Rebecca True Romance                    DVD

Motel interracial amateur action!                                 07/25/2005
Studio............Dreamnet DVD                                      XXX   Am
                  435 East 9th Street                            Interracial
                  Tucson             AZ 85705                         
Producer..........Jennifer Z                    
Director..........Jennifer Z                    
Supplied By.......Dreamnet DVD                  
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.90                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Rebecca Dream           Amateur. Sexy. Hot!     Jul 2005     
1> Rebecca & Black guy.                                                     
     On bed. Sexy black skin-thight lace midrift outfit. Kissing.           
     Touching. Making out. Titty sucking. Kissing. Making out.              
     Kissing. Her boobs overflow from her bra. BJ licking from              
     base to top. Moaning as she give him head. Cock worship as             
     she looks into the camera. 2 handed BJ. Kissing. He undresses          
     her to just her lowcut bra & hi-heels. Screwing on her back.           
     Power stroking with her natural sexy moaning & groaning. He            
     cums & she licks it off of him. More screwing side ways, on            
     her belly until he cums again for a cream pie finish. Kiss.            
     BJ clean off as she smiles to camera.                             25:08
2> Rebecca & the same Black guy.                                            
     On chair. Sexy black dress. Kissing. Making out. Touching.             
     Fingers her. Titty sucking. On bed. On her back. Kissing. He           
     works his way south until he is eating her out. Nude with the          
     lowcut bra on. Kissing. Handjob. BJ/handjob with super close up.       
     Ball sucking. 69 Rebecca on top. Good close-up of him eating           
     her out as she gives BJ. Screwing cowgirl as she goes crazy &          
     squirts as they just keep on screwing. They slow down for a            
     minute and then pick up the pace again as she rides him                
     cowgirl style. Screwing on her back as they start off slow             
     and keep building up until he is power stroking her & she              
     is loving it. He shoots a real big load in her on her back             
     and slowly retreats as we see just how much he deposited.              
     Kissing and talking sweet nothings.                               28:23
Wow, this is one erotic DVD. Rebecca is a foxy lady with a great            
     body and really into sex. He is a stud and was not short               
     changed in the johnson department.                                     
     And, they made beautiful music together. You don't get to              
     see much in the way of kissing and making out anymore, but             
     you will in this one.                                                  
Rating: I am very tempted to give this a 9.00 and make it a                 
        Monthly Top Ten. But, I will deduct:                                
          .05-  She never went topless so we could see those beauties.      
          .05-  No anal or super 'nasty' stuff.                             
I sure hope she sends more DVDs my way. I would love to review more         
       from this sexy & hot amateur.                                        
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