Goo 4 Two #02                            DVD

Cum swapping.                                                     09/19/2005
Studio............Zero Tolerance Entertainment                      XXX  Pro
                  8944 Mason Ave.                                      Gonzo
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                         
Producer..........Greg Alves                    
Director..........Chris Streams                 
Videographer......Chris Streams                 
Supplied By.......Zero Tolerance Entertainment  
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........143                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.99                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Alektra Blue            Sexy brunette.          May 2005      
 Alexis Malone           Honeyblond. Sexy. Slim  Oct 2001   ^  
 Austin Kinkaid          Brunette. Busty.     E  Feb 2005      
 Janette (Euro)          Euro. Cute brunette.    Apr 2001      
 Katja Kassin            German. Big booty!      Apr 2003   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Laura Lion              Euro. Brunette. Now  E  Jun 2001      
 Melissa Lauren          French. Sexy. Hot!      Mar 2004       CAVR Nominee
 Nikki Dark              Czech. Brunet. Tattoo.  Mar 2005      
 Sharka Blue             Euro. Sexy blonde.      Feb 2004      
 Susie Diamind           Euro. Sexy brunette.    Feb 2005      
 Tera Joy                Sexy brunette.          Jan 2003      
 Tory Lane               Sexy busty brunette. E  Aug 2004   ^  
1> Melissa & Alekrea. Sexy mesh outfits. Eating, fingering. Topless.        
     Titty sucking. Mr. Pete. Screwing. No hands BJ. P2M. Screwing each.    
     Led 69 & screwing. Fingering. Anal for each. A2M. Melissa open         
     mouth facial. Cum swap. Swallows.                                  9.00
2> Nikki & Susie. Sexy outfits. Kiss. Touching. Fingering. Eating. Mick     
     Blue. No hands BJ. Screwing. P2M. Clit solo. Anal. A2M. Screwing.      
     Anal. A2M. Anal. Guy strokes off facial. Cum swap. Swallows.       9.00
3> Alexis & Katja. Sexy outfits. Nude. Les eating. Solo fingering. Les      
     fingering. Mark Davis. Kiss. 4 fingers anal. Les 69. No hands BJ.      
     Toe sucking. Screwing. P2M. Katja anal. A2M. Deep throat. Katja        
     open mouth facial. Cum swap. Swallows.                             9.00
4> Laura & Janette. Sexy outfits. Les touching. Solo. Mick Blue. No         
     hands BJ. Laura got boobjob. Screwing each. P2M. Titty screwing        
     each. Laura open mouth facial. Cum swap. Swallows.                 8.90
5> Sharka & Tera. Sexy outfits. Nude. Eating. David Perry. No hands BJ.     
     Screwing & les eating at the Y. Clit solo. Tera anal. Sharka anal.     
     A2M. Anal & les eating. Anal for each. Facial. Cum swap. Swallows. 9.00
6> Austin & Tory. Sexy outfits. Tease. Nude. Solo fingering. Mark Davis.    
     No hands BJ. Screwing Austin. Screwing Tory. Fingering. Screwing.      
     Austin facial. Cum swap. Swallows.                                 9.00
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                   Behind the Scenes.                                  Extra
                     Laura & Janette smoking. Melissa in make-up.           
                     Interviews. 15:00                                      
                   Cumshot Loop.                                       Extra
                   Trailers.                                           Extra
Ratings: Movie     Movie sex action rates a                             8.98
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   9.00
Comments.....Production date: 04/2005 thru 06/2005. Gals ID.       Email Den