New Girls #03 (Toni Ribas)              DVD

Toni travels to Brussels & Belgium to Erotic Show.                07/13/2005
Studio............Platinum X                                        XXX  Pro
                  21018 Osborne St  Suite #5                           Gonzo
                  Canogo Park        CA 91304-1754                    
Producer..........Hot Frames                    
Director..........Toni Ribas                    
Videographer......Toni Ribas/Jose Santana       
BTS...............Toni Ribas/Jose Santana       
Supplied By.......Platinum X                    
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.86                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Claudia Duda            Brazil. Honeyblonde.    Jul 2005     
 Emy                     Paris. Sexy brunette.   Jul 2005     
 Luoy Mai                Spain. Brunette.        Jul 2005     
 Maria (Spain)           Spain. Sexy. Cute.      Jul 2005     
 Olina                   Czech. Sexy brunette.   Jul 2005     
 Rebeca Linares          Spain. Brunette.        Jul 2005     
 Salma De Nora           Madrid. Sexy brunette.  Jul 2005     
1> Emy. On bed. Sexy outfit. Interview. Topless. Jose Santana & Toni.       
     No hands BJ. Screwing & BJ side ways, cowgirl (back tattoo). Anal      
     & BJ cowgirl, rev cowgirl. DP rev cowgirl, doggie. Guys stroke         
     off into her open mouth.                                           9.00
2> Olina & Robert Rosenberg. On sofa. Teases. Topless. No hands BJ.         
     Screwing cowgirl. Anal cowgirl, rev cowgirl, side ways. Screwing.      
     P2A. A2P. Anal & dildo solo. Anal dildo play. Anal & anal dildo        
     at same time. He strokes off facial. BJ clean off. Licks up cum.   9.00
3> Luoy & Rebecca & Toni. On sofa. Nude. BJ from each. Ball sucking.        
     Fingering. No hands BJ. Screwing & les eating at the Y. Dual BJ.       
     Screwing & les eating. Screwing each. Luoy anal. A2M. They stroke      
     him off on both their faces. BJ clean off. Ladies kiss.            8.90
4> Claudia Duda. Brazil. Interview. Teases. Max Cortes. Eats & fingers      
     her. Screwing her from behind. No hands BJ. Screwing rev cowgirl,      
     side ways. Fingers her ass. Anal on her back, doggie. 4 fingers        
     her ass. Anal on her belly, cowgirl. A2M. He strokes off facial.   8.90
5> Salma. Interview. 25 yrs old. Sexy outfit. Teases. Topless. Jose         
     Santana. No hands BJ. Screwing doggie & clit solo underneath,          
     head down ass up, cowgirl. Anal cowgirl. A2M. Screwing. Anal rev       
     cowgirl, doggie. A2P. P2A. Screwing. He strokes off on her bush.   8.80
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                     Maria & Toni. Interview. Lollipop. Topless.            
                     2nd movie. Booty. Fingers her. Lollipop in &           
                     out play. Dildo play. No hands BJ. Screwing.           
                     Anal. A2M. Open mouth facial. Lollipop. 24:03          
                   Cumshot Recap. Choices 1 to 5.                      Extra
                   Photo Gallery.                                      Bonus
                   Trailers. 4 movie previews.                         Extra
                   Web Access.                                              
                   [Behind the Scenes]                                 Minus
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Ratings: Movie     Movie sex action rates a                             8.92
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.80
Comments.....Production date: 03/16/2005. Good ladies ID.          Email Den