Riot Sluts #02                          DVD

They'll Blow You Away!                                            07/11/2005
Studio............Platinum X                                        XXX  Pro
                  21018 Osborne St  Suite #5                           Gonzo
                  Canogo Park        CA 91304-1754                   Choking
Supplied By.......Platinum X                    
Video Quality.....Fair - Scenes 1 and 4
Video Quality.....Good - Other Scenes
Points............ 8.50                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Isabel Ice              Wales. Sexy brunette.   Apr 2004       CAVR Nominee
 Jamie Brooks            UK. Sexy blonde.     E  Aug 2003     
 Jayna Oso               Malaysian. Sexy. Hot.   Dec 2002     
 Julie Night             Hot sexy honeyblonde.   Jun 2002       CAVR Nominee
 Katrina Kraven          Brunette. Tattoo's.     Oct 2003       CAVR Nominee
 Kimberly Kane           Honeyblonde. Sexy.      Dec 2003     
 Tiana Lynn              Sexy honeyblonde.       May 2003       CAVR Nominee
1> Katrina. Talking with Mason. Outdoors. Katrina gives gun a BJ. Mason     
     begs. Drinking whiskey. Topless. Gun on nipples. Gun BJ. Katrina       
     hits her breast with the gun, kisses the gun. Kimberly joins.          
     Kimberly gives gun a BJ. Ladies kiss Katrina rubs gun on Kimberly's    
     ass. Drinking whiskey. Kiss. Titty sucking. Katrina rims Kimberly.     
     Clit solo. Titty sucking. Dildo BJ. Katrina eats Kimberly. Butt        
     plug BJ. Butt plug anal for Kimberly as Katrina eats her. Both         
     taste the butt plug. Slapping boobs. Hitting boobs. Anal butt          
     plug for Katrina. Katrina puts gun to her temple as Kimberly asks      
     her to, 'pull the trigger for me'. Katrina puts gun in her mouth.      
     Butt plug play. Kiss. Rubbing boxes together. Kimberly gives the       
     gun a BJ. Kiss as we hear a gunshot.                               8.80
2> Katrina & Kimberly & Jack Skanetti & Scott Lyons & Buster Good.          
     Katrina holding the gun as she gives no hands BJ. Kimberly gives no    
     hands BJ, alternating BJ and then dual BJ. Spitting in face. No        
     hands BJ & spitting in face. Katrina puts gun to her temple. BJs       
     & face slapping. Guy chokes Katrina. BJs. Hair pulling. Dual BJ.       
     Circle jerk BJs. No hands BJ. Deep throat. Ladies kiss. Guys stroke    
     off on their faces & open mouths. Kimberly loses her fake eyelash.     
     Lots of cum. Ladies kiss.                                          8.80
3> Jayna. Topless angel on rooftop. Mason interviews her. Smoking.          
     Nipple play. Manuel Ferrara. Titty sucking. Rims her. Handjob.         
     Kiss. No hands BJ. Deep throat. 4 fingers her mouth. Chokes her.       
     Screwing her from behind. 69 her on top. 2 fingers her ass. BJ.        
     Screwing side ways & clit solo. Slaps her face. Anal side ways &       
     clit solo & he 4 fingers her mouth. Chokes her. Slaps her face.        
     Chokes her. Kisses her. Slaps her ass cheek & it turns red. 4          
     finger anal solo. Anal head down ass up. A2M. Kiss. Anal rev           
     cowgirl & clit solo. A2M. Puts chain around her body. Slaps her        
     face. Chokes her. Eats her. Anal side ways & put chain around          
     her mouth. She strokes him off on her face & open mouth using          
     both hands. BJ clean off. Ties her to a pipe with the chain.       9.20
4> Julie talks to Mason. Outdoors. Tiana smoking. Sexy outfits. Kiss.       
     Julie uses hi-tech dildo on Tiana, spits on it. Tiana squirts in       
     Julie's mouth. Julie eats Tiana. Tiana spanks Julie. Dark footage      
     (shadows) on close ups. Spanking. Titty sucking. Manuel joins.         
     Kissing. Titty & face slapping. BJ. Slapping tits. No hands BJ.        
     Screwing Tiana from behind, rev cowgirl standing. P2M. BJ & les        
     face slapping. Screwing Julie. Screwing Tiana. Screwing Julie with     
     belt around her neck. (Could be anal, but too dark to tell).
     Screwing Tiana. Julie 4 fingers her ass. Julie anal as she eats
     Tiana. A2M for Tiana. Dildo for Tiana & she squirts. Anal for Julie
     as Tiana does dildo solo. Tiana squirts. He strokes off on both of
     their faces & open mouths.                                         9.10
5> Jamie & Trent Tesoro. Sexy black fetish attire with English hat.
