Oriental Orgy World #02                 DVD

This Is 'Bangkok Boogie' Wild Party in Thailand!!!                07/14/2005
Studio............Evasive Angles Entertainment                      XXX  Pro
                  22425 Ventura Blvd #197                               Orgy
                  Woodland Hills     CA 91364                         
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Supplied By.......Evasive Angles Entertainment  
Video Quality.....Good     
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 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Ahh                     Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Cat (Thai)              Thai. Sexy. Slim.       Jul 2005     
 Em                      Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Fon                     Asian. Long hair.       Oct 2003     
 Lynn (Thai)             Thai. Sexy. Tattoo.     Jul 2005     
 Miew                    Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Nan                     Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Nat                     Asian. Slim. Sexy.      May 2005     
 Newt                    Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Pussycat (Thai)         Thai. Busty. Sexy.      Jul 2005     
 Toon                    Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
 Tuk                     Thai. Sexy. Cute.       Jul 2005     
1> Lynn & Cat & En & Nan & Nat & Fon.                                       
     Maxx Black, Nat Turnher, Mark Anthony & Franco.                        
       In room. All nude. TT Boy interviews the people. Playing around.     
       BJ. Face sitting. Eating. Ball sucking. Clit solo. 69. Screwing      
       in various positions and combinations. Anal doggie position,         
       rev cowgirl. DP doggie position. Screwing. Mark strokes off          
       on shaved bush. Maxx strokes off on ass. Kid strokes off on          
       ass. Facials for the others.                                     8.90
2> Newt & Miew & Tuk & Ahh & Pussy Cat & Toon.                              
     Maxx & Nat & Franco & Mark.                                            
       In room. Gals in sexy dresses & dancing. Guys join them (not         
       very good dancers). Laughing & having fun. Gals tell names on        
       camera. Topless. Titty play. Clit solo. Line up BJs. Dual BJ.        
       No hands BJ. Eating. Fingering. Les eating. Eating. Fingering.       
       BJ & gets rimjob at same time. Screwing. BJ & rimjob. Screwing.      
       Titty sucking. Anal rev cowgirl, doggie position. Screwing.          
       Anal doggie, rev cowgirl. Screwing. Nat cums on his belly. DP        
       doggie position. Open mouth facials.                             9.00
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