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The Future Is Now. Jack In.                                       11/08/2007
Studio............Sex Z Pictures                                         XXX
Producer..........Porn Faktory Production                            Feature
Director..........Eli Cross                                          Choking
Distributor.......Sex Z Pictures
Videographer......Ren Savant                    
Quality 16x9......Shot in HD - Fair                                      2.0
Minutes...........285                                                    FAQ
Points............ 7.00                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
 Adrianna Nicole         ^  SF. Sexy cute blonde.   Feb 2006   
 Delilah Strong             Honeyblonde. Now --> E  May 2004    CAVR Nominee
 Eva Angelina               Sexy brunette. Now...E  Feb 2004   
 Flick Shagwell             Euro cute slim redhead  Apr 2001   
 Hillary Scott           ^  2006 CAVR Star of Year  Oct 2004    CAVR Nominee
 Julie Night                Hot. Sexy. Into it!     Jun 2002    CAVR Nominee
 Kylie Ireland              HoF. Redhead. Hot!   E  May 1995    CAVR Nominee
 Lorelei Lee                SF. Sexy blonde.        Nov 2006   
 Madison Young              OH. Sexy slim redhead.  Jul 2007   
 Michelle Ashton            Sexy redhead. Tattoos!  Jun 2006   
 Sandra Romain           ^  Euro. Sexy brunette.    May 2003    CAVR Nominee
 Trina Michaels             Busty blonde.        E  Aug 2004
   Marsha Lord
   Kayden Faye
   Faye Runaway
   Aiden Starr
   Veronica Rayne
   Carly Parker
   Shannon Kelly
   Katja Kassin
  ID........................................................    Gals - Poor!
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Eva & Sandra & Evan Stone.                                              
      On bed. Screwing. 4 fingers. Eva's 1st ever anal. Sandra anal.        
      Rough sex. Head stomp. Strap-on dildo screwing Eva & then anal        
      from Evan for a kinda DP. Sandra screwing Eva as she takes            
      anal from Evan. Evan strokes off on Eva's face. BJ clean up.      9.00
        Yellow tint, red tint and white-outs.                               
 2> Hillary & Marco & Jenner & Brian Surewood & Tee Reel & Alec Knight.     
      Sexy outfit. In room. Screwing & BJ. Topless. BJs. Blow bang.         
      Screwing & BJ. DP. Anal & BJ. Clit solo. DP. Dual BJ. Air tight.      
      Anal cream pie. Guys stroke off on her ass. Cum in pan. Solo.     9.20
        Dark footage and white-outs.                                        
 3> Julie & Adrianna & Alex Sanders.                                        
      In dungeon. Nude. Handcuffed to cross. Nipple clips. Dildo BJ.        
      Dildo for Julie. Forced tasting dildo. Releases Julie. Paddles        
      her. BJ. Anal play with various toys. Butt plug & screwing.           
      Anal. Anal for Adrianna. Julie anal. Slapping face. Les face          
      sitting. Nipple clips. Anal for Julie. Open mouth facial for          
      Julie. Julie eats Adrianna.                                       9.00
        Dark footage, shadows, white-outs and green tint.                   
 4> Hillary & Flick & Michelle.                                             
      Sexy outfit. Strips nude. Flick fists Hillary wearing glove           
      to wrist and then anally almost to the wrist and then she             
      checks out Hillary's mouth.                                       8.80
        Dark footage.                                                       
 5> Eva.                                                                    
      In rest room. Sitting on toilet. Clit solo underneath her             
      panties. Solo. She pees in her panties.                           8.60
        Red tint.                                                           
 6> Adrianna & Lorelei & Madison.                                           
      Outdoors. Topless. Clit solo. Crawling. Fingering. Rimming.           
      Fingering and fingering. Lorelei almost fists Madison. Face           
      sitting. Fingering & anal fingering. Madison fists Lorelei.           
      Anal dildo for Lorelei from Adrianna. Adrianna pees in                
      Lorelei's pussy. Lorelie anal fits Adrianna. Anal dildo play.         
