Not The Bradys XXX                       DVD

'Parody! Not from the makers of the TV show'.                     09/25/2007
Studio............X Play                                                 XXX
Producer..........Scott David/Jeff Mullen                             Comedy
Director..........Will Ryder                     
Camera............Will Ryder
Original Music....Jeff Mullen
Make-up...........Lisa Marie
                  Melissa Thorsen
BTS...............Will Ryder
                  Gary Garver
                  Big Richard Black
Distributor.......LFP Video
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........136                                                    FAQ
Points............ 9.00                 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00)         Buy
Star                                                                    Star
 Alana Evans                Blonde. Cute. Natural.  Jul 1998    CAVR Nominee
 Aurora Snow                2004 CAVR Star of Year  Jun 2000    CAVR Nominee
 Hillary Scott           ^  2006 CAVR Star of Year  Oct 2004    CAVR Nominee
 Jasmine Byrne              2005 Rog Fan Newbie     Nov 2004    CAVR Nominee
 Leah Luv                   Sexy blonde. Braces.    Sep 2003    CAVR Nominee
 Lynn LeMay                 Hot big tits blonde. E  Jan 1988   
 Paulina James           ^  Sexy hot redhead.       Oct 2006   
 Veronique Vega             Latin. Sexy.            Nov 2006
  ID........................................................    Gals - Okay!
Movie                                                                  Movie
Cast:    Marcia    Hillary Scott                                            
         Mrs. B    Alana Evans                                              
         Jan       Aurora Snow                                              
         Cindy     Leah Luv                                                 
         Alice     Lynn LeMay                                               
         Sam       Ron Jeremy                                               
         Katie     Jasmine Byrne                                            
1> Jasmine & Mikey Butders.                                                 
     (Over 13 minutes of introduction and storyline build up).              
     On porn set. Sunny Lane cameo. Sexy outfit. On bed. Kiss.
     Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. BJ. Deep throat. Eats her.
     Fingers her. Screwing mish, cowgirl, on her belly, head down
     ass up, doggie, rev cowgirl & clit solo. He strokes off on
     her face. Lots of cum. Cum play. BJ clean up. Cum bubbles.
2> Leah & Kurt Lockwood.                                                    
     Sexy outfit. On sofa. Removes chewing gum. BJ. Nude. Rims and          
     eats her. Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, mish. P2M. Screwing           
     head down ass up. He strokes off on her face and open mouth.           
     BJ clean up.                                                       
3> Aurora & Tee Reel.                                                       
     Outdoors on blanket. Sexy outfit. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude.        
     BJ. Clit solo. Eats her. Screwing on her back, spoon, rev              
     cowgirl, cowgirl, head down ass up, doggie. He strokes off in          
     her open mouth. BJ clean up.                                       
4> Veronique & Paulina & James Deen.                                        
     Sexy outfits. In room. Teases. Touching. BJ. Topless. Les titty        
     sucking. BJ from each. Nude. Fingering. Screwing Veronique rev         
     cowgirl as Paulina sits on her face. Screwing Paulina cowgirl.         
     Veronique P2M. Paulina P2M. Solo. BJ from each. Screwing & les         
     eating. He strokes off on both their face and open mouth. BJ           
     clean off.                                                         
5> Alana & Mike Horner.                                                     
     Dress. On sofa. Touching. Topless. Titty sucking. Nude. Eats &         
     fingers her. BJ. Titty screwing. Screwing mish, rev cowgirl,           
     doggie, head down ass up. She strokes him off on her face and          
     open mouth. BJ clean up.                                           
6> Hillary & Benjamin Brat.                                                 
     T-shirt & jeans. Talking. On bed. Kiss. Touching. Topless. Titty       
     sucking. Nude. Eats her. Fingers her. BJ. Solo. Deep throat. BJ.
     Screwing rev cowgirl. P2M. Screwing cowgirl, leaning forward,
     head down ass up & clit solo underneath. He strokes off on her
     face and open mouth.                                               
       Note: Non-sex roles for:
               Ron Jeremy
               Lu Bricate'
               Lynn LeMay
Extras                                                                Extras
Select a Star   Cast name ID.                                            .10
                  Select type of sex to view.
Chapter Index   Scene ID.                                                .05
                  Katie & Bobby
                  Cindy & Rocker
                  Jan & Ramone
                  Veronique & Paulina & Peter
                  Carol & Mike
                  Marcia & Greg
Special         Behind the Scenes 1                               30:32  .10
Features          Aurora posing for still box cover picture,
                  talks to Will, talks about the movie, flashes
                  her boobs. Leah posing for still box cover
                  picture, interviewed. Bill Diehl taking
                  still pictures. Cast reading the script.
                  Mikey interviewed. Scott David helping Lynn.
