Negro Problem #05, Sierra Sinn           DVD

4 Hot sexy gals in real hot interracial action.                   11/12/2005
Studio............Le'Wood Productions                               XXX  Pro
                  4924 Balboa Blvd  #434                         Interracial
                  Encino             CA 91316                         
Producer..........Francesca Le' / Mark Wood     
Director..........Francesca Le'                 
Videographer......Claudio 'Maestro'             
Supplied By.......Le'Wood Productions           
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........107                                                    FAQ
Top 10 Points..... 9.03                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Melissa Lauren          French. Sexy. Hot!      Mar 2004       CAVR Nominee
 Sierra Sinn             Sexy brunette.          Aug 2005      
 Staci Thorn             Sexy honeyblonde.       May 2004      
 Trina Michaels          Busty blonde.        E  Aug 2004   ^  
1> Trina & Weed. Sexy green panties & bra. No hands BJ. Deep throat.        
     Nude. Screwing cowgirl, head down ass up. Anal solo fingering.         
     Anal doggie. A2M. Anal rev cowgirl, on her back. He strokes off        
     in her open mouth. Swallows. BJ clean off.                         9.20
2> Melissa & L.T. Sexy pink & black panties/bra/garter outfit. Topless.     
     Brunette & nipple rings. Black dildo solo. Black anal butt plug.       
     No hands BJ. Screwing cowgirl. P2M. Screwing rev cowgirl. Anal         
     head down ass up, on her back. A2M. Anal side ways, rev cowgirl,       
     cowgirl. He strokes off in her open mouth. BJ clean off. Swallows. 9.20
3> Staci & L.T. Sexy white outfit. Teases. Topless. Titty play. Nude.       
     Clit solo. Black dildo solo. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Ball suck-      
     ing. Screwing cowgirl, rev cowgirl. Anal on her back, doggie,          
     head down ass up, rev cowgirl. He strokes off on her face and          
     open mouth. Swallows.                                              9.30
4> Sierra & Byron Long. Sexy outfit. Teases. Clit solo. Dildo BJ. Dildo     
     solo. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Nude. Screwing on her back, head      
     down ass up. Anal side ways. A2M. Anal side ways, rev cowgirl.         
     A2M. Anal cowgirl. He strokes off in her open mouth. BJ clean          
     up. Swallows.                                                      9.20
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                     Trina poses outdoors, interviewed by                   
                     Francesca, after her facial. More interview.           
                     Staci poses outdoors. Sierra poses outdoors,           
                     interviewed by Francesca, looks at her                 
                     boxcover. Melissa getting ready, interviewed           
                     by Francesca (talks about her career).                 
                     Melissa is one of the hottest gals in the              
                     business today! Melissa poses. 20:37                   
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Ratings: Movie     Movie sex action rates a very hot                    9.22
         Extras    DVD extras rates a                                   8.85
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