Naked and Famou$                         DVD

If I Had a Cock I'd Be in Jail...                                 05/23/2006
Studio............Pulse Pictures                                    XXX  Pro
Producer..........Black Rabbit Productions                             Gonzo
Director..........Jack Zipper                                        Choking
Distributor.......Pulse Distribution                                     FAQ
Videographer......Jack Zipper                   
Video Quality.....Poor                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........82                                                    HDMI
Points............ 8.00                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Angel Baby              NYC. Hot cute brunette  Sep 2001      
 Charlotte Stokely       Sexy blonde.            Sep 2005      
 Dana Vespoli            Thai/Irish.             Aug 2003      
 Dani Woodward           Sexy redhead.           Jun 2003   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Faith                   NC. Sexy brunette.      Jan 2005      
 Kimberly Kane           Honeyblonde. Sexy.      Dec 2003      
 Lexi Love               SF. Sexy brunette.      Sep 2005      
 Roxy Jezel              London. Slim. Sexy.     May 2003      
 Smoking Mary Jane       Sexy brunette.          May 2006      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Kimberly & Faith & Mr. Marcus. In hotel room. Nude. BJ from each.        
     Screwing Faith. Some black and white footage. Clit solo. Handjob.      
     Screwing Faith. He strokes off on Faith's face.                    8.90
2> Roxy & Smoking Mary Jane with hands tied above her. In red room.         
     Roxy rims & eats her. Uses cane on her. Topless. Spins her.        8.50
3> Charlotte. Blindfolded. In white room. Topless. Removes blindfold.       
     Some black and white footage. Nude. On bed. James Deen. No hands       
     BJ. Screwing head down ass up, on her back. 69 her on top. Screw-      
     ing rev cowgirl, side ways. Chokes her. Open mouth facial.         8.80
4> Angel Baby & Kimberly in black wig. On roof top. Touching. Eating.       
     Fingering. Clit solo & anal fingering. Strap-on dildo screwing         
     Angel Baby. Anal dildo for Angel Baby. Finally as they kiss,           
     the footage turns from black and white to color.                   8.80
5> Dana (before recent tattoos) & Kimberly. Eating. Rimming. Kissing.       
     Fingering. 2 guys. BJs. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ       
     for Dana. Dana DP standing up. 69 Dana on top. Dana facials.       9.00
6> Smoking & Dani & Roxy. In room. Nude. Clit solo. Thigh strap-on          
     dildo riding. Rimjob. Fingering. Face sitting & dildo play.            
     Fingering. Titty sucking.                                          8.80
7> Kimberly. In red room. Topless. Guys grab her. Gloryhole. BJs.           
     Mr. Marcus & 2 others. Lexi joins. No hands BJs. Stroking off          
     on face. BJ clean off.                                             8.80
DVD                                                                      DVD
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Chapter Index      Scene title ID.                                          
DVD Extras         Deleted Scene.                                        .10
                     Faith solo. Les action with Kimberly. 13:55            
                   Behind the Scenes.                                    .10
                     Kimberly & Angel in make-up, talking. Black &          
                     white footage and color footage. 17:24                 
                   Photo Slideshow. 17:12                                .05
                   Naked and Famou$ Trailer. Hard & Soft versions.          
                   Pulse Trailers. 6 previews.                           .05
                     Base DVD extras & quality rates a                  7.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.80
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   7.30
                     Overall rating is 8.61 [Choking]                       
Production date: 11/20/2006.                                       Email Den