Getting Stoned #02                      DVD

Check out Melissa's new nipple rings!                             06/11/2005
Studio............Madness Pictures                                  XXX  Pro
                  14141 Covello St. Suite 1-D                          Gonzo
                  Van Nuys           CA 91405                        Choking
Producer..........Andre Madness                 
Director..........Lee Stone                     
Supplied By.......Madness Pictures              
Video Quality.....Fair     
Points............ 8.50                                             Buy/Rent
========================================= 1st Review =======================
Stars.............Brooke Haven            Mar 2005  Sexy busty blonde.   E
                  Dillan Lauren           Jun 2004  Sexy brunette.        
                  Melissa Lauren          Mar 2004  French. Sexy. Hot!    
                  Sandra Romain           May 2003  Euro. Sexy brunette.  
                  Sativa Rose             Mar 2004  Latina. Sexy. Hot.    
                  Tory Lane               Aug 2004  Sexy busty brunette. E
Warning: This video contains sexual content of an aggressive nature         
         and may not be suitable for everyone, viewer discretion is         
         advised! (On boxcover front).                                      
1> Brooke. Teases. Lee Stone II. No hands BJ. Titty screwing. Eats her.     
     Rims her. Clit solo. Screwing. Chokes her. P2M. Facial.            8.80
2> Melissa & Sativa & Lee Stone II. Dual titty sucking. No hands BJ.        
     69. Screwing Sativa. Melissa anal. Chokes Melissa. Facial.         9.00
3> Dillan & Lee Stone II. Nude. BJ. Eats her. Screwing. Anal. Clit solo.    
     He strokes off on her face & open mouth.                           8.80
4> Tory & Lee Stone II. Teases. Face slapping. BJ. Screwing. Chokes her.    
     Anal. Clit solo. Anal cream pie.                                   8.80
5> Sandra & Lee Stone II. Screwing. Clit solo. Eats her. Rims him. Face     
     slapping. Chokes her. Chokes him. Anal. Solo fingering. A2M. Anal.     
     Chokes her. Anal. He strokes off on her face & open mouth.         8.90
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Special Features   Girls Masturbating.                                 Extra
                     By Steve Austin.                                       
                   Bloopers.                                           Extra
                     Both softcore & hardcore.                              
                   Behind the Scenes.                                  Extra
                     Lee goes to AIM to get tests. Hardcore                 
                     clips. Melissa's hair is weird.                        
                   Slideshow.                                          Bonus
                   Girl/Girl Tease.                                    Extra
                     Melissa & Sativa. 12:39                                
                   Movie Trailers.                                     Extra
                     6 releases.                                            
Audio Music        Option. On -or- Off.                                Bonus
Notes: Movie       Movie sex action rates a                             8.86
       DVD         DVD extras rates a                                   9.20
                     Overall rating is 9.03 [Choking]                       
Comments.....Production date: 03/2005. Good ladies ID.             Email Den