Instead of 75% top shelf new                 
     releases and 25% cheaper compilations, she is now buying               
     50% each. This helps lower her monthly purchase costs to               
     offset the lower income.                                               
       But, when I talk to the customers, they say that they                
       don't like this because they don't want the cheaper DVDs.            
       The customers want 2.5 to 3.0 hour releases with BTS and             
       they want good picture quality.                                      
   Deja Vu Love Boutique:                        
     I visited this store on their Grand Opening on 09/22/2006.             
       Talked with the manager and he told me that bring the gals           
       in for an in-store signing was very expensive and they had           
       a very low turnout and they had no plans for any more in-store       
       signings. I told him that Lela Star was just nominated by AVN        
       for Newbie of Year. He wishes her good luck. They only sell          
       DVDs and I must confess that since I don't buy DVDs I was            
       shocked at the prices. I was the only person in store and            
       they have lots and lots of DVDs. Prices range from $39.99 to         
       $59.99 and this is where I got the Ohio Night Vision magazine.       
   Hustler Hollywood - Monroe, Oh:                                          
     I visited them today on my way to Cincinnati. They had very few        
       customers. They still have Barely Legal #66 and they still           
       have not blacked out the 'Behind the Scenes' listing on the          
       boxcover. They have a very small HD DVD section with 11              
       choices. They had a very sexy hot looking blonde sales lady.         
       I asked for Jenna Haze Oil Orgy.          
       She was not aware of it and could not find it in the store           
       or in the computer. Hustler doesn't sell their own product?          
       And, it is a HD DVD!                                                 
   Ohio Night Vision magazine:                                              
     I just started reading it today and Felicia Fox is on the              
       boxcover and her own column, 'Dear Porn Star'. She answered
       3 questions in this month's issue.

       Felicia is now a MILF!

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