      Dildo play. Face sitting. Kissing.                                9.00
        Yellow tint and white-outs.                                         
 7> Eva & Eli Cross.                                                        
      In office. Sexy outfit. On desk. Clit solo. Eats her. Fingers         
      her.                                                              8.60
        Dark footage.
 8> Trina & Derrick Pierce.
      On disc 1.
        Sexy dress. In restuarant. Talking. Holding hands.
          Dark footage.
      On disc 2.
        Nude on bed. Kiss. Titty sucking. Eats her. Fingers her.
        Screwing. Chokes her. Clit solo. BJ. Screwing. Anal.
        Clit solo. A2M. Anal & chokes her. Anal. He strokes off
        on her pussy.                                                   8.80
          Red tint, shadows, yellow tint & dark footage.
 9> Kylie & Delilah & Derrick Pierce.
      Black and white footage. Sexy outfits. In room. BJ. Topless.
      Titty sucking. Les eating & BJ. Screwing Kylie. Derrick
      chokes Kylie. Delilah toy solo. BJ from Delilah. Derrick
      chokes Delilah. Screwing Delilah. Delilah eats Kylie.
      4 fingers anal for Delilah. Reverse cowgirl Delilah anal as
      Kylie fists her. BJ. Kylie anal as she does solo. Anal &
      les eating. A2M. He strokes off in Kylie's open mouth. Cum
      swap.                                                             9.10
        Entire scene is in black & white.
10> Hillary & James Deen.
      Topless in room. Touching. Nude. Clit solo. BJ. Deep throat.
      Screwing. Chokes her. Screwing. 4 fingers anal solo. Anal &
      chokes her. Anal. A2M. Anal. She strokes him off in her open
      mouth. BJ clean up.                                               9.00
        Dark footage, blue tint & white-outs.
11> Orgy in Hell.
      Eva & Julie and the other gals and lots of guys.
        Screwing. Fingering. BJ. Screwing. BJ. Deep throat. Strap-on
        dildo screwing. Anal. Face sitting. Les 69. Eva DP. Julie
        double anal. Anal & clit solo. Chokes Eve. Julie DP. Les
        rimjob. Face slapping. Eve DP. A2M. Lots of cuts makes it
        kinda hard to tell who is doing what. Not enough time is
        focused on one gal. Eve takes a facial, 2nd facial, 3rd
        facial, 4th facial. Lots of cum on her face.                    9.10
          Red tint, yellow tint and white-outs.
a>  Eva.
      Fight action. Choking. Gun play.
        Dark footage.
12> Hillary.
      Nude. Dildo solo as she is crying.                                8.70
        Dark footage & white-outs.
Extras                                                                Extras
Disc 3 - Making of Upload.                                           2:35:18
           * From Script to Screen: Casting and Creation
           * No One Gets Off This Show Alive: The Production
           * Dystopia: The Look of the Future
           * Reel to Reel: Post Production Visual Effect

Disc 4 - Special Features
            Bonus Scene: Katja & Christian X.                          22:56
              Very good picture quality.
            The Teslabot Fight.                                         3:34
              Raw Edit.
            Upload: TMC Emergency.                                     12:34
              Rough Cut.
            Photo Surveillance.                                          :28
              Rotating footage.
              Computer Users.
              PDF file.
            Upload Lexicon.                                             3:32
              Scroll text.
            Outtakes.                                                  19:43
              Making of with the goofs.
            Teaser.                                                     1:13
              Trailer for this movie.
              5 previews.
Ratings: Movie    Sex action rates                                      8.91
         Acting   Rates a                                               9.00
         Extras   DVD extras rates                                      9.50
         Quality  Picture quality/lighting rates                        7.00
         Audio    Stereo sound rates                                    8.50
                    Overall ratting is 8.81
                    Choking makes it a 7.00
Production date: 05/22/2007 thru 06/19/2007.        Reviewer           Email