Erotik                                  DVD

Tending to arouse sexual desire.                                  07/12/2005
Studio............Wicked Pictures                                   XXX  Pro
                  9040 Eton Ave                                 Wall-to-Wall
                  Canoga Park        CA 91304                         
Producer..........Michael Raven Experience      
Director..........Michael Raven                 
Videographer......Jake Jacobs                   
BTS...............Victor Woodhull               
Make-Up Artist....Shelby Stevens
Supplied By.......Wicked Pictures               
No Stars ID.......Please ID the Ladies!
Video Quality.....Fair     
Format............16:9 Widescreen
Points............ 8.25                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Austin Kinkaid          Brunette. Busty.     E  Feb 2005     
 Brittney Skye           Busty blonde. Cute.  E  Jan 2002     
 Jayna Oso               Malaysian. Sexy. Hot.   Dec 2002     
 Katsumi                 French/Asian. Sexy Hot  Jul 2003     
 Kaylani Lei             Wicked Contract Star.   Sep 2002     
 Keri Sable              Wicked Contract Star.   Aug 2004       CAVR Nominee
 Sativa Rose             Latina. Sexy. Hot.      Mar 2004     
1> Domination                                                               
     Austin. Fetish attire. On leash. Crawls. Drinks milk from a bowl       
     on floor. Evan Stone. Topless. Titty play. Solo fingering. Eats        
     her. No hands BJ. Ball sucking. Safe screwing cowgirl, rev cow-        
     girl, doggie. She strokes him off on her face & open mouth.        8.80
2> Anonymous                                                                
     Jayna. In dirty public bathroom. Sits on toilet. Glory hole no         
     hands BJ. Tyler Knight. Deep throat. She puts condom on him.           
     Screwing from behind against the glory hole wall. BJ. She strokes      
     him off on her face & open mouth.                                  8.90
3> The Abstract                                                             
     Kaylani & Manuel Ferrara. Outdoors. Fingers & rims her. Eats her.      
     BJ/handjob. Safe screwing her from behind, side ways. She strokes      
     him off on her face & open mouth. Bulls eye. BJ clean off.         8.60
4> Erotik                                                                   
     Katsumi. In factory. Topless. Teases. Lee Stone II. Nude. BJ. Ball     
     sucking. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Safe screwing her from behind,      
     one leg up, on her back. Anal on her back. He strokes off on her       
     bush.                                                              8.80
5> Hypnotic                                                                 
     Brittney & Randy Spears. Nude in room. Strobe lighting. BJ. Ball       
     sucking. Blue tint. No hands BJ. Safe screwing cowgirl, from           
     behind her, doggie & clit solo underneath, on her back. He strokes     
     off on her face & open mouth.                                      8.80
6> Innocence                                                                
     Keri & Eric Masterson. Outdoors. Picnic. BJ for banana, strawberry.    
     Topless. Whip cream on titties. Nude. Eats her. Ball sucking. No       
     hands BJ. Deep throat. Safe screwing rev cowgirl, side ways. He        
     strokes off on her face & open mouth. BJ clean off.                8.90
7> Fantasy                                                                  
     Kaylani & Tommy Gunn. In fire room. Topless. Titty play. No hands      
     BJ. Safe screwing side ways. She strokes him off on her face &         
     open mouth. (Short scene and good picture quality).                8.70
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                     Fantasy and reality.                                   
Audio Setup        Choices:                                            Bonus
                     5.1 Dolby Surround                                     
                     2.0 German Soundtrack
Chapters           Choices 1 to 7.
                     Scene number ID.
Trailer            Erotik
                     Why a trailer of this movie?
                     1 min 59 secs.
Special Features   Bonus Scene.                                        Bonus
                     Kaylani & Evan Stone.
                     14 mins 10 secs.
                   Behind the Scenes.                                  Extra
                     Kaylani having fun in dressing room. Good
                       picture quality and live audio! Poses for
                       stills. Hardcore action with Tommy Gunn.
                     Brittney. Poses for stills. Randy apologizes
                       for being 20 minutes late. Hardcore
                       action with foggy picture.
                     Kaylani & Manuel Ferrara hardcore action
                       outdoors. Good picture quality. 
                     Jayna poses for stills. Sitting on toilet.
                       Hardcore action.
                     Austin. Dances. Poses for stills. Getting
                       dressed. Talks to camera. From Atlanta.
                       Hardcore action with Evan Stone.
                     Katsumi. Outdoors. Interview. Talks about
                       porn in France and USA. Poses for stills.
                       Putting lotion on and is asked if she
                       really needs the lotion, 'No, but sometimes
                       yes'. Hardcore action with Lee.
                     Michael Raven interview. Says 2 things count,
                       visuals and sound. He was not sure of the
                     14 mins 35 secs.
                   Photo Gallery.                                      Bonus
                     Various sized pictures.
                     4 mins 7 secs.
                   Star Galleries.                                     Bonus
                   Star Stats.                                         Bonus
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Ratings: Movie     Movie action rates a                                 8.79
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.95
         Quality   Picture quality/lighting rates a                     7.00
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