                  Aurora interviewed by Tony Batman. Dialog
                  footage. Hillary & Ben in kitchen. Gals
                  teasing. Alana hardcore action. Will talks
                  to camera about his massage the previous
                  night, sings, likes '2 girls a day'. Alana
                  facial. Kurt Lockwood & Leah. Kurt goofs
                  his lines, hardcore with Leah. Will talks
                  to camera, 'The porno in history'. Hillary
                  interview, talks about her AVN nominations.
                  Hustler Studios footage. Lisa-Marie working
                  on Leah. Jay Ashley in background. Melissa
                  Thorsen working on Aurora. Lynn resting
                  against wall. Sunny Lane smiles & talks
                  to camera. Alana getting ready. Ron Jeremy
                  talks to Will, interviewed, talks about
                  'kissing my own penis' and talks about his
                  book and about screwing a gal as she was
                  puking. Guys walking around. Will directing.
                Behind the Scenes 2                               30:38  .10
                  Lynn sleeping. Ron Jeremy talks to camera.
                  Gary Garver interviewed by Leah. Jasmine
                  talks to camera, flashes her bush. Emily
                  Evermore talking to Ron Jeremy and talks
                  about shaving a guy's balls. Leah making
                  faces. Hillary & Ben hardcore action.
                  James eats Leah sitting on chair. All the
                  cast together. Leah sleeping. Outdoor
                  footage. Ron playing with Emily. Group
                  posing. Rom Jeremy talks about Andy Dick
                  and shows his Ron Jeremy Head. Tim Studley
                  walking with Will and Scott. Paulina poses.
                  Jasmine interview. Lu Bricate' gives 1
                  finger salute. Veronique interview, likes
                  'getting f..ked'. Make-up gals got their
                  boobs signed by Ron Jeremy. Jasmine
                  hardcore. Ron Jeremy talks about being
                  in the business 29 years, talks about
                  the changes, talks about the various
                  fetishes, 'the awful thing Jim Powers
                  is shooting now' (I think he means
                  guys cumming in gals open eyes). Too
                  saturated. 'It is all the same'. Alana
                  talks about Ron Jeremy. Ron talks about
                  viagra, 'the greatest gift for monogomy'.
                  Ron is 53 years old. Will shooting and
                Hillary Scott Interview.                           3:21  .05
                  She lives in Chicago and commutes to LA.
                Alana Evans Interview.                             6:55  .05
                  Talks about how good this movie is,
                  talks about her role in 'Corruption',
                  talks about Hillary Scott and Will Ryder,
                  talks about her boobjob and shows them,
                  been in the business 10 years.
                Aurora Snow Interview.                             6:26  .05
                  Talks about all the publicity this movie
                  is going to get. Never saw the TV show.
                  Talks about Alana's wig. Talks about
                  winning XRCO Star of the Year award
                  and just recently got the award. Certain
                  guys she will not do anal with.
                Director/Producer Interview.                      11:22  .05
                  They talk about how great the movie is.
                  Jeff talks about Hillary's many wins
                  this year from AVN, XRCO, Adam Film World,
                  CAVR. They talk about the auditions for
                  this movie. Backyard is actually indoors
                  at Hustler Studios. They talk about each
                  of the stars. Jeff talks about Britney
                  Rears 3.
                Making of Soundtrack.                             10:49  .05
                  Will talks to camera. Practicing
                  playing instruments. Adding the vocals.
                  Interesting. Dogs barking. 
                Replay DVD Menu Intro.                              :56
                  Nice menu with the theme song.
                Trailers.                                                .05
                  Britney Rears 1                                  1:48
                  Britney Rears 2                                  3:30
                  Britney Rears 3                                  3:17
                  Britney Rears 4                                  1:15
                Slide Show.                                        7:00  .05
                    Base DVD extras rates                               8.50
Notes at end of movie:
Special Thanks....AVN Magazine
                  XBIZ Magazine
                  Doc Johnson
                  Kenneth Demartines
                  Hustler Studios
Big Ups To........Don Houston
                  Tony Batman
                  Howard Stern
                  Gary Garver
                  Richard Christy
                  Genesis Magazine
                  Dan Davis
                  Oui Magazine
                  Club Magazine
                  Cindi Loftus
                  Hustler Magazine
                  Dominick Acerra
                  Emm Agency
                  Dr. Jay
                  All Members of the Media!
Big Thanks To.....LFP Video
                  Drew Rosenfeld
                  Theresa Flynt
                  Kristin Spillers
                  Jeff Thill
                  Larry Flynt
                  Jeff Hawkins
                  Dustin Flynt
                  Richard Sankey
   Movie        Sex action and overall acting rates                     9.00
   Extras       DVD extras rates                                        9.20
   Quality      Picture quality/lighting rates                          8.80
Production dates: 12/04/2006 and 12/05/2006.                       Email Den