Nacho Rides Again                        DVD

It's Not Hi Ho Silver. It's Hi Ho Suck It!                        03/16/2006
Studio............Nacho Vidal Productions                           XXX  Pro
Producer..........Nacho Vidal                                          Gonzo
Director..........Nacho Vidal                                         
Distributor.......Evil Empire                   
Video Quality.....Fair                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........149                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.77                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Ariana Jollee           NY. Sexy brunette. Hot  Jun 2003       CAVR Nominee
 Lucia Lapiedra          Beazil. Sexy.           Mar 2006      
 Morgana                 Brazil. Blonde. Sexy.   Jul 2005      
 Natalia (Brazil)        Petite.                 Jul 1999      
 Samantha Blanco         Brazil. Sexy.           Mar 2006      
 Sweet Sugar             Brazil. Sexy. Cute.     Nov 2003      
 Tiffany Hopkins         Paris. Hot brunette.    Feb 2002      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Ariana & Sweet. Sexy outfits. Dildo BJ. Topless. Nacho. Dual BJ.         
     Belt around neck. No hands BJ. Slaps face. Pinches nose. Kiss.         
     Fingering. Screwing Ariana. Screwing Sweet & Ariana's strap-on         
     gets BJ. 4 fingers. Sweet anal from Ariana. Solo. Ariana anal.         
     He strokes off on both their faces. BJ clean off.                  9.00
2> Natalia. Smoking. Sexy outfit. Roberto Chivas. Topless. Nipple ring.     
     Eats her. No hands BJ. Screwing her from behind, rev cowgirl, on       
     her back. Smothers her. Hands on neck. Anal. Facial.               8.80
3> Tiffany. White mesh top. Eating food. Nacho. Teases. Eats her. 69        
     her on top. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl, on her back. Fingers        
     her. Squirts. Screwing on her back. Anal on her back, rev cowgirl.     
     Screwing. Big toe sucking. She strokes him off facial. BJ cleanup. 8.80
4> Samantha. Sexy outfit. Teases. Nacho. Topless. Fingers her. Kiss.        
     BJ. Ball sucking. White-outs. No hands BJ. Screwing. Anal spoon,       
     rev cowgirl, doggie. Screwing head down ass up. Head stomp. Head       
     under water. Fingers her to squirt. Screwing. Facial.              8.80
5> Morgana & Lucia (hood). Fetish attire. Touching. Kiss. Nacho. Screw-     
     ing Lucia. Fingers Morgana. Screwing Morgana. Fingers Lucia.           
     Squirts. Eating. Screwing Licia. Screwing Morgana. Strokes off         
     on Lucia's hood. BJ clean up. Ladies kiss.                         8.80
DVD                                                                      DVD
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                     Tiffany, Morgana and Ariana.                           
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                     Nacho Vidal Is F..king Belladonna'. 1:17               
                       Base DVD extras rates a                          8.00
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.84
         DVD       DVD extras and picture quality rates a               8.40
Production date: 01/06/2006.                                       Email Den