Naomi...There's Only One                 DVD

Her First Anal Scene                                              03/15/2006
Studio............John Leslie Productions                           XXX  Pro
Producer..........John Leslie                                          Gonzo
Director..........John Leslie                                         
Distributor.......Evil Empire                   
Videographer......John Leslie                   
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........142                                                    FAQ
Top 10 Points..... 9.00                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Marie Luv               Black. Sexy. Cute.      May 2004   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Mysti May               Wisconsin. Busty. Sexy  May 2005   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Naomi                   LA. Brunette. Sexy!     Oct 2005   ^  
 .................................................................. Poor ID!
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Naomi. Sexy white dress. Walks to car. Teases John Leslie. Touches       
     her. Clit solo. Teases. In bathroom. Pees into toilet. Laughs.         
     Wipes. Teases. John puts pink ball gag in her mouth. Topless.          
     Titty play. Crawls. Large black dildo. BJ. John fingers her.           
     Smaller dildo solo. Large dildo play. Teases and leaves.           9.00
2> Naomi. Sexy white dress. In house. Teases. Clit solo. James Deen.        
     Kiss. Eats her. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl. Nude. Screwing          
     rev cowgirl. P2M. Screwing side ways, on her back & clit solo.         
     Fingers her ass. Pink buttplug inserted anally. Anal side ways         
     & clit solo, head down ass up, doggie position. He strokes off         
     on her face and open mouth. BJ clean up.                           9.00
3> Naomi. Sexy peach dress. Marie. Sexy black dress. Teases. Marie          
     poses for Erik Everhard. Sascha kisses Naomi. Marie anal solo          
     fingering. Each gives no hands BJ. Screwing each. Naomi screwing       
     & BJ. No hands BJ. Screwing each. Marie anal from Sascha. Marie        
     A2M. Marie anal. Naomi A2M. Marie anal from Erik. Dual BJ. Marie       
     DP rev cowgirl. Sascha strokes off in marie's open mouth. Erik         
     strokes off on Naomi's face. BJ clean ups. Ladies kiss.            9.10
4> Naomi. Sexy green outfit. Mario Rossi. In room. Touching. Topless.       
     Titty sucking. Handjob. Dry humping against her panties. Nude.         
     Clit solo. Sits on his face. 69 her on top. Eats her. BJ. Oils         
     her ass. Dry humping between her ass cheeks. He strokes off on         
     her ass. Arnold & Scott Lyons & Mike Hash join. No hands BJ.           
     Circle jerk BJs. Dual BJ. Guys stroke off in her open mouth.       9.00
5> Naomi. Sexy blue shorts & white top. Brian Pumper & Lefty LaRue &        
     Tee Reel. Outdoors. Teases. Touching her. Kiss. Titty sucking.         
     Circle jerk BJs. Ball sucking. 2 handed BJ. Ball sucking. No           
     hands BJ. In room. Nude. Screwing standing holding her up.             
     Screwing & BJ doggie position, rev cowgirl, cowgirl, on her            
     back, side ways, on her belly. Guys stroke off on her face and         
     open mouth. BJ clean up.                                           9.00
6> Mysti. Sexy white outfit. Outdoors. Mark Davis. Kiss. Topless.           
     Naomi white dress. Mysti no hands BJ. Touching. In room. Nude.         
     Fingers Mysti. Screwing Mysti rev cowgirl. Fingers Naomi.              
     Screwing Naomi from behind. Screwing Mysti as Naomi licks his          
     balls. Screwing Naomi cowgirl. BJ from each. 2 handed BJ. Dual         
     BJ. He strokes off on their open mouths. BJ clean off.             8.90
a> Naomi nude on stairs. Smiles to camera and says, 'Hope you               
     enjoyed it'. Teases! Damn, she is HOT!
DVD                                                                      DVD
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                     Naomi in every scene.
Chapter Menu       6 choices each on 2 pages.                            .05
                     Ladies name ID.
Cumshot Recap      6 choices.                                            .10
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Special Features   Extra Footage.                                        .10
                     5 choices.
                       Naomi & James Deen. Hardcore with John
                         Leslie talking to them. Anal.          7:05
                       Naomi & Marie & Erik & Sascha.
                         Hardcore action.                       8:04
                       Naomi & Arnold & Scott.
                         Blow bang action.                      3:08
                       Naomi & Tee & Brian & Lefty.
                         Hardcore action.                       4:28
                       Naomi & Mysti & Mark Davis.
                         Hardcore action.                       3:29
                   Photo Gallery.                                        .05
                     Various sized pictures.
                     No FF.
                   Trailers.                                             .05
                     Crack Her Jack #05
                     Veronica da Souza
                     Fresh Meat 20
                   Biography                                             .05
                     2 text pages on John Leslie.
                   Cast List.                                            .05
                     Stars listed by scene.
                   Filmographies.                                        .05
                       Crack Her Jack 5
                       Angels of Debauchery 5
                       Big Booty White Girls
                     Mysti May
                       Service Animals 22
                     Marie Luv
                       Gobble the Goop
                       Euro Domination 4
                       Bet Your Ass 3
                         Base DVD rating is                             8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   9.00
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   9.00

Note:    Naomi is an early favorite to be an unanimous pick
           for 2006 Newbie of the Year.
Production date: 03/01/2006.                                       Email Den