Email: Choking

Wow, this is scary. Please play safe.                             11/12/2006
I get all kinds of emails and I try to reply to all of them.                
This email has thrown me a curve and I don't know how to reply,             
     except to say, please play safe and make sure you don't                
     goof up on your 'safe gesture'. A goof could be very tragic!                                                        

From:    Swoop
To:      Den  
Subject: Choking
Date:    Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm with a woman right now that loves or should I say "lives" to be
    degraded but only in bed or where ever else we happen to be at
    the time .

Among other things, choking is at the top of her list and in her own
    words, she not only - constantly feels but is totally convinced
    that she was put on this earth to sexually service the opposite sex.

    To think of herself as a mere sex object - she sais is a total,
    self turn on.

    While performing oral sex, she will grab my hand and push down on
    her own head with it. This indicates that she wants to be choked
    though, not "pinned" until she passes out from lack of air.

    She likes to have her head pushed down all the way and even when I
    feel her attempting to lift her head back up, I've been instructed
    to keep it held down.

    A tap on my leg indicates that even though, she'd like to stay down
    longer - she's needing the air.

    When she pulls away, she'll practically sit up and then lets out a
    loud gag with tears in her eyes which is immediately followed with
    laughter but not for long and she's right back on it for a repeat!

    This can go on for a significant amount of time - at least until
    she has a sufficient amount of "lube" in her mouth. Meaning the
    saliva that collects in the throat and becomes extremely thick.

    I'm sure we are all familiar of how we have to clear our throat
    every so often with a slight gurgle? Perhaps, mostly noticed
    - right before we make a speech or even before we begin to talk?

    This is clearing our voice of this thick saliva. Anyway, alot of
    fun can be had with this "lube" as it's stretched and strewn about
    in the right way and on the right places - so to speak!

    Usually, before returning to her initial performance, she'll work
    quite a bit of this stuff to the ends of her fingers and then
    reaches back to sling it onto one of her naked ass cheeks which
    looks identical as if some other man has ejaculated there!

    It proves to be very pleasing to the both of us! In final, it all
    comes from the choking element.

    There is by no means, a matter of "low self esteem" on her part
    - as mentioned in one or more of the other comments . Also, I can't
    see anyone choking to death this way either - unless she somehow,
    swallows her tounge maybe but that's highly unprobable!

    However, I can and do relate to some of the xxx movies that are
    extraordinary when it comes to excessive violence.

    I think they are absolutely the non-arousal type to say the least!

    Again, only when they are excessively violent becuase when somewhat
    moderate - it's okay !

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