Naughty Bi Nature #04                    DVD

From Brazil. Native language.                                     09/13/2006
Studio............Macho Man! Video                                  XXX  Pro
Producer..........Amazonas Films                                 She-Male/Bi
Director..........No Director                                           BPAV
Distributor.......Legend DVD                                             FAQ
Video Quality.....Fair                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........122                                                   HDMI
Points............ 7.80                                             Buy/Rent
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Honeyblonde & 2 guys. Nude. Swimming in pool. Eats her. Gay BJ.          
     BJ. Safe anal & BJ. Safe screwing & gay BJ. Safe screwing &            
     safe gay anal. Gay BJ. She uses dildo on guy. Safe gay anal            
     as she sits on face. Guys stroke off on bellies.                       
2> Brunette & 2 guys. Sexy red dress. On bed. Nude. Titty sucking.          
     Eating. BJ. Eats her. Gay BJ. Gay anal fingering, rimjob,              
     thumbing. Safe gay anal. Safe screwing her as guy gets safe            
     anal. Safe DP doggie. Safe anal. Gay BJ. Safe dildo anal.              
     Safe dildo sharing (her & guy). Safe DP for her. Safe gay              
     anal as guy strokes himself off. Guy strokes off on her chest.         
3> Guy & guy. Gay BJ. Redhead joins. Rims guy, fingers his ass.             
     BJ. Dual BJ. Clit solo. Safe screwing & safe anal. Strap-on            
     dildo as guy gives BJ. Safe anal for her. Safe gay anal. Guy           
     cums on her chest. Guy cums on guys back.                              
4> Guy & guy. Titty sucking. Brunette innred dress joins. Kiss. Gay         
     BJ. 69 her on top. Rims her. Gay BJ. Eats & fingers her. Safe          
     screwing her. Safe gay anal. Safe DP. Gay anal dildo play &            
     gay BJ. Guys slap one another's faces. Guy strokes off on her          
     belly. Gay safe anal. Guy strokes off on side of other guy's           
     face. Very little cum. Trio kiss.                                      
DVD                                                                      DVD
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Chapters           Scene number ID.                                         
Slide Show         Various sized pictures. 1:40                          .05
[BTS]              Behind the Scenes.                                  -1.00
                     Where's the BTS?            
[Chapters]         On the DVD box.                                      -.05
                     Not on the disc.                                       
                       Base DVD extras & picture quality rates a        8.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.00
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   7.00
Production dates: 03/2006.                                         Email Den