Reach Out & Touch Me #02                 DVD

Solo action from the ladies + Sascha's fingers.                   11/01/2005
Studio............Velocity X                                        XXX  Pro
                  8031 Remmet Ave.                                     Gonzo
                  Canoga Park        CA 91304                         
Producer..........Sascha Libido                 
Director..........Sascha Libido                 
Videographer......Sascha Libido                 
Supplied By.......Wildlife XXXplicit            
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........138                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.74                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Allyson More            Sexy redhead.           May 2004      
 Crissy Cums             Brunette. Sexy. Hot! E  Mar 2005   ^  
 Darina Screw            Honeyblonde. Busty.     Jul 2004      
 Lili Libu               Sexy blonde.            Oct 2005      
 Luigiana Ray            Sexy light brunette.    May 2004      
 Michelle Maylene        Brunette. Sexy.         Oct 2005      
 Olivia Plum             Euro. Sexy blonde.      Oct 2005      
 Saana                   Finland. Sexy blonde.   Dec 2004      
 Sue Pink                Sexy honeyblonde.       Sep 2005      
 Tera Joy                Sexy brunette.          Jan 2003      
 Victoria Sin            German. Sexy brunette.  Jul 2003      
 1> Victoria. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. 4 fingers solo. 2 fingers       
      her. 4 fingers anal solo. Anal buttplug. DP toys solo.            8.90
 2> Saana. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Solo fingering. 2 fingers her.     
      Dildo solo. Tastes dildo. Dildo's her. Anal solo.                 8.80
 3> Blonde (arm tattoo). Sexy outfit. Teases. Anal solo fingering. Anal     
      solo fingering. Dildo's her. Anal dildo.                          8.90
 4> Lili. Sexy black outfit. Teases. Clit solo. Fingers her. Dildo solo.    
      Dildo's her. Clit solo. He plays with her.                        8.80
 5> Olivia. Sexy outfit. Teases. Clit solo. Fingers her. Dildo solo.        
      Fingers her.                                                      8.80
 6> Tera. Sexy dress. Teases. Topless. Titty play. Solo fingering. Dildo    
      solo. Dildo's her. Fingers her. Tastes fingers.                   8.80
 7> Luigina. Sexy dress. Teases. Fingers her. Tastes fingers. Topless.      
      Clit solo. Dildo solo. Dildo's her. Anal dildo. Tastes dildo.     8.90
 8> Markita. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Clit solo. Fingers her. Nude.    
      Anal solo fingering. Both holes fingered. Dildo's her. DP dildo.  8.90
 9> Blonde. Sexy outfit. Clit solo. Fingers her. Topless. Dildo solo.       
      Dildo's her. Clit solo.                                           8.80
10> Crissy. Sexy black dress. Teases. Fingers her. Clit solo. Topless.      
      Anal solo fingering. Dildo solo. Dildo's her. Taste's dildo.      8.80
11> Michelle. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Clit solo. Fingers her.         
      Nude. Fingers her. Clit solo.                                     8.70
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