Operation: Desert Stormy                 DVD

Stormy! Stormy! and more Stormy!                                  09/29/2007
Studio............Wicked Pictures DVD                                    XXX
Producer..........Mark Nicholson                                Adult Comedy
Director..........Stormy Daniels                 
Written By........Stormy Daniels
Distributor.......Wicked Pictures DVD
Videographer......Francois Clousot/Jake Jacobs     
BTS...............Jax/Mark Stone/Voodoo
Make-Up Artist....Shelby Stevens
Audio.............5.1 Dolby Surround Sound
16x9 Quality......Shot in HD - Fair                                 Reviewer
Minutes...........180                                                    FAQ
Top 10 Points..... 9.00                 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00)         Buy
Star                                                                    Star
 Audrey Bitoni              Sexy brunette.       E  Jan 2007   
 Austin Kinkaid             NC. Busty brunette.  E  Feb 2005   
 Eva Angelina               Sexy brunette. Now...E  Feb 2004   
 Jenna Haze              ^  2007 FAME Oral Star     Aug 2001    CAVR Nominee
 Kaylani Lei                Wicked Contract Star.   Sep 2002   
 Lorena Sanchez          ^  Latin. Sexy. Hot.       May 2006   
 Melissa Lauren             French. Sub. Now --> E  Mar 2004    CAVR Nominee
 Nakita Kash                Hot brunette dancer.    Feb 1998   
 Nicole Sheridan            Blonde. Hard body.   E  Jul 2000   
 Roxy De Ville              Sexy brunette. Rings.   Mar 2006   
 Stormy Daniels          ^  2007 FAME Fav Tits   E  Nov 2001    CAVR Nominee
 Tory Lane                  FL. Sexy brunette.   E  Aug 2004   
 Veronica Rayne             Boston. Brunette.    E  Nov 2005   
  ID........................................................    Gals - Poor!
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Stormy & Randy Spears.                                                  
      Sexy dress. Touching. On bed. Topless. Titty sucking. Eats her.       
      Fingers her. Nude. Safe screwing cowgirl, side saddle, mish,          
      mish & clit solo. She strokes him off in her open mouth. BJ           
      clean up. Cum showing. Swallows.                                 
 2> Jenna & Steven St. Croix.                                               
      Lab coat & glasses. In lab. Teases. Touching. Topless. BJ.            
      Safe screwing her from behind. Nude. Screwing mish, mish &            
      clit solo. Safe anal rev cowgirl. He strokes off on her face          
      and open mouth. BJ clean up. Swallows.                           
 3> Kaylani & Randy Spears.                                                 
      Hawaiian outfits. Outdoors. BJ. Safe screwing rev cowgirl &           
      clit solo, from behind her, 1 leg up. He strokes off on her           
      ass. Lots of cum.                                                
 4> Lorena & Nakita. In harem. Nude. Eating by each. Fingering.             
      Glass dildo for Lorena. Glass anal dildo got Nakita. Clit solo.       
      Kiss. (Ron Jeremy watches them).                                 
 5> Roxy & Voodoo.                                                          
      Sexy outfit. Touching. Kiss. BJ. Safe screwing mish & clit            
      solo, rev cowgirl, doggie, cowgirl. She strokes him off on            
      her face and in her hair. BJ clean up.                           
 6> Audry & Austin & Eva & Veronica & Marcus London & Tony DiSergio.        
      Sexy outfits. Topless. BJs. Nude. Safe screwing side-by-side.         
      Les eating. Safe screwing. Safe P2M. Guys stroke off in open          
      mouths. Cum swap. Kiss.                                           
 7> Melissa & Tommy Gunn.                                                   
      Various sexy outfits. Eats her. Topless. Eats her. BJ. Titty          
      screwing. Safe screwing rev cowgirl, mish & clit solo. Safe           
      anal mish, from behind her. He strokes off in her open mouth.         
      BJ clean off. Swallows.                                           
 a> Stormy & Nicole.                                                        
      Sexy outfits. Cat fight.                                              
 8> Stormy & Steven St. Croix.                                              
      Nude. On bed. Kiss. Eats her. Clit solo. BJ. Safe screwing            
      mish, head down ass up, spoon, on her back with legs up. He           
      strokes off on her belly. Lots of cum. Kiss.                      
Extras                                                                Extras
Disc 1:
Missions        Chapter number ID.                                      
Cache           Choices:                                                
                  5.1 Dolby Digital
                  Spanish Audio Soundtrack
                  Commentary with Stormy & Steven                       

