Orgazm Addictz                           DVD

2 Disc Set. Voice Overs by Mistress Kitty.                        03/14/2006
Studio............Harmony                                           XXX  Pro
Producer..........None                                                Fetish
Director..........Tanya Hyde                                          
Distributor.......Evil Empire                   
Videographer......Tanya Hyde/Freddie Morse      
16x9 Quality......Fair                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........239                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.76                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Alicia Rhodes           UK. Sexy busty blonde.  Oct 2002       CAVR Nominee
 Claudia Rossi           Slovak. Redhead. Sexy.  Jul 2003      
 Elle                    Hot brunette.           Feb 1999      
 Jane Darling            Euro. Busty. Hot. Sexy  Jul 2002   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Keira                   Euro. Sexy brunette.    Apr 2005      
 Natalie Heck            England. Sexy.          Mar 2006      
 Roxanne (Private)       Euro. Hot brunette.     Feb 2001      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> White Light White Meat.                                                  
     Jane. Black fetish attire. In cube chair. 3 fingers solo. Squat        
     dildo red cushion solo. Strip teases. Topless. No hands BJ.            
     Screwing head down ass up, rev cowgirl, on her back. Claudia           
     eats Jane. 2nd guy. BJs. Claudia anal in a sling. Jane anal            
     pile driver. Claudia anal & BJ. Cums on ass. Cums on pussy.        9.00
2> Subterranean Sex Slaves.                                                 
     2 gals in fetish attire & wearing hoods & goggles. In a foggy          
     cage. Topless. Clit solo while showering. Eating. Fingering.           
     Anal dildo play. Nightvision footage. 2 guys with goggles.             
     Dildo. BJ. Ball sucking. No hands BJ. Eating. Screwing. Screwing       
     in a sling. Eating. Screwing. Anal & clit solo. Guys stroke off        
     on the ladies goggles.                                             8.90
3> The Twisted World of Strap On Jane.                                      
     Alicia & Brunette. Spanking. Hands tied over head. White-outs.         
     Fingering. Chrome dildo contraption solo & anal fingering. Gal         
     joins. Eating. Brunette with strap-on dildo in fetish attire           
     screws Alicia & then anal. Alicia 4 fingers anal solo. Guy             
     wearing hood gets handjob, no hands BJs from the gals. Brunette        
     in sling pees, guy eats her, rims her. Dildo machine for Alicia.       
     Dildo mask for Brunette. Alicia anal from the dildo machine.           
     Brunette anal. Guy strokes off on Brunette's pussy.                8.90
4> Gothic.  (Disk 2).                                                       
     Claudia (boxcover outfit). Guy wearing hood. Solo fingering.           
     Eats her. Rims her. No hands BJ. Dildo solo. No hands BJ. Fingers      
     her. Screwing. Anal & clit solo. Jane & guy. Screwing. BJ. Dildo       
     anal play. Anal. Claudia A2M. Anal side-by-side. Facial.           8.90
5> Atomage.                                                                 
     2 gals in white fetish rubber gear. Kiss. Face sitting. Clit solo.     
     Dildo play. Anal dildo play. Guy wearing gas mask. BJ. Screwing.       
     P2M. Chin dildo and anal fingering. Screwing. Anal & les rimjob.       
     Gal in rubber suit. Guy strokes off facial.                        8.80
DVD                                                                      DVD
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                     Base DVD extras rates a                            8.00
Ratings: Sex action rates a 8.90; DVD extras rates a 8.05                   
Production dates: 04/25/2005 and 07/22/2005.                       Email Den