Rock Hard #05                            DVD

The Series.                                                       02/16/2006
Studio............Powerhouse Unlimited                              XXX  Pro
Producer..........Ben English                                          Gonzo
Director..........Ben English                                         
Distributor.......Wildlife Productions          
Videographer......Robbie Fischer                
Make-Up Artist....Lillian Marqvez  
Video Quality.....Good                                              Reviewer
Minutes...........130                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.87                                             Buy/Rent
Star                                                                    Star
 Brandy Talore           Brunette. Cute. Busty!  Jan 2005      
 Lisa Lipps              Brunette. Busty.     E  Feb 2006      
 Nadia Hilton            34DD. Blonde. Busty. E  Nov 2005      
 Naomi                   LA. Brunette. Sexy!     Oct 2005   ^  
 Saana                   Finland. Sexy blonde.   Dec 2004      
 Sara Stone              32DD. Natural brunette  Aug 2005      
 Sativa Rose             Latin. Sexy. Cute.      Mar 2004   ^  
 Sophia                  Sexy busty blonde.   E  Jul 2003      
Movie                                                                  Movie
1> Nadia. Sexy bikini. Interviewed by Ben. Poses. Topless. No hands         
     BJ. Ball sucking. Anthony Hardwood. Nude. Screwing rev cowgirl         
     & clit solo, on her back, side ways, doggie, cowgirl. He               
     strokes off on her face and open mouth. Lots of cum.               8.80
2> Naomi (pink) & Sativa (yellow) sexy outfits. Interviewed. Teases.        
     Clit solo. Ben & Van Damage. No hands BJ. Screwing side-by-side        
     in various positions. P2M. Ladies switch guys. Screwing. Both          
     takes open mouth facials side-by-side.                             8.90
3> Lisa. Sexy orange dress. Interview. Las Vegas for 12 years. Top-         
     less. Teases. Ben. No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl (large butt           
     tattoo), rev cowgirl, side ways, from behind her. P2M. Screwing        
     on her back, cowgirl. He strokes off on her face. BJ clean off.    8.70
4> Sophia. Sexy outfit. Interview. Teases. Topless. Dildo solo & no         
     hands BJ. Tony T. Screwing head down ass up, from behind her,          
     on her back & dildo BJ. Stroking him using both feet. Anal side        
     ways. A2M. Anal side ways. A2M. Anal. Screwing. Facial.            9.00
5> Saana. Sexy outfit. Interview. Teases. Clit solo. Barry Scott &          
     Van Damage. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Screwing & BJ. Anal & BJ        
     & dildo in vag. Anal & BJ. DP rev cowgirl. Barry strokes off on        
     her face. Van strokes off on her face. BJ clean off.               9.10
DVD                                                                      DVD
Play               Movie review is above.                                   
Scenes             Ladies name ID.                                       .05
                   Bonus Scene. Rock Hard #3.                            .05
                     Brandy & Sara & ben & Anthony Hardwood.                
Behind the Scenes  BTS.                                                  .10
                     Sophia in make-up, interviewed. Lisa smoking.          
                     44DDD. Nadia in make-up. 34DD. 7:23                    
Photo Gallery      Various sized pictures.                                  
                     DVD extras base rating is                          8.50
Ratings: Movie     Sex action rates a                                   8.90
         Extras    DVD extras rates a                                   8.70
Production date: 10/24/2005.                                       Email Den