Disc 2:
Intel           Special Ops - Behind the Scenes                        42:39
                  Stormy interview. Jonathan Morgan & Jake
                  Jacobs. Steven talks. Francois laughs.
                  Stormy & Steven sex action. Nicole talks.
                  Randy sings, sex action with Kaylani.
                  Nicole & Derrick Pierce hardcore action.
                  Harem orgy action. Stormy interview.
                  Jenna laughs. Mini guard interview. Jenna
                  interview. Steven interview. Jenna and
                  Steven hardcore. Ron Jeremy talks about
                  Ron Jeremy painting. Nicole interview.
                  Scene set-up. Stormy on mini motor bike.
                  Guys resting. Bomb expert talks. Steven
                  salutes his brother serving overseas.
                  Tommy Gunn looking at gun. Melissa does
                  her hardcore with Tommy. Tory teases.
                  Tory & Voodoo hardcore. Nakita belly
                  dances, hardcore. Evan Stone talks.
                  Good fight sequence. Veronica talks.
                  Rom laughs. Stormy rests and says,
                  'Thanks for watching and we will see
                  you next time'.
                Operation Desert Slappy Cartoon                          
                  Lick Feet!                                            2:41
                  Count to 69!                                          1:07
                  Finger Lickin' Good.                                  1:09
                  Strap It On!                                           :35
                  Mission Complete!                                     1:05
                Harem Girls Speak.                                     15:10
                  Roxy interview, tells why she got into
                    porn, wants big boobs.
                  Veronica interview, has done 178 DVD and
                    internet. Does all but double stuff.
                    Got her boobs on March 2nd and shows
                    her navel scar. 34DD.
                  Austin interview. Mainly works with
                    Wicked and Digital Playground.
                  Audrey interview. Going to be a lot of
                    fun. Only works  3 days a week.
                ADR on ODS                                              2:07
                  Stormy in studio. Talks. Laughs. Steven
                  in studio. Stormy says, 'Damn I am good'.
                Bloopers.                                               3:52
                  Randy laughs. Stormy laughs. 5 second
                  rule. Nicole kicks ass. Camel takes
                  over. Stormy laughs.
                Casting Call.                                           6:13
                  Gals tryout with Marcus London, belly dance.
                  (One gal looks like Lela Star). Guy with
                  Stormy is terrible. Busty brunette does
                  nerdy lap dance. Robot dancing. Gal says
                  she 'will do Ron Jeremy'.
Strategic       Briefing.                                               5:41
                  Stormy in board room with the guy stars
                  of the movie.
                Kicking Ass.                                            5:02
                  At Stormy's house. Fight training
                Tango Time.                                             3:23
                  Stormy warming up. Felix Chavez,
                  Dance Instructor.
                Coordinates.                                            4:54
                  Stormy tours the Mansion, the Prop Shop,
                  the Battlefield, the Studio.
                The Box Shoot.                                           :57
                  Stormy & Steven & Nicole & Kaylani &
                  Ron Jeremy.
                Spy Tips.                                               3:37
                  Camel riding. Training film style.
                  Rachel.        Stormy.                                 :44
                  George.        Steven St. Croix.                       :44
                  Agent X.       Randy Spears.                           :44
                  Amy.           Jenna.                                  :44
                  Hussein.       Ron Jeremy.                             :44
Visuals         Photo Gallery.                                          8:09
                  Various sizes.
                Star Galleries.
                  Stormy.                                               2:22
                  Kaylani.                                              2:01
                  Jenna.                                                2:22
                  Nicole.                                               2:01
                  Eva.                                                  2:01
                  Roxy.                                                 2:22
                  Tory.                                                 2:22
                  Melissa.                                              2:22
                  Nakita.                                               2:01
                  Lorena.                                               2:22
                  Veronica.                                             2:01
                  Audrey.                                               2:22
                Behind the Scenes Gallery.                              2:49
                  Various sizes.
                Sex Scene Galleries.                                  
                  Stormy and Randy.                                     2:15
                  Stormy & Steven.                                      2:15
                  Kaylani & Randy.                                      1:39
                  Jenna & Steven.                                       2:08
                  Tory & Voodoo.                                        2:50
                  Nicole & Derrick Pierce.                              2:15
                  Roxy & Voodoo.                                        2:01
                  Austine & Veronica & Eva.                             2:15
                  Nakita & Lorena.                                      2:22
                  Melissa & Tommy.                                      2:29

Disc 3:
Lexicon         Interviews:                                              
                  Stormy.                                              13:46
                  Steven.                                               9:01
                Ron TV                                                  4:06
                  Talks to camera.
                The Ron Cam.                                            5:12
                  Ron shooting Nakita & Lorena.
Essentials      Deleted Sex Scenes:                                    
                  Nicole & Derek Pierce.                                7:27
                  Tory & Voodoo.                                       12:20
                Bonus Sex Scenes:                                   
                  Kaylani & Chris Cannon - Candelabra.                  8:49
                  Carmel Moore & Randy Spears - Black Widow.           10:18
                Stormy's Favorites.                                    36:51
                  Sexy dress. In Wicked's Warehouse. Stormy
                  talks about her favorite scenes and then
                  the scene is played.
                    * One
                        Stormy & Voodoo.
                    * Sleeping Around
                        Stormy & Randy Spears.
                    * What's a Girl Gotto Do
                        Stormy & Steven St. Croix.
Unclassified    Trailers:                                               
                  Operation Desert Stormy.                              2:20
                  Coming Home.                                          3:55
                  Black Widow.                                          1:27
                  Melt.                                                 2:31
                  Delilah.                                              3:04
                  The Predator.                                         2:33
                  Last Night.                                           3:27
                  The One.                                              3:29
                  The Muse.                                             2:37
                  Just Between Us.                                      3:09
Ratings: Movie      Sex action and story line rates                     9.00
         Extras     DVD extras and CD rates and Menus rates            10.00
         Quality    Picture quality/lighting rates                      8.00
         Audio      Surround Sound rates                                9.00
Production date: 05/01/2007.                                       Email Den