Grand Theft Anal #07                     DVD

High-powered whores.                                              09/19/2005
Studio............Zero Tolerance Entertainment                      XXX  Pro
                  8944 Mason Ave.                                      Gonzo
                  Chatsworth         CA 91311                        Choking
Director..........Wendi Knight                  
Videographer......Mike Quasar                   
Supplied By.......Zero Tolerance Entertainment  
Video Quality.....Good     
Minutes...........135                                                    FAQ
Points............ 8.50                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review ^
 Angelina Crow           Euro. Sexy brunette.    Nov 2003      
 Judy Star               Montreal honey blonde   Oct 2000      
 Lucy Lee (Korean)       Korean. Sexy.        E  Feb 2003      
 Marie Luv               Black. Sexy. Cute.      May 2004   ^   CAVR Nominee
 Megan Suxxx             Euro. Sexy blonde.      Sep 2005      
 Roxanne Hall            Euro. Cute. Auburn.  E  Jul 1994      
1> Angelina. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Clit solo. David Perry.          
     Fingers her ass. Nude. BJ/handjob. Anal cowgirl, rev cowgirl,          
     spoon. No hands BJ. Anal head down ass up. She strokes him facial. 8.90
2> Marie. Sexy outfit. Mick Blue. On sofa. Kiss. Eats her. Rims her.        
     Thumbs both holes. Large buttplug anal. No hands BJ. Deepthroat.       
     Anal rev cowgirl, cowgirl, on her back, doggie. Facial.            9.10
3> Megan. Sexy outfit. On bed. Solo fingering. David Perry. 4 Fingers       
     her. Anal dildo play. Chokes her. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Anal       
     spoon, rev cowgirl, cowgirl, spoon. Chokes her. Anal. Facial.      9.10
4> Judy. Sexy outfit. Sascha. No hands BJ. Fingers her ass. Anal doggie,    
     head down ass up, pile driver. Nude. A2M. Anal in other positions.     
     A2M. Anal & clit solo. He strokes off facial. BJ clean up.         9.00
5> Lucy & Joe Monti. Outdoors. Sexy outfit. Fingers her ass. No hands       
     BJ. Anal & clit solo side ways. A2M. Anal rev cowgirl, cowgirl,        
     doggie, head down ass up. Deepthroat. Anal. He strokes off facial. 9.00
6> Roxanne. Sexy outfit. On ottoman. Teases. Sascha. No hands BJ. Ball      
     sucking. Anal rev cowgirl. Nude. Anal rev cowgirl, head down ass       
     up & 4 fingers solo, on her back. A2M. Anal spoon. Facial.         9.00
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                   Behind the Scenes.                                  Extra
                     Marie anal warm-up, hardcore action. Megan             
                     hardcore. Roxanne in wardrobe, smoking.                
                     Oops a fight. Roxanne hardcore. 15:16                  
                   Strip Tease.                                        Extra
                   Cumshot Loop.                                       Extra
                   Trailers.                                           Extra
Ratings: Movie     Movie sex action rates a                             9.02
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   9.05
                     Overall rating is 9.03 [Choking]                       
Comments.....Production date: 01/2005 & 04/2005. Good gals ID.     Email Den