Girls' Night In #05                      DVD

Girls' Night In.                                                  05/27/2006
Studio............Dana Dane Productions                             XXX  Pro
Producer..........Erockta Vision                                   Girl/Girl
Director..........Dana Dane                                             BPAV
Distributor.......Pulse Distribution                                     FAQ
16x9 Quality......Fair                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........84                                                    HDMI
Points............ 8.37                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Autumn Bliss            Busty honeyblonde.      Aug 2005      
 Bobbi Blair             Asian. Sexy. Cute.      Jun 2005      
 Cassie Courtland        Atlanta. Blonde. 32A's  Jul 2005      
 Dana Vespoli            Thai/Irish.             Aug 2003      
 Niki Clover             Sexy blonde.            Oct 2005      
 Shannon Adams           Brunette. Sexy.      E  Feb 2005      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Full Flavor Cigario.                                                     
     Bobbi & Cassie. In room. Sexy outfits. Bobbi smokes cigar.             
     Nude. Eating. Leg worship. Touching. Kiss. Titty sucking.              
     Pours wine on bush. Eating. Kiss. Thigh strap-on dildo fun.        8.70
2> Bodies by Picasso.                                                       
     Niki & Shannon. Outdoors. Sexy oufits. Kiss. Nude. Touching.           
     Body painting. Using body to paint on canvus. Rubbing                  
     together. Kiss. Rubbing together. Fingering. Showers. Eating.      8.50
3> Just Revvin Up.                                                          
     Bobbi & Autumn. Outdoors. On motorcycle. Sexy outfits. Touching.       
     Kiss. Nude. Eating. Face sitting. Kiss.                            8.50
4> Lust & Thrust.                                                           
     Bobbi & Cassie. Nude on bed. Kiss. Rubbing boxes together. Clit        
     play. Cassie uses strap-on dildo on Bobbi. Kiss.                   8.80
5> Rainbox Mix.                                                             
     Entire cast. Highlights from their scenes. Just over 6 minutes         
     of action.                                                         8.50
DVD                                                                      DVD
Play               Movie review is above.                                   
                     Some black & white footage. No live audio.             
Erockstar          Chapters.                                             .05
                     Chapter title and ladies name ID.                      
Special Features   Bonus Scene. 'Summer Daze'                            .10
                     Dana & Niki. Dana before her tattoos.                  
                     No live audio. 8:05                                    
                   Behind the Scenes.                                    .05
                     Scene set ups. Smoking cigar. Clowning                 
                     around. Picture in picture. Some live                  
                     audio and some good picture quality. 3:48              
                   Slide Show.                                           .05
                     Various sized pictures. 1:50                           
                       Base DVD extras and picture quality and              
                       no live audio rates a                            7.00
Rating: Movie      Sex action rates a                                   8.60
        DVD        DVD extras rates a                                   7.25
Production dates: 11/2003 thru 09/2005.                            Email Den