Nightmare #03                            DVD

Good les action.                                                  09/28/2005
Studio............Metro Interactive                                 XXX  Pro
                  9327 Deering Ave.                                Girl/Girl
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                         
Director..........Britney Foster                
Video Quality.....Fair     
Minutes...........119                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.68                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Ariana Jollee           NY. Sexy brunette. Hot  Jun 2003   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Bobbi Blair             Hot brunette.           Jun 2005      
 Dillan Lauren           Sexy brunette.          Jun 2004   ^  
 Ice La Fox              Black. Sexy. Hot!       Jun 2001   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Jassie                  Cute brunette.          May 2001      
 Lauren Phoenix          2003 XRCO & 2004 RRFF   Jun 2003   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Lita                    Cute blonde.            Feb 2000      
 Malibu                  Blonde. Sexy. Cute.  E  Aug 2005      
 Monica Mayhem           2001 XRCO Starlet.   E  Feb 2001       CAVR Nominee
 Serena Marcus           Brunette. Arm tattoo.   Oct 2001      
 Taylor Kurtis           Blonde. Busty. Sexy. E  Jun 2005      
 Victoria Sweet          Sexy redhead. Tattoo.   May 2005   ^  
1> Dillan & Victoria.                                                       
     Sexy outfits. Candle wax. Topless. Titty sucking. Fingering &          
     eating. Victoria glass dildo with crank solo. Dillan uses it           
     on Victoria. Kiss. Anal glass dildo for Dillan. Dillan squat           
     dildo solo. Kiss.                                                  8.80
2> Lauren & Taylor & Ice.                                                   
     Sexy outfits. Taylor in cage. Glass dildo BJ. Chrome dildo for         
     Taylor. Glass dildo for Taylor. Tastes dildo. Ice nude. Dildo          
     for Ice. Anal dildo for Lauren. Tastes dildo.                      8.90
3> Ariana & Monica & Serena.                                                
     Serena in a cage, unties her, leash around her neck. Ariana            
     fingers Serena. Dildo for Serena. Tastes dildo. Solo play.             
     4 fingers anal play. Anal glass dildo for Serena. Tastes the           
     dildo. Dildo for Monica. Dildo solo. Anal hand dildo for               
     Ariana. Large black squat anal dildo for Ariana, squirts.          9.00
4> Lita & Bobbi.                                                            
     Mesh outfits. Kiss. Glass dildo BJ, play. Chrome dildo play            
     for Lita in various positions. Tastes dildo. Chrome dildo              
     for Bobbi & clit solo. Tastes dildo. Dildo for Bobbi.                  
     Tastes the dildo. Ladies kiss.                                     8.80
5> Malibu & Jassie.                                                         
     In cages. Sexy outfits. Touching. Kiss. Glass dildo BJ.                
     Fingering. Dildo for Malibu & clit solo. Tastes dildo.                 
     Glass dildo for Jassie & clit solo. Tastes dildo. Dual                 
     glass dildo solo. Back in cages as they kiss.                      8.80
Notes: I got this DVD from a reviewer friend. It came in a nice             
         DVD box, no boxcover and a printed DVD.                            
       It only contains the video and no DVD extras. It also                
         has 'For Screening Purposes Only' large white watermark            
         on the bottom of the screen.                                       
       I now know why some DVD reviews from others only contain             
         a review of the video and not a complete review of the             
       Also, a funny thing. They spell it Britney Foster on the             
         disc and Brittney Foster on the video credits.                     
Ratings: Movie les review rates a                                       8.86
         Picture quality varies from scene to scene. Rates a            8.50
Comments.....Production date: 02/2005. Good ladies ID.             Email Den