King Dong #02 Returns                    DVD

King Dong Is Big, Black And Back!                                 04/21/2006
Studio............1st Strike                                        XXX  Pro
Producer..........De Montfort                                    Interracial
Director..........De Montfort                                         
Distributor.......1st Strike                    
Videographer......De Montfort/S. Steelberg      
BTS...............Steven Steelberg              
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........109                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.90                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Chloe Dior              Busty. Tattoo's.     E  Dec 2001      
 Christie Lee            Canadian. Sexy. Cute.   Sep 2003       CAVR Nominee
 Kat                     2005 AFWG Best Latin    Oct 2004      
 Naomi                   LA. Brunette. Sexy!     Oct 2005   ^  
 Simone Schiffer         Sexy blonde.            Nov 2005      
 Staci Thorn             Sexy honeyblonde.       May 2004      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Kat. Sexy outfit with hat. Stripteases nude. Clit solo. Mr. Marcus.      
     No hands BJ. Screwing rev cowgirl, doggie, head down ass up,           
     cowgirl. P2M. Anal side ways, rev cowgirl, doggie, rev cowgirl.        
     She strokes him off on her face and open mouth. Swallows.          9.10
2> Naomi. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Julian St. Jox. Topless. Titty      
     sucking. Eats her. Fingers her. Reversed no hands BJ. Screwing on      
     her back, side ways, from behind her, cowgirl, leaning forward.        
     She strokes him off. (Not much cum). BJ clean off.                 8.80
3> Simone. Sexy plaid outfit. Teases. Nude. Black guy. On sofa. Kiss.       
     Eats her. Teases. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl, rev cowgirl,          
     leaning back & clit solo, doggie, side ways, head down ass up.         
     Open mouth facial. (L.T.)                                          8.90
4> Christie. Sexy pink/black outfit. Teases. Nude. Chloe. Sexy outfit.      
     Weed. Eats her. BJ. Screwing on her back. No hands BJ. Ball            
     sucking. Screwing rev cowgirl (white-outs). Anal doggie, on her        
     back. He strokes off on her face. Lots of cum. (Chloe non-sex).    9.00
5> Staci. Sexy outfit. Teases. Nude. Clit solo. Nathan Threat. On sofa.     
     BJ. Ball sucking. Eats her. Screwing on her back. No hands BJ.         
     Screwing rev cowgirl, cowgirl, side ways. He strokes off on her        
     face and open mouth. BJ clean off.                                 8.90
DVD                                                                      DVD
Play Movie         Movie review is above.                                   
Chapters           No ID.                                                   
DVD Extras         Behind the Scenes.                                    .10
                     Christie talks, interviewed, poses for stills,         
                     hardcore action. Simone interviewed (blonde            
                     moment). Naomi interviewed, hardcore action,           
                     poses for stills. Kat interviewed (her 1st             
                     black guy), poses for stills. Staci interviewed,       
                     hardcore action. 'I want bigger boobs'. 13:11          
                   Slideshow.                                            .05
                     Various sized pictures.                                
                   Trailers.                                             .05
                     4 previews.                                            
                       Base DVD extras rates a                          8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.94
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.70
Production date: 12/27/2005.                                       Email Den