Ukrainian Cocksuckers                   DVD

Ukranski Cocksuckski                                              06/15/2005
Studio............Doughboy Video                                    XXX  Pro
                  22287 Mulholland Hwy Ste 263                         Gonzo
                  Calabasas          CA 91302                         
Producer..........Jon Dough Productions         
Director..........Jon Dough                     
Videographer......Jonski Doughhski              
Supplied By.......NJ Films, Inc.                
Video Quality.....Good     
Points............ 8.85                                             Buy/Rent
========================================= 1st Review =======================
Stars.............Alexandria              Apr 2000  Hot brunette.         
                  Alissa                  Aug 2001  Euro. Honey blonde.   
                  Heni                    Jun 2003  Euro. Sexy redhead.   
                  Katy Parker             Oct 1999  Euro. Busty brunette. 
                  Kelli (Euro)            Jan 2003  Euro. Sexy honeyblonde
                  Orsoyla                 Jun 2005  Euro. Busty redhead.  
                  Paulina                 Nov 2003  Sexy honeyblonde.     
                  Viola                   Oct 2003  Euro. Cute blonde.    
1> Alexandria. Topless. On sofa. Clit solo. Dildo solo. Smoking. No         
     hands BJ. Nude. Crawls. He strokes off on her face & open mouth.   8.90
2> Alissa. In bar. Sexy dress. Topless. Clit solo. Dildo BJ. Dildo          
     solo. Leslie Taylor. Kiss. No hands BJ & anal dildo solo. He           
     strokes off on her face & open mouth. BJ clean off.                9.00
3> Kelli. On bed. Sexy outfit. Clit solo. Dildo solo. Topless. Dildo        
     solo. Leslie Taylor. Nude. No hands BJ. He strokes off facial.     8.90
4> Katy. Topless. Titty bounce. Titty play. Clit solo. Dildo solo.          
     Leslie Taylor & guy. Alternating BJs. Fake open mouth facials.     8.00
5> Heni. Topless. BJ. Guy strokes off on her breasts. Clit solo. Solo       
     fingering. Dildo solo. No hands BJ. Fingers her. He strokes off        
     on her face & open mouth.                                          8.90
6> Orsoyla. Topless. Glasses on. Titty bounce. Weird interview. Dildo       
     titty screwing. Dildo solo. No hands BJ. He strokes off on her         
     big breasts.                                                       8.80
7> Paulina. Nude. On sofa. Smoking. Dildo solo. Leslie Taylor. Kiss.        
     BJ. 2nd guy. No hands BJ. Eats her. Fingers her. Screwing & BJ.        
     She crawls into another room and we see, 'To be continued...'.     8.50
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Chapter Index      Choices 1 to 7. Good ladies ID.                     Bonus
Slideshow          Various sized pictures. No FF.                      Bonus
Extras             Cumshots.                                           Extra
                   Bonus Scene.                                        Extra
                     Viola. Interview. Clit solo. Dildo solo. No            
                     hands BJ. Crawls. BJ. He strokes off on her            
                     face. BJ clean off. 22:19                              
                   Behind the Scenes.                                  Extra
                     Katy getting ready. Orsoyla smoking, getting           
                     ready, BJ, dildo solo. 8:39                            
                   Trailers. Jon Dough previews.                       Extra
Ratings: Movie     Movie action rates a                                 8.71
         DVD       DVD extras rates a                                   9.00
Comments.....Production date: 01/21/2003.                          Email Den