Glazed and Confused #05                 DVD

'One Load of Boy Batter Just Is Not Enough!'.                     07/09/2005
Studio............Elegant Angel                                     XXX  Pro
                  8015 Deering Ave                                      Oral
                  Canoga Park        CA 91304                         
Producer..........Patrick Collins               
Director..........William H.                    
Videographer......William H.                    
Supplied By.......Elegant Angel                 
Video Quality.....Fair     
Points............ 8.72                                             Buy/Rent
 Star                    Info                    1st Review
 Denice Klarskov         Denmark. Honeyblonde!   Feb 2005     
 Destiny Deville         England. Sexy brunette  Jul 2004     
 Nikki Blaze             Blonde. Sexy. Cute.     Mar 2005     
 Roxy Jezel              London. Slim. Sexy.     May 2003     
 Tiana Lynn              Sexy honeyblonde.       May 2003       CAVR Nominee
 Victoria Sweet          Sexy redhead. Tattoo.   May 2005     
 Rebecca Bardoux         Middle aged blonde      Dec 1992     
 Lana Moore              Blonde. Busty. Cute. E  May 2003     
 Christie Lee            Canadian. Sexy. Cute.   Sep 2003     
1> Destiny. In cage. Sexy topless outfit. 5 guys. BJs thru bars. Out of     
     cage. Circle jerk BJs. No hands BJ. Face slapping. Round robbin        
     BJs. Guys stroke off on her face. Clit solo.                       8.90
2> Tiana. On bed. Sexy outfit. Wearing glasses. Vib solo. Dildo solo.       
     Squirts. 3 guys. BJ. Eats her. No hands BJ. Eats her. Rims Dick        
     Nasty. Squirts on Kyle Stone's face. Vib solo. Rims her. Rims          
     Kyle. Guys stroke off facial & open mouth. Dildo solo. Squirts.    9.00
3> Roxy. (Boxcover). Sexy outfit. On bed. Dick Nasty. 3 guys join. No       
     hands BJ. Reversed BJ. Round robbin BJs. Circle jerk BJs. Guys         
     stroke off on her face. Lots of cum.                               8.80
4> Nikki. 4 guys. In room. Sexy lowcut top. On sofa. Left arm tattoo. No    
     hands BJs. Topless. Circle jerk BJs. Triple BJ. Guys stroke off on     
     her face. BJ clean off.                                            8.80
5> Denice. 3 guys, In room. Sexy lowcut top & jean skirt. Topless. No       
     hands BJ. Circle jerk BJs. Dick Nasty joins. Clit solo. Guys           
     stroke off on her face. Lots of cum.                               8.80
6> Victoria. Sexy outfit. In cage. Topless. Nipple rings. No hands BJs.     
     Circle jerk BJs. Round robbin BJs with sunglasses on. Ball sucking.    
     More circle jerk BJs. Guys stroke off on her face & sunglasses.    8.90
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         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   8.80
         Picture   Picture quality/lighting varies. Rates a             8.50
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