Ghetto Lollipops                         DVD

37th Hustler boxcover RIPOFF!                                     07/10/2007
Studio............Hustler Video                                          XXX
Producer..........Larry Flynt                                         Ethnic
Director..........B. Dawg                        
Videographer......Leo/Weed/de Montfort          
BTS...............Leo/Weed/Robin Shivers        
Video Quality.....Very Good                                         Reviewer
Minutes...........76                                                     FAQ
Bottom Points..... 6.00                 (Scale is 6.00 to 10.00)         Buy
Star                                                                    Star
 Adriena                    Black. Sexy. Hot.       Jul 2007   
 Ariel Alexus               Black. AZ. Sexy busty.  Apr 2006   
 Beauty Dior                NY. Black. Sexy.        Apr 2004   
 Candace Von                Black. Sexy. 36DD.      Jun 2005   
 Carmen Hayes               Black. Busty. Cute.     Jan 2004   
 Essence                    Black. Cute. Sexy.      Jan 1998   
 Kapri Styles            ^  Black. Sexy. 32A. Cute  Aug 2005   
 Misty Stone             ^  Black. Sexy. Cute.      Dec 2006   
 Sunshine                   Black. Sexy. Cute.      Dec 2003   
 Vida Valentine             Black. Sexy. Busty.     Jun 2005   
Movie                                                                  Movie
 1> Carmen      Weed           BJ. Deep throat. Open mouth facial.      8.80
 2> Ariel       Wesley Pipes   BJ. Dick dog. Dildo solo. Facial.        8.90
 3> Kapri       Tony Eveready  BJ. Deep throat. Open mouth facial.      8.80
 4> Beauty      Nathan Threat  BJ. Open mouth facial.                   8.70
 5> Adriena     Weed           BJ. Open mouth facial.                   8.70
 6> Candace     Lee Bang       BJ. Titty screwing. Facial.              8.70
 7> Misty       John E. Depth  BJ. Dildo solo. Open mouth facial.       8.90
 8> Vida        Tony Eveready  BJ. Deep throat. Titty screwing. Facial. 8.80
 9> Essence     Ace            BJ. Open mouth facial.                   8.70
10> Sunshine    Hooks          BJ. Dildo solo. Woodie problems.         6.00
Extras                                                                Extras
Chapter Index      Ladies ID.                                            .05
Select a Star      Ladies ID. Select type of sex to view.                .10
Special Features   Slideshow.                                     5:27   .05
                   Hustler Trailers.                              7:25   .05
                   VCA Trailers.                                  4:38   .05
                     Base DVD extras with no BTS rates                  7.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates                                     8.50
         Extras    DVD extras rates                                     7.30
         Quality   Picture quality/lighting rates                       9.00
                   Overall rating would be                              8.44
Editorial Comment:                                                          
         This is the 37th Hustler/VCA DVD that states on the boxcover       
         that it has a Behind-the-Scenes and it doesn't!                    
         This was first reported to Hustler VP on 01/15/2007 and            
         now 6 months later it is still happening.                          
         It is my opinion that if Larry Flynt knew about this it            
         would end immediately. And, whoever was in charge of               
         Quality Assurance, would be updating his resume!                   
           Log of Problems                       
           DVD List of Ripoffs!                   
         Hustler, quit ripping off the consumer!
Email from Hustler
From:    Jeff Thill
To:      Den
Subject: CAVR21101 Ghetto Lollipops
Date:    Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hi Den,

RE:  Mention of non-existent BTS on box art

Extra steps have been taken to ensure this doesn't happen again.

We definitely value you're feedback and thank you for bringing

this to our attention.



Jeff Thill
Director, Video Operations
LFP Video Group
323.651.5400 x7467
Production dates: 10/2006 thru 12/2006.                            Email Den