Oversexed: Brianna Love                  DVD

Breathtaking Brianna Love                                         06/20/2006
Studio............Red Light District                                XXX  Pro
Producer..........David Joseph                                         Gonzo
Director..........Manuel Ferrara                                        BPAV
Distributor.......Red Light District                                     FAQ
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........181                                                   HDMI
Top 10 Points..... 9.01                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Brianna Love            Sexy cute honeyblonde.  Jun 2005   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Carmella Bing           Busty brunette.      E  Apr 2006      
 Codi Milo               Sexy busty blonde.   E  Dec 2005      
 Holly Wellin            England. Sexy blonde.   Nov 2004      
 Katsumi                 2005 AVN Euro Best      Jul 2003      
 Michelle B              UK. Sexy honeyblonde E  Nov 2003      
 Nadia Styles            Sexy. Streaked hair.    May 2004      
 .............................................................. Beginning ID
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Brianna. Puts on strap-on dildo. Codi & Carmella. In bath tub. BJ.       
     Codi eats Carmella. Carmella eats Codi as Codi gives BJ. Titty         
     screwing Carmella. Screwing Carmella. Eating Brianna. Screwing         
     Codi. Carmella anal dildo solo. Anal dildo & eating.               9.00
2> Michelle & Nadia. Sexy outfits. Topless. Touching. Clit solo. Dildo      
     BJs. Anal dildo solo's. Manuel. No hands BJ from each. Titty           
     screwing. Michelle rims Nadia. Screwing Nadia. Screwing Michelle.      
     Nadia anal. Brianna solo watching them. Michelle anal. A2M. He         
     strokes it for Brianna to smell it & strokes off on gals face.     9.10
3> Brianna. Sexy black dress. No hands BJ. 5 guys. Circle jerk BJs.         
     Line-up BJs. Face sitting. Quad BJ. Open mouth facials.            8.90
4> Brianna. Sexy lowcut outfit. Manuel. No hands BJ. Topless. No hands      
     BJ. Nude. Toe sucking. Eats her. Solo fingering. Screwing cowgirl.     
     69 her on top. Anal spoon. Fingers her. Stroking him using feet.       
     Anal cowgirl, doggie. 2 handed handjob. She strokes him off.       9.00
5> Brianna. Sexy fetish outfit. Holly & Katsumi. Sexy outfits. Touching.    
     Michael Stefano & Mr. Pete & Joachim. Eating. Fingering. No hands      
     BJ. Screwing Holly. Screwing Brianna. Katsumi anal. Clit solo.         
     Holly anal. Katsumi anal & BJ. Stack'em up screwing. A2M. Brianna      
     anal. Katsumi DP. Stack'em up anal. Briana DP. Holly DP. Facials.  9.20
DVD                                                                      DVD
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DVD Extras         Behind the Scenes.                                    .10
                     Brianna talks. Codi interview. Brianna in              
                     make-up, interviewed. Michelle poses.                  
                     Brianna poses. Nadia poses. Codi poses.                
                     Brianna interview. Holly fixing her brown              
                     hair, interviewed. Brianna is HOT! 10:45               
                   Photo Shoot.                                          .10
                     Brianna, Michelle, Nadia, Katsumi, Holly,              
                     Codi and Carmella. 11:34                               
                   Cumshot Recap.                                        .10
                     Scene number ID. 2:31                                  
                   Photo Gallery.                                        .05
                     Various sized pictures. 3:33                           
                       Base DVD extras rates a                          8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   9.04
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.85
Production dates: 01/2006 thru 03/2006.                            Email Den