     Trent's hands are tied to bench and mouth taped closed with duct
     tape. Topless. Titties on his face. Slaps his face. Teases. Removes
     the duct tape. Kiss. BJ. Titty play. Chokes her. Spits in her face.
     Slaps her face. Fingers her. No hands BJ. Clit solo. No hands BJ.
     Screwing her from behind. Rough houses her. Smothers her face. Anal
     rev cowgirl & clit solo, from behind her. Titty screwing. He
     strokes off on her face & open mouth. BJ clean off. Cane in mouth.
     Cane in ass, but no real good view of it.                          9.00
6> Isabel. Sexy outfit. Talks to camera. In garage. Clit solo. Solo
     fingering and nasty talking. Spits on herself. Squirts. Tastes her
     fingers. Licks it up. Marco joins. She licks his armpits. Kiss.
     Smells his balls. No hands BJ. Rims him. No hands BJ. Kiss. No
     hands BJ. Sucks his toes. Foot in her mouth. Screws her with his
     big toe. Screwing her from standing behind her. Anal from behind
     her. Slaps her face. Spits on her face. Chokes her. No hands BJ.
     BJ & pinches her nose closed. Anal head down ass up & chain in her
     mouth. Anal & slaps her ass. Anal & chain in her mouth. She chokes
     him, licks his armpit. No hands BJ. Anal rev cowgirl. A2M. Fists
     her own mouth. Slaps her face. BJ & spanks her & 4 fingers anal
     solo. Anal side ways & clit solo. He strokes off on her face &
     open mouth. BJ clean off as she squirts.                           9.10

     Out takes: Mason talks to Kimberly & Katrina after their scene.
                'I love you guys'. Jamie driving down the street in
                car with her tits hanging out. 'Your boobs are just
                so nasty'. Tiana waves to Mason. Julie & Manuel
                warming up. Isabel talks to camera. Julie is 'dizzy'.
Play Movie      Movie review is above.
                  The first scene is questionable. In fact Mason
                  put up the following notice at the beginning
                  of the scene:
                    The devices involved in the following scene
                    were used under carefully controlled
                    conditions, between experienced adults.
                    DO NOT try this at home.
Scene           Choices:                                               Bonus
Selection         Kimberly & Katrina
                  Kimberly & Katrina
                  Tiana & Julie
DVD Extras      Interview with Mason.                                  Extra
                  Picture, not Mason.
                  Mason talks about the movie.
                  No counter display?
                Inside Isabel.                                         Extra
                  Mason interviews Isabel. Studying criminology.
                  Parents don't know. No regrets about doing
                  porn. Welsh swimming team. Likes to push herself.
                  Talks about a scene that went bad.
                  18 mins 23 secs.
                Behind the Scenes.                                     Extra
                  Katrina & Kimberly kissing with Mason talking to
                  them. Kimberly smoking. Buster doing tricks.
                  Mickey G. drinking. Kimberly introduces the guys.
                  Spanking. Katrina eats Kimberly. Jamie talks to
                  guy with alot of tattoo's. Jamie in car & talks
                  about features, likes being pushed to the limit.
                  Trent tied up. Mason giggles. Isabel & Marco in
                  garage with Mason talking to them. Jayna after
                  her scene. Jayna giving BJ. Kimberly & Katrina,
                  'where is the beer'. Buster is peeing and Katrina
                  runs over to him and you will have to see it to
                  understand. (Kinky). Katrina says, 'That is what
                  I call a salty dog'. (Picture blurred on purpose).
                  Buster says goodbye and Mason says, 'Nothing like
                  having to Piss and run'. Goofiness.
                Prelude To A Scene.                                    Extra
                  Julie in front of painting. Warms up with Manuel.
                  Hardcore action. Chokes her. Anal action. Mason
                  talks to Julie. Anal. Chokes her. Manuel & Julie
                  tell the story about being at the ADT party and
                  having a quickie in the bathroom. I can attest to
                  this being true because I was on the sofa talking
                  to Julie when Manuel came up to her and kissed
                  her and they took off. Julie told me all about it
                  when she returned. It is a true story! I will
                  never forget it!
                  7 mins 58 secs.
                Trailers.                                              Extra
                  Lusty Legs 4
                  Open For Anal
                  Sperm Smiles
                  Wild on Sex 3
                Photo Gallery.                                         Bonus
                  Various sized pictures.
                  3 mins 19 secs.
                Web Access.
                  Club Platinum X
Ratings:        Movie sex action rates a                                9.00
                DVD extras rates a                                      9.10
                  Overall rating is 9.05 [Choking]
Comments.....Production date: 09/20/2004. Good ladies ID.          Email Den