Reverse Gang Bang #04

'Ass to ass to pussy to ass'.                                     09/10/2007
Studio............Sineplex                                          Reviewer
Producer..........No Producer                                          Gonzo
Director..........No Director                    
Distributor.......Pulse Distribution            
Camera............No camera ID
Points............ 8.52                                                  Buy
Star                                                                    Star
Black Cat                     Euro. Sexy. Hot.        Mar 2007          
Jennifer (Russian)      iafd  Russian. Honeyblonde    May 2007          
Juliana (Russian)       iafd  Sexy redhead.           May 2007          
Lanza                         Euro. Sexy brunette.    Mar 2007          
Sanna                         Euro. Sexy redhead.     Jan 2007          
Unique (Russian)        iafd  Sexy honeyblonde.       Sep 2007          
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Jennifer & Masha & Lanza & Juliana & Sanna & Kate.                1:01:39
     Sexy outfits & 2 with strap-ons. Touching. Topless. Kiss. BJ.          
     Eating. Anal fingering. Almost rimjob. Strap-on screwing.              
     Dildo play. Strap-on anal dildo. A2M. Dildo & anal fingering.          
     Anal strap-on & eating. Guy joins. Eats & fingers them in a            
     line up. BJ. Screwing. Dual BJ. Anal. A2M. Stack'em up                 
     screwing. Anal. Screwing rev cowgirl as that gal uses strap-on         
     to screw gal in rev cowgirl and then anal. He strokes off on           
     their grouped faces.                                                   
2> Karmen & Sanna & Janny & Unique & Stella & Annette.               1:16:39
     Sexy outfits. Touching. Kiss. Topless. Titty sucking. Eating.          
     Gals in line-up rimjob, eating. Guy joins. BJ. BJs in a line           
     up. Fingering. Screwing. P2M. Anal & les eating. Clit solo.            
     Screwing. P2M. Stack'em up screwing. Anal. A2M. Stack'em up            
     anal. Dual BJ. Anal. He strokes off on their faces.                    
     Note: They listed Sanna in both scenes and did not list                
           Black Cat.                                                       
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapter Menu       Scene number ID.                                      .00
Gallery            Scene 1 Pics.                                         .05
                     Scene 2 Pics.                                          
Fetish             Toys/Choking/A2M/Gaping/Stacking/Cumshots.            .10
Trailers           Sinsational                                    4:40   .05
                   Sineplex                                       4:15      
                   Sinterracial                                   4:14      
                     Base DVD extras with no BTS rates                  7.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     9.00
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     7.20
         Quality   Picture quality/lighting rates                       8.90
Production dates: 12/2006 thru 03/2007.